Storybook Dolls Tell All About Joan Deniken, Global Do-Gooder

Child's Play Forecasts the Future
Storybook dolls! Oh, how they delight the eyes and imaginations of children. Joan L. Deniken was such a little girl whose imagination was ignited with each new arrival. Most of her storybook doll collection came from her loving aunt and doting uncle who often cared for her while her own parents were hospitalized with a serious illness.

Tears misted up in Joan eyes as she opened her long-sealed treasure box of dolls to show me. Her collection was predominantly the dolls of the world in their native costume. Ah, yes, Little Bo-Peep and Peter Pan were there with a few others from story land, however, the intriguing array of colorfully costumed dolls from Scotland, Germany, France, Holland, England, South America, Hawaii, etc. were most fascinating in light of Joan recent world travels. She has been to Russia, Israel, and Beijing, China, where she met numerous women who were the counterparts to her dolls.

As a child, I created many exciting adventures with my dolls. I imagined myself going to distant lands and mysterious places in search of wondrous treasures, reminisces Joan. Now, years later, I'm fulfilling those delicious childhood fantasies by traveling the world and finding Cintrinsic treasures in the people!

In her work today, Joan speaks at and conducts meetings, workshops, seminars and ongoing support groups, participates in local, national or international conferences using Holo-dynamics as her matrix. She works closely with Dr. Vernon Woolf, the originator of the Holodynamic process, that teaches individuals how to discover and live up to their own unique highest potential. We go back into our past, including early childhood to discover clues for the present and the future, reports Joan.

While processing her own past and childhood, she discovered three major characteristics that serve her today. First, she was creative and imaginative; second, she was curious; and third, she was physically active, strong and loved sports, especially baseball. Put these three dominant components into a basic Do-Gooder and you can glimpse her fullest potential a strong, determined and committed Global Do-Gooder!

"Far-Away Places with Strange-Sounding Names"
I have seen hundreds of people helped and heartened by Holody-namics in Russia, a country which has suffered many major structural breakdowns that have created mass insecurity. This self-esteeming process reveals purpose and meaning to life individually and collectively, declares Joan.

I was in Israel at a therapists' conference when Yitzhak Rabin was shot and I saw Holodynamics help my friends there process their personal and collective shock and grief; then they each found a way to dedicate themselves to the =B3peace process that Rabin was singing about in his beloved Peace Song!

At The UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing (approximately 30,000 women attended), every woman who stopped by Rama Vernon Peace Tent touched me as we talked heart to heart about our children, families, neighborhoods and dreams. On that common ground we shared ideas and offered each other support and help. A group of women have asked Joan to bring her conference to Africa, to help them build a better future.

A light went on around Joan face and her eyes sparkled and twinkled as she referred to herself as a Do-Gooder. She confessed to being one her whole life and has been sorely admonished by family and friends over the years for her generous ways. She often found herself trying to defend her naturally loving and magnanimous spirit. Now, of course, she refers them to the book, Random Acts of Kindness!

Her early life, full of personal challenges, taught her to be strong physically and mentally determined. She learned to go after whatever she desired and get it. Sports excited her in a time when women were not really encouraged to play. She practiced baseball by herself for long hours daily until she developed outstanding skills and went on to receive a sports scholarship. Later in college, she researched and wrote a paper to satisfy her curiosity about how A Mother Fear and Anxiety Affected Fetal Behavior. This paper with such advanced theories was so well written that she was invited to present it at a science conference by her professor.

Sputnik was the thing that spurred me on in science, explains Joan. I was sitting in chemistry class when the message came over the P.A. system. I decided then to pursue science and find answers to my many questions and theories. I respect Ho-lodynamics because it based on new science and quantum thinking which can be applied to a person individually or a group, or a community as it relates to the six stages of development.

Using this method, I am continuing to process my own personal challenges, frustrations, grief, feelings of powerlessness, anger, fear, depression, family crisis, spiritual longings, etc. I'm finding a special type of peace within myself.

I am aware of how polarizations can pull me and others apart. The polar extremes of either war or peace or love or hate are equally unful-filling because to choose one position or the other, you must disown or alienate a part of yourself. True happiness and the joy of life is a collaboration somewhere in between my light and dark self. It clear to me we each have our own answers locked inside ourselves, and Holodynamics is a gentle process to find out for ourselves who we are and what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Joan L. Deniken travels the world and lives out her childhood fantasy of high adventure while sharing this personally enriching process. She will also be using the World Wide Web, traveling via the Internet to make new friends and stay in touch with her growing global family. Her web-site is now under construction. Watch for the Global Do-Gooder in cyber-space!

Joan Deniken has a BA. in science from St. Xavier University in Chicago, IL, has worked in several research and clinical labs, and her undergraduate work on fetal lung development has been published. Her interest in school was the mind-body relationship, particularly neurotransmitters. She spent the 80 going back to school to study clinical chemistry and being a volunteer and an advisory board member for eight years at a women resource center in the Denver area. During this time she also worked at University Hospital Central Lab and at the Denver Metro YWCA as co-director of their Women Resource Center.

Holodynamics is a course of study in the dynamics of transformation and human potential. It specializesin how mind, matter and life interface dynamically, and how the new sciences can be used =8B to give meaning to ,and to improve a person quality of life, which is key to relationships, business, political and global success.

For more information, contact Joan L. Deniken at (714) 720-8301 or her Voice Mail (714) 445-9894. You can also write to her at P.O. Box 8236, Newport Beach, CA 92660, or visit her web page (site under construction) at:  

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