This holiday issue features product reviews for all of you who are doing the same thing I am doing right now . . . looking for that perfect gift for family and loved ones, and pulling your hair out at the same time. Well, my friends, sit down, take a deep calming breath and take a look at these products I've found. They are perfect for any holiday, or any other reason you can think of.

The first product I am very excited to tell you about is the Zen Alarm Clock. It has made a big difference since the very first time I heard it chime. How many of you have a hard time waking up? I know, stupid question. OK, how many have to use one of those loud buzzing or clanging alarms that snaps you awake?

Well no more, the Zen Alarm Clock is more than a beautiful way to wake up; it is a consciousness raising tool. When the alarm is triggered, the alloy bar chime is struck from inside the clock and produces a soothing tone which resonates for up to a minute. The computerized striking sequence of the acoustic chime becomes gradually more frequent over ten minutes, after which it chimes every four seconds until shut off.

These clocks are made in the U.S.A. from solid cherry wood. The dial face of each clock contains art such as a field of clouds or a Japanese wood block print. The clock is triangular in shape and approximately 11" in width, and 8-1/2" tall. Each comes with a 40-page book explaining how it can be used for dreamwork, affirmations, meditation, and a graceful way to end meetings on time, not to mention a great way to relax after a long day at work.

Not only is it a useful tool, but the Zen Alarm Clock is a fine piece of artwork and beauty that will add style and grace to any room.


The next item on my list is the Mudra Mirror. I know, the what mirror? That was my first question too! The Mudra Mirror is a visual affirmation combining two powerful symbols to create a beautiful way to cleanse your mind of fear.

The sculpture of an upraised hand signifies dispelling of fear the affirmation to "fear not." Then the mirror in the palm of the hand serves to draw you into the affirmation. The mirror brings your ego to the surface, and it is your ego to which all fear attaches.

As you pass by the Mudra Mirror and look at yourself, the calming influence of this ancient symbol of dispelling fear acts as a reminder that your fear is an illusion. The Mudra Mirror serves as a useful wall mirror, a beautiful work of art, and a powerful tool to be used by all young and old. The mirror is 5" wide by 12" high.

Since I have hung the Mudra Mirror by my door, I now feel a sense of calmness pass over me every time I pass by. I don't know why it works, but it does!

Both the Zen Alarm Clock and the Mudra Mirror are available from Now & Zen, Inc., P.O. Box 110, Boulder, CO 80306, or by calling (303) 939-0112.

Place your order early, as these items are in high demand, and are literally flying out the door! Be sure to mention that you heard about them through Awareness Magazine.

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