Edgar Cayce, the famous sleeping prophet, predicted that sound would be the medicine of the future. We have made great technological advances in medicine with light, as in laser surgery, but we have only begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities with sound. I believe that we will eventually use sound and light together to heal ourselves both physically and emotionally.

While I was on a spiritual pilgrimage in Egypt last year, I had spontaneous past life memories of being a temple priestess who used sound for healing. I also had four dreams about healing with sound. This sparked a passion in me that I didn't know existed, and I have been voraciously searching for knowledge and experience about this healing modality ever since.

Traditionally, healing with sound has been associated with music therapy. Psychoneuro-immunology, the field of medicine that deals with the influence of emotional states and nervous system activity on immune function, has made the concept of the mind/body connection more acceptable to the medical community. As a result, many hospitals have begun to implement music therapy as part of their treatment protocol.

Deforia Lane, a music therapist with the Ireland Cancer Center, has had phenomenal results with assisting cancer patients to a speedier recovery. Another music therapist, Barbara Crowe, has used music to soothe agitated alzheimer patients. Not only can music inspire us and lift our mood, it can also enable us to quiet our minds to seek the answers within. But I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some scientists have begun experimenting with the use of dolphins for healing. Dr. Betsy Smith, an American psychologist who works with autistic children and dolphins in the water off the Florida coast, has seen the mystery of the dolphins' healing biofield in action. She believes that they heal these children not only with the love and joy emitted by their biofield, but also with their sonar which actually scans the human body and realigns the energetic field.

Quantum physics has finally proven what the mystics have always known: everything is made up of energy. Everything has a specific frequency and vibration. Sound also has its own frequency. With the use of sound we can alter vibration through resonance. Resonance is the most important principle of sound. It is the ability of a vibration to reach out through vibrational waves to set off a similar vibration in another body.

Sound vibrations set into motion air molecules. These vibrations ripple outward, similar to dropping a pebble in water, and they are propelled to, and impact any receiving set of molecules. Therefore, every cell in our body is a sound resonator. Every organ will respond as a group to particular sound vibrations. The systems of the body will also respond to sound vibration.

The various states of consciousness emotional, mental, spiritual and physical can be altered through the use of, or exposure to, sound. Disease, which can be thought of as vibrations out of alignment in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual system, can be resonated into balance through the use of sound vibration. When an opera singer hits the high note that shatters a glass, she is demonstrating resonance.

Through the use of vibrational healing, you can also change false beliefs and clear out old emotions from this life, as well as past lives. These beliefs and emotions have been stored on a cellular level and may still be held energetically in our auric field. As a traditionally-trained therapist I have found that combining the use of sound with other gestalt and regression techniques can be very effective in releasing old patterns much more quickly.

For example, I had a client who was feeling suicidal as she remembered having been sexually abused by her older brother, in this lifetime as well as several others. Underneath her despair was a great deal of rage that had been stored. I not only used traditional methods to help her access and release this rage, I had her making toning sounds which aided her in releasing it more fully as well as energetically. By the end of the hour, she was no longer suicidal and feeling much peace.

In future articles, I will be discussing specific techniques that will enable you to apply this knowledge more directly to your own healing process.

Lisa Enneis, M.A., M.F.C.C., is a healer and group facilitator, with offices located in Trabuco Canyon. For more information, or for class schedules call (714) 459-5436.

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