Easing EFX of PMS and Menopause

"Ninety percent of all women suffer from some type of menstrual problem." That is the beginning statement in the information sent to us by Dr. Betty Kamen.

As we have all heard by now, American women are very prone to problem periods migraine headaches associated with their cycle, hot flashes and medical problems associated with menopause, and a myriad of complications as a result of chemical treatments.

However, hormone replacement therapy is a necessity of life for many of us. What is not common knowledge though, is that there is a natural alternative. One that will not only ease symptoms, but will reverse some of the damage already in process.

Wild Yam Cream, a product of Natural EFX, is a botanical skin cream containing extract from the wild Mexican yam. Medical researchers have discovered that the wild Mexican yam may have important health benefits relating to the discomfort of PMS, menopause and prevention of osteoporosis.

This cream is applied directly to the skin. The amount depends on your particular needs. My daughter, Dawn, and I have been using it in order to see what results we get. She is 24 years old and suffers from severe PMS. I am not 24 years old and am at the first stages of menopause. Both of us had very noticeable results after using WILD YAM CREAM.

Prior to using this cream on a daily basis, Dawn would have headaches, cramps and bloating for a few days prior to her period. (She was also very cranky, but I won't tell if you won't). After using the cream for one month, her symptoms lessened. After the second month, she was symptom free (including the crankiness!)

My symptoms have included the typical hot flashes and migraines. I use a little extra WILD YAM CREAM during those days for relief. One of the greater benefits, which will take time, is to reverse my osteoporosis.

Prior to using the cream, I was on a medication called Progesterone and I had severe side effects. My MD was in favor of my trying the cream instead and said if the cream was not enough, we could always use it in combination with a smaller dose of the prescribed medication. Fortunately, I was able to adjust my body chemistry with just the cream alone.

I would encourage all women having any of these problems to consider this natural and effective alternative. As with any medical condition, make sure your MD is aware of any medication changes you may want to make.

WILD YAM CREAM is available for $25/jar. Natural EFX also carries a full line of health care products for women. For further information, please call Gordon Hatch at (619) 564-5263.

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