Contacting Your Personal Angels
with Hypnotherapy
By Susan K. Stevenson, DCH

Angels have been an important part of my life for many years, and perhaps it is the same for you. I have felt their presence and assistance in so many ways - both personally and professionally. Even though it has been more than twenty years since I first became "officially" acquainted with angelic energy, those years prior to that time had also been filled with their influence- I just wasn't so aware of it at the time.

As a hypnotherapist, clients come into my office for a wide variety of reasons- from the simple releasing of old habits to effecting deep personal growth and change. For clients who have expressed a desire to work with their angels, some of the most profoundly moving, informative and healing sessions have taken place. I have had the privilege of witnessing powerful healing energy move through clients as they receive information directly from their angels during a session.

Amy was at a crossroads in her business and personal life and sought hypnotherapy to clarify specific areas. In our initial sessions, much of the blocked energy cleared away and many new doors began to open. Her talents had already brought a comfortable degree of recognition; there were dozens of business decisions to make; and she wanted to allow room to pursue the full spectrum of her multifaceted goals.

Hypnotherapy allowed Amy to see her goals and options from a higher, wider perspective. Becoming more aware and highly focused in hypnosis helped her to examine many aspects of her life and career that she had not previously considered. She was certain that she also wanted to call on her angels to ask for their assistance. Her angelic team allowed her to see, feel and know the dynamics of every decision with great clarity. Angels do not make choices for you- that would be a violation of your own free will; however, their assistance for Amy took the form of her absolute knowingness of how each option would evolve- in essence, knowing the future outcome. Other times the angels' messages were amazingly simple: "You have done all you need to do. Now have faith and patience.", or "Let go of the fear. There is nothing more to be concerned about. All is well.", and "We are with you always." Her angel connection has proven to be highly successful.

Angels have also 'shown up' in sessions without deliberately looking for them. Vivian wanted to know her pre-birth decisions and entered the regression to examine that information. As she moved into that space and time, she recalled the immense light and love which surrounded her prior to her birth. Her angels were like glowing orbs of light- bright, yet soft and loving. She experienced a full spectrum of information, yet the plan was quite simple: "Share our love with others. That is your most important task." This intensely moving session resolved the longing she had felt all her life- the longing for a 'somewhere else'. She now knew with absolute certainty that this love is not 'out there' but within, and her job was to share it. Interestingly enough, this is what she had been doing for years in her counseling and helping profession. Yet, remembering her angels' messages has released her doubts. It was a powerful and moving experience that brought her life into clearer focus.

Being open to angelic guidance has definitely led to wonderful and synchronistic experiences. On a recent local get- away, my husband and I had the great privilege and blessing to stay in the "Angel Room" at Zosa Gardens Bed & Breakfast located on a 22-acre hilltop estate between Temecula and Escondido. Thirty-three angels grace the bedroom and seven more in the bath. It is truly an angelic retreat. The decor brought a rush of memories of angel encounters.

Owner Nena Zosa related to us many of her angel experiences during our two-day stay, including her own angelic encounter during a near-death experience in which she counted a choir of nine angels. The Angel Room is the ninth room to be finished at the estate and holds that special meaning for her. Because of this wonderful connection, we are planning an Angel Retreat for the Spring of 1998. If you would like information, please contact me at (800) 797-2960 or e-mail: .

My life seems to be teeming with angelic connections, and the momentum is building. Have you noticed this in your own life? Angelic reminders that they are with us- 'whispers' in our ear, 'taps' on the shoulder, brushes of air across your skin or changes in air pressure, 'flutters' from deep inside, glints of light and color- all these gentle hints to pay closer attention to their presence. Think back- have you been paying attention, listening, responding? I know I certainly have been. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., in her newest book "Angel Therapy", says that this increased activity is directly related to the approaching millennium. The angels are always at hand, yet we can clarify our communication with them by clearing any blocks that prevent us from receiving. She tells us, "Write, read and say the following affirmations several times a day, and within two weeks, you will heal much of your resistance to angelic help."

I graciously accept good into my life.
I am willing to release all fears of receiving love.
It is safe for me to be loved and cared for.
I deserve love and assistance.

And Dr. Virtue's message from the angels: "We speak to you continuously, nonstop from on high. We gleefully join you in fun times, and cheer you in the sad ones. We beseech you to listen further, for we can boost you in ways yet unknown. We help you in countless and numerous occasions, and our 'thanks' is your happiness. When you truly delight in opening your ears to The Angelic Realm, you will experience a music in your life beyond all comparison. If you could know how delightful your life can truly be, you would wait no longer to hear our beck and call!"

So whether you are already receiving your angelic messages, or need a little extra help in doing so, remember that your angels are with you always. Call upon them for help in all areas of your life- not just the big stuff! They love to help with everything you are willing to share- so ask, receive and enjoy.

Susan Stevenson, DCH, is a registered and certified clinical hypnother-apist in private practice in Huntington Beach and offers private sessions for adults and children, as well as workshops and audio tapes on a variety of life enhancing topics. Call if you wish information on any programs.

Dr. Stevenson can be reached at (800) 797-2960 or by e-mail at

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