Angels are of interest to people and for centuries they have been depicted in art, music, and literature. Have you ever wondered about Earth Angels? Creatures that love us unconditionally and who live their lives focused upon us? Who are they? What are their roles? And how can we notice them?

Angels surround us both in our dimensional world and outside of our awareness. Everyone has a different type of understanding of what angels are and what they do. In a discussion, unrelated to angels, one of my friends made an interesting comment. She said, "I think dogs were put on this earth as angels to teach us about unconditional love." That simple statement shocked me and also perked my interest. It seemed to make sense to me; I feel that everyone and everything around me is put there by God to teach important principles, but I had never thought of animals in that way. What I began to do after that discussion was to look at how people respond to animals and what effect animals have on humans.

Physiologically and psychologically, animals calm and relax people with their presence. Studies have actually shown that people who own pets have longer lives, have lower blood pressure and other related benefits just from having them around. Also, pets and animals attract us in the same manner that angels do. We are fascinated by them, attracted to them, and hold them in a different light compared to others of our own race or species; they surround us and uplift us, are beautiful to behold and teach us to enjoy life.

Animals as angels teach us to live in the moment. Our pets love us with all their body and soul; even when humans have been cruel to them, they often are still loyal and loving. Our pets teach us about balance by showing us how to relax, to play, and how to enjoy simple interactions with another living being. They live for today and don't ever worry about tomorrow. They trust us completely and love us the same way. They wait in eager anticipation for our arrival and affections; they wag tails, tremble with excitement, and their motors purr long after we cease to caress them.

Wild animals fascinate us too. Could they be angels as well? They call to our wild nature, teach us about beauty and about having power with balance. They seldom take more than they need for survival and certainly don't destroy their surroundings. They respect each other and live in balance and harmony, unless disturbed.

Animals have allowed us to capture them, tame them, study them, and control them with acceptance and little protest. So, they can teach us about acceptance, and hopefully compassion and understanding. Each one has a different impact and a different role. All animals fit into the total harmony of nature. We seem to have forgotten how to fit in without discontent, wreaking havoc on our surroundings and losing care and concern for those surrounding us human or not. Is their lesson to us contained within?

Other species create a sense of fear or anger. Ants, spiders and bees or other insects receive violent acts of attack from the human species and are poisoned, swatted and smashed. Their homes are destroyed with a vengeance due to lack of understanding. Each has a role in the web of life. They are often more persistent and more resilient than we humans could ever be. What can we learn from them? How can we work through our challenges and fears without destroying them and the natural balance they uphold in nature?

Large predators such as the wolf, cougar, and bear also fascinate us and scare us. They rarely injure us or encroach on our territory in comparison to what we have done to theirs. Why do we as humans strike out so violently when we have actually caused those problems? Feeding bears in the wilderness despite the warnings not to; destroying habitats and moving animals into smaller areas; destroying natural prey and their balance by killing the biggest and healthiest, while all the natural predators only prey on the weak and sick to strengthen the herds. What is the lesson there?

Hmmm, animals as angels. I never really gave that much thought, but perhaps there are angels here on earth. Could those earth angels be animals? The beasts of creation, the fowl of the air, or the fish of the sea? Could they also be the winged insects, the creepy crawly creatures, instead of just the mammals of the sea or creatures we adore? Is that why we are so attracted, fearful, fascinated, and awestruck by the animal kingdom?

So who are those creatures that love us unconditionally and who live their lives focused upon us? Aren't they our pets and other animals who surround us? Are their roles to teach us how to live for the moment and how to love unconditionally? Are they living examples of the basic principles of how to live life to the fullest? Are angels and animals separate, or are they just different views of the same lessons and devotional beings?

I never gave this much thought before, but angels and animals overwhelm us with thoughts of what they mean or represent. They stir emotions and senses deep within us; they are devoted and emotionally pure. Angels and animals seem to be right before our eyes, under our feet, in the air, and in our very soul. Perhaps we just need to open our eyes and hearts to see them more clearly.

Diana Guerrero has achieved international recognition for her work with both wild and domesticated animals. Working with some of the most endangered species in the world, she is known for her unique training methods using trust, respect and understanding as a foundation. Diana can be reached through Ark Animals Behavior Consulting and Training at (619) 599-3697 or (800) 818-7387, or you can E-mail her at: .

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