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Every one of us, at some time or another, has struggled with the question of whether or not we truly exist as Soul Soul that is immortal and timeless. Certainly there are enough books and TV shows about people who have had near-death experiences, or past life regressions, who have confirmed that they have lived before. For hundreds of years we have heard of people who have had conscious experiences with loved ones who have left this earth through the doorway of death experiences that proved to them that Soul does not cease to exist after death.

Why do we crave to have these same experiences? Maybe to reinforce the religious teachings we have embraced? Perhaps to give meaning and purpose to lives filled with struggle and uncertainty? Certainly to receive reassurance that those we love, who have died, have moved on to a better place, a place we someday may enjoy. In all cases, there is a part of us that calls out to us to put aside the fear of death which is the fear of the unknown that often has prevented an individual from realizing and expressing his or her fullest potential. When we conquer this fear we are rewarded with experience, wisdom and freedom. So where can we go to have conscious experiences of the immortality of Soul? One place for sure is our own dreams!

For thousands of years, people from around the world have looked to their dreams to provide guidance, healing and comfort in their lives. Whether Malaysian, African, Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, Mexican, Japanese, or of Native American heritage, many individuals have had powerful experiences in their dreams with loved ones who no longer live in the physical form. These experiences often come at a time when the dreamer needs to heal through their grief, in order to enter into a new phase of growth in their lives. I have had the honor of witnessing this process in the Dream Workshops that I conduct for bereavement support groups and spiritual organizations, as well as in the research I did while co-authoring The Dream-LearningTM Program.

In a recent dream, a family member of mine met his son, who had died at the age of 5, many years ago. My family member had reached a point in his life where he was torn between loyalties to two families. He had been bending over backward to please members of his first family that was broken up due to the death of his son and the divorce that followed, and his new wife and daughter who very much needed his time, attention and love. In his dream he was with his new daughter, and they approached a rock that his late son was sitting on. When they approached his son and talked with him, he was filled with love, comforted that his late son was happy in his new existence. Suddenly his son asked him to boost the little girl onto the rock where his son was standing so they could meet. He hesitated at first, out of fear, but then complied. His son embraced the little girl and talked with her for a little while. He then handed her back down to her father and smiled, telling him how happy he was that his father had this new daughter and that he wished his father much love and happiness in this new family life. The father awoke grateful for both the opportunity to spend time with his departed son, as well as the confirmation he received that it was time to devote his time and attention to his new family. Such is the healing and guidance we can receive in our dreams.

Another woman who attended one of my Dream Workshops had a dream which confirmed that her late fiancee still existed as Soul. This loving Soul still had much love for his fiancee and still watched over her to protect her. The dream, a prophetic dream, served to warn her of a potential disaster that she was able to prevent. In her dream, her late fiancee came to her holding a can of gasoline. He told her that there was a gas leak in the house and, if she did not take care of it, the house would catch on fire and she could be killed. After she awoke, she frantically searched the house with the help of her fiance's mother and a neighbor. The neighbor found an old car that the dreamer's fiancee had been working on in the garage. It was leaking gasoline and in no time that gasoline could have been ignited by the oil burner or some other spark. This dream not only allowed her to prevent a tragedy but also confirmed for her that love, like Soul, indeed survives the death of the physical body.

Daydreams are also a viable state in which we can receive guidance and healing. In the daydream-like state of a guided visualization exercise, a woman who attended another one of my workshops for bereavement support groups, had an experience that saved her life as well. The woman had recently lost her teenage son who died during a camping trip. Her son's death left her in such a state of despair that neither counseling or medication could assist her. She told me that a few days before the workshop she had decided to end her pain and commit suicide. During the visualization exercise, the woman's son appeared to her and told her that he was fine and happy in his new existence. He very much wanted her to know that he loved her and that he will always be with her when she needs him. After this exercise, she told me that she had decided, in that moment, that the best way for her to honor her son would be to continue on with her life, making the best of it, armed with her new realizations.

Our dreams can also shed light on fears that we have carried with us fears that can interfere with our leading full and happy lives. Through our dreams, we can experience liberation from these fears and actually go back to their source. This could be a painful or fearful experience from the past which we can make peace with and heal. Sometimes the point in our past that the fear stems from can even reach back into a prior lifetime that Soul, our immortal self, experienced.

For as long as I can remember, whenever I was faced with a pitch black room, I began to have a feeling of terror. An almost claustrophobic panic would settle in, leaving me clueless as to its source. One night before I went to sleep, I began to sing an ancient word that I had been taught to bring me guidance and protection in my dreams. I sang this word HU in a drawn out fashion HUUUUUU, HUUUUUU. I thought about some of the spiritual teachers who had helped me in my dreams, and asked to receive assistance with this fear of the dark. I thought about this request and slipped into a very lucid, conscious dreaming state. In this state I, as Soul, the observer, was taken back to a scene that occurred sometime in the late 18th century. In that lifetime, I was a young boy who had become very ill and had slipped into a coma. I was pronounced dead and was soon buried. Suddenly I, Soul, the observer, found myself awake inside the coffin that I, the young boy from the past, was buried in. I had come out of the coma and found myself in this dark, tight, musty place. I went crazy with fear and panic, banging and clawing at the coffin lid, fighting to get out.

Suddenly the gentle voice of one of my dream teachers whispered to me and began to calm me down. He instructed me to breathe slowly, and relax. As I slowed my breathing, he gently suggested that I concentrate on the beating of my heart and try to slow it down. My heartbeat and breathing continued to decrease in frequency and strength. All the while I became increasingly more calm until I was totally relaxed and filled with an overwhelming feeling of peace and trust in this gentle voice that was lovingly comforting me. Finally, I realized that my breathing had stopped, as did my heart. In a flash, I sprung up awake, back in my current body in this present lifetime.

Although my bedroom was very dark, I was now surrounded by feelings of peace, trust and safety. I realized that my dream teacher had taken me back into the past to discover the event that was the source of my panic and fear of the dark. By reliving that experience, and then surrendering it, thus making peace with it, I was able to dissolve the fear that had become embedded in my consciousness, plaguing me for centuries.

One of the goals of The Dream-LearningTM Program is to provide anyone who wishes, the opportunity to consciously use their dreams to receive guidance, experience a variety of different levels of healing and dissolve fear from his or her life. Through its simple stories and wonderful exercises, we all can begin to remember, interpret and direct our dreams in order to embrace all of the spiritual richness that awaits us there. SWEET DREAMS!

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