The Dirty Cancer Business
By Dr. Wolfram W. Kuhnau

A doctor, no matter how old he may be, has the duty to keep informed of the newest breakthroughs in recognizing and treating diseases. I find it inexcusable that cancer is still being treated by chemotherapy and radiation, as it was fifty years ago.

With detailed information from cancer research over the past several years, it is unfortunate that the majority of clinics throughout the world are not willing to accept new breakthrough methods. Modern medicine needs a willingness to accept new thinking and to be open-minded to new treatments.

It is obvious that practically every human being is, or has at some time, produced cancer cells. The hippocampus in the limbic system is producing cytokine "Interleukin2", which stimulates B7 in the bone marrow. This slips through the CD28 receptor into the lymphocytes informing them that cancer is a deadly enemy. So, the T-lymphocytes change themselves into so-called "Natural Killer Cells", killing all cancer cells. The production of Natural Killer Cells is normal and part of our immunity.

Operations, radiation and chemotherapy are the only local measures being used at this time, and in most cases unable to CURE cancer, thus damaging the human immunity. Metastasis cannot be avoided by these methods.

Dr. Karl Luer of the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida, found that after decades of research, it is not possible for a healthy adult blue shark (which has a pregnancy similar to us) to provoke a cancer using the classic cancer-producing chemicals such as Aflatoxin. It is extremely rare to find a young blue shark, even living in polluted water, that develops cancer. So, the application of blue shark immune-active tissue from embryos by shots can have dramatic effects, even in terminal cases of cancer.

Some unconscious pseudoscientific businessmen are making lots of money with oral applications of capsules, well knowing that they are destroyed by the intestinal enzymes. The so-called "Anti-Vaso Neogenetic Factor" of cartilage (more efficient from calves), contracts the blood vessels going to the cancer; this only works if there is a cancer. But the shark does not allow a cancer to grow.

We now have a breakthrough in cancer treatment. Why is it being ignored? Patients could be saved by using the newest therapeutic cancer treatments.

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