By Marty Scott Gray

"I had this idea a few years ago of painting an angel in an underwater setting with angel fish swimming all around her. I did a few sketches back then, and didn't get around to doing the actual piece until earlier this year."

My art reflects my passionate love of nature and the creatures of our planet. I'm a world-traveled surfer and diver, and have spent time in many exotic locates collecting images and inspiration for my paintings.

My beliefs center around the idea that all things are interconnected and all of life is manifested from one common Source. I see man as the caretaker of this earth, and express my environmental concerns in much of my work. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to become consciously loving custodians of this precious planet. To that end I hope my art inspires.

Marty Scott Gray's art is available in limited edition prints. Contact the artist at 714-497-2505.

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