Kid's Book Reviews
By Christopher Thornhill, Age 8

A Children's Book on Self Esteem

By Patricia Drain
Illustrated by J.J. Smith-Moore
I like this book very much. I have a grandma who is very ill. I think if she would read this book, it would help her to know she is perfect even though she has cancer. Some people think they are not as good anymore because of some problem. But that's not true. They are good.

I haven't had people call me names like the boy in the book, at least not that I can recall. But sometimes the 4th graders won't let me play ball with them because I'm in the 3rd. It doesn't feel good when people look down on you for no reason.

This book teaches you that everybody is perfect. There's nothing to change. It doesn't matter if you are slow or fast, or how good you can read. You are still perfect.

This isn't the same as some people who are stuck on themselves. They don't act nice to other people. And they really don't like themselves either.

The illustrations are good. You can tell the feelings of the kids when they get called names by the looks on their faces.

Song on Tape

Sung By Jerry Florence
The song has nice words. I think it is really good for a bedtime song because it's really soothing. Some people think when they get in trouble no one likes them. Everybody does stuff wrong, so why wouldn't they still be perfect? My Mom always makes me feel loved, even when I do something wrong. I guess I'm pretty lucky.

This book and tape are available as a set for $17.00 ($15 for orders of three or more). Send checks or money orders to Patricia Drain & Assoc., Inc., 11811 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 3031, Phoenix, AZ 85028. Credit cards are accepted at (602) 953-6070, Toll-Free (888) LUV-SELF, or FAX (602) 905-1264.

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