Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
Having worked as a staff nurse in a local cancer institute, I find it interesting the number of medical doctors who are now discussing the link between the mind and body. Kudos to Deepak Chopra for being one of the first to brave the criticisms of colleagues and discuss this important aspect of healing.

Dr. Siegel does a fine job, in layman terms, with a heartfelt introduction to his 30-minute affirmation tape. He explains the role of the immune system in fighting disease and discusses the weighty importance of emotions we experience and their chemical effect on our body.

I had long noticed the "X-Factor" in patients' rate of recovery and healing; much faster and longer lasting in those with a better, more positive attitude. Surprisingly, the nurses picked up on this far more often than the doctors. Though that may be a gender factor as well, many nurses are female and empathy is more a part of the female nature.

The release of stress and anger cannot be overstated. Studies have been done linking breast cancer with harbored anger and suppressed emotions. Any tool such as this visual affirmation tape, coupled with strains of soothingly soft, peaceful music, can aid and encourage a healing process.

We often fail to see the horrendous, unnatural pace at which we live, and the emotion-choking world we have created until a life-threatening disease fells us in our tracks. The process can be slowed, stopped and even reversed if caught in time and the spirit wills it. Tools like this are priceless.

"Affirmations for Living Beyond Cancer" is available through Touch-Star Productions by calling (800) 759-1294.


O. Carl Simonton, M.D.
Research has long shown the irrefutable connection between the mind and body, or more simply put, the psychological and the biological. Anyone who isn't fully convinced of the role emotions play in our health should pay close attention to psy-chomatic disorders and the stress response.

This 38-minute video begins with a short, but insightful prologue by Dr. Simonton. In it he addresses the possible feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, fear and anger that may occur in those with a life-threatening illness.

The introduction is followed by a 25-minute visual journey through breathtaking scenes of nature complemented with a music score that oscillates between vocal harmonizations and gentle instrumentals. The affir-mations are not exclusively geared toward healing, allowing for general use as a stress reducer or relaxation tape. The messages concentrate on a releasing of fear and anger and encourage an embracing of sharing and openness to healing, vital steps in any health process. The visual ends with a black screen that then takes you on a short guided meditation with the audio voice of Erin Sommerville leading the way.

I found the tape itself was one of the best video affirmation tapes I have reviewed personally. The scenery was just incredible and the musical score flowed nicely. I liked the scenes focusing on the rhythmic movements of birds in flight, in the water and on the beach. It was a nice touch and seemed to have an extra calming effect.

"Affirmations for Getting Well Again" is available through Touch-Star Productions by calling (800) 759-1294.


Vol. 3 Energetically Crossing from One Phylum to Another
Volume 3 is a continuation of a video series that began sometime last year with the release of Volume 1 12 Basic Movements to Gather Energy and Promote Well Being, followed by Volume 2 Redistributing Dispersed Energy.

All three volumes work with harnessing unseen energy from the universe around us. They do this through specific movements called "magical passes" developed by the shamans of Mexico and written about by Carlos Castaneda in his series of nine books, culminating in the most recent "The Art of Dreaming."

The third volume concerns itself with the crossing of a phylum. The dictionary definition of phylum is a primary division of the animal or vegetable kingdom. A shaman's definition is crossing from one awareness of vibratory force (human phylum or chordata) into another awareness of vibratory force (the arthropoda phylum, e.g. a butterfly).

The reason given by shamans is to "accentuate their general awareness and the prowess of their senses." (Members of the arthropoda phylum are believed by shamans to see the world in hues, and that each of these hues had a particular scent.) Your interest in these videos will be determined by your interest in the subject matter written about by Castaneda and other followers (Taisha Abelar "The Sorcerers' Crossing" and Florinda Donner-Grau "Being in Dreaming") of Don Juan.

I would like to opinionate for a moment by offering a word to the wise; for those who might wish to be an amateur shaman: view it solemnly and examine it unqualifiedly as it is a realm to enter into consciously.

"Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity, Vol. 3" is available through Laugan Productions by calling (800) 490-3020.

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