Well, here it is . . . our 1996 Holiday issue . . . again featuring ANGELS! This is one of our favorite issues of the year, and we hope you all enjoy.

The past few months have been very busy and exciting! I spent the labor Day weekend with dear friends in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. What timing! Unbeknownst to me, this was the weekend selected to set Frederick the Great free. you see, Frederick is a grizzly bear who had lived most of his life in an Indiana zoo, in a caged area with only concrete on which to walk. It seems the zoo was forced to close, and was desperately seeking homes for all their animals. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find a home for a full-grown grizzly, and he was within three days of being put to sleep.

The owners of a hunting lodge in Pagosa Springs heard about Frederick, hooked up a trailer to their truck and drove to Indiana to rescue this bear. Now you may wonder why owners of a hunting lodge would go to such lengths . . . do did I. During hunting season they take hunters out to shoot elk, and bear, and whatever else is in season, but these animals are in the wild, and this is all very carefully monitored. they also own a large compound where they have made homes for injured and abandoned animals such as coyotes, bear, wolves, mountain lions, etc. Since these animals are not able to return to the wild, they are given food, shelter and whatever medical attention is needed.

Anyway, back to Frederick . . . he was brought back to Colorado and spent a few months in a small caged area, again, on concrete floor until his new home was completed. He was like a small child when the gate of his cage was finally opened . . . tears came to the eyes of many of us as we watched Frederick, fro the first time in his life, poke his nose out of the cage, then one foot onto grass and then another. As he slowly romped around his new home, he actually bent over and appeared to smell the grass, and then began to roll around in it. Thanks to some very special Angels in Colorado, Frederick the Great will spend the rest of his life in a very large grassy enclosure, safe and happy.

Just recently I became involved in the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Interracial Sisterhood Project of Southern California. Both organizations are new to me, however their efforts to build bridges of peace and reconciliation between the diverse races and cultures in America are to be commended. Their emotional "Bridge of Peace Ceremony" matches "sisters" of different races and cultures. Since I strongly fell that is the women of the world, who are creating peace through understanding and respect, these organizations are vital, and their momentum is growing. They will be featured in our first issue of 1997.

I would like to thank all of our "Special Angels" who contribute their time and efforts to Awareness . . . our writers, artists, advertisers, distribution points and numerous other angels who help throughout the year. To all of you, and to our loyal readers, we wish you a safe and peaceful Holiday Season!

Remember . . .
Everything starts with Awareness . . .

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