Author of "Angel Therapy"
By Susan K. Stevenson, DCH

After many years of helping patients using traditional psychotherapy, Dr. Doreen Virtue began to incorporate her intuitive skills and angelic messages into the therapeutic process. The positive results were amazing. Some of this information has been discussed in several of her previous books including "The Lightworker's Way", "The Yo-Yo- Diet Syndrome", "I'd Change My Life If I Had More Time", "Constant Craving", and "Losing Your Pounds of Pain". Now, in her most recent book, "Angel Therapy", Dr. Virtue reveals the loving and encouraging messages given to her directly from the Angelic Realm, as well as practical, and grounded advice for receiving your own angelic messages.

As we approach the millenium, the angels are speaking and making their presence known to more and more of us, and we are listening. Dr. Virtue (and, yes, that is her real name!) has shared a timeless tool for us to use as we are called to collectively heal ourselves and our planet.

Q: When and how did you first become aware of angels in your life?

Dr. V: When I was a little girl, angels would come into my bedroom at night and give me messages that made me feel peaceful and hopeful. They had a beautiful glowing presence and energy that helped me to feel safe and loved. Throughout my life, I've known angels were around whenever I saw flashes of sparkling lights. When I was a child, the lights had blue and green hues. As a teenager and young adult, I saw large flashes of pure white light. These days, I see angels and also their "angel trails," which look like the white light given off by those sparkler sticks you hold on the Fourth of July. I feel my relationship with angels today is actually stronger than it was as a child.

Q: You speak of the 1995 incident when an angel warned you to avoid your car being stolen. That message got you back on the Angel Path. What were some other significant angelic events in your life?

Dr. V: Whenever I'd get off of my path as a healer and teacher, the angels would surround me and lovingly confront me. For instance, one evening as I was watching television during a very stagnant period of my life, the angels came to me and said, "Why are you throwing your life away? Look at all of the gifts you built into this life - are you going to let them all go to waste?" After that confrontation, I decided to quit the rather meaningless job I held, and I became self-employed.

There have been many instances like this in which the angels have pulled me back on path. I'm sure that at some level I asked the angels to help me like this, since the Law of Free Will says that no angel can intervene into our lives unless we ask. The only exception is in a life-endangering case, such as when the angels warned and saved me during my car-jacking episode.

Q: The awareness and belief in angels seems to have grown explosively in the last few years. What is bringing this about, and is it a localized cultural phenomenon or worldwide?

Dr. V: The angels are here more now than ever because of the millennium shift. This is the time which prophecies predicted, when the heavens would open and the angels would sing. We are in one of the most exciting times in history, and the angels are here to helpus usher in the new age of peace.

As more people learn how to see and communicate with angels, we'll all start to understand that there is no dividing line between heaven and earth. They are both part of the same place of Divine Love.

Q: Since your training is in traditional psychother-apy, how did Angel Therapy as a healing process evolve for you?

Dr. V: When I was a traditional psychotherapist, I would very often receive Divine Guidance while working with clients. Sometimes, I'd see clairvoyant images that would help me in my sessions. Other times, I'd see "angel lights" next to my client. The angel lights always assured me that my client was headed toward a wonderful healing.

After my brush with death during the car-jacking, I was very humbled. The fact that an angel had KNOWN my future just shattered all of my illusions about the material world and linear time.

I began actively soliciting the angels' advice on all matters. What they taught me completely reshaped my healing and therapy work. Today, I use Angel Therapy with every one of my clients and in all my workshops. The angels help to heal away every seeming problem, and their healing efficacy makes all the traditional forms of healing I'd ever studied or used pale in comparison.

Q: Whether you are receiving angelic messages on behalf of a client, or they receive the messages directly from the angels, does there seem to be any definable difference in the impact or effectiveness?

Dr. V: Angel messages are deeply personal, and they always have a ring of clear truth to them. That startling honesty, mixed with complete and utter love, is what heals us. I have found that the message has an enormously healing impact, no matter whether it comes through me or directly from the angels.

Almost always, when I deliver angel messages to clients, they say, "Yes, I suspected that's what my angels were trying to tell me!" In other words, my clients had already received their angels' messages and my words were the extra validation they needed.

Q: When we receive messages directly, how can we be certain we are listening to our angels and not our own ego or some other source?

Dr. V: True Divine Guidance always has an uplifting and positive energy to it, even when it is confronting or warning you. Angels are like warm and loving coaches who say, "You can do it!" False guidance, in contrast, makes us feel cold, afraid, and less-than-adequate.

Divine Guidance also repeats itself until you finally listen and follow its loving message, whereas "ego guidance" is inconsistent. The ego will tell you to do one thing on Monday, and then change its mind and tell you something completely different on Tuesday. If you listen to the ego, your life will always be chaotic.

Q: Why is it that angels are present in so many religions, but historically there has been so little personal awareness of their activity in our lives?

Dr. V: The older history books have many accounts of angels helping famous people. For instance, George Washington said that angels helped during the Delaware crossing and the composer Handle said that angels helped him to compose the famous Hallelujah Chorus.

I believe that historians often delete these accounts because of fears of looking foolish. Yet, if you've had an angel help you in a really big way, you tend to lose your fears - including the fear of embarrassment! I think that's the reason why Washington, Handle, and others were very open about their angel encounters.

Q. In closing, what message would the angels like to share with our Awareness readers?

Dr. V: Angels: Beloved Ones, your very essence pulsates with a love that is pure in its intent. This geographical region has been attended to by many members of The Angelic Realm for so long, and we beseech you to allow us to deliver you into the next century. The time draws near upon us when a new closeness will reign upon the earth, and the southern tip of the nation which includes this region of San Diego and Orange Counties, will usher in the new age of peace dramatically. Do not become confused as the time flashes forward into new and surprising ways, dear ones. Use this time gracefully for growth, instead, as you stand in inner contemplation.

Know that you are protected and know that you are eternally safe. God watches over you in all ways and your rays of love's sunshine alert others to their own eternal goodness. You are blessed, and you bring many blessings to this most golden of times. We angels salute you and stand with you during the coming times.

This is a dawning of a coming age of peace and also turmoil. What it is you experience will come largely from your choice. Choose now to see peace in all ways, even when it is not obviously available. For your holy sight is the compass which commands the earth's direction, and you who see peace direct us toward the light. You are the bringers of heaven to Earth!

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Susan Stevenson, DCH(c) is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Spiritual Counselor. Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Susan offers uplifting programs for individuals, groups and businesses, as well as workshops and audio tapes on a variety of life enhancing topics.  For information on any programs, you may contact Dr. Susan by e-mail at: 

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