By Robert Ross

"Animals are our guides and our teachers at many levels" says Brigitte Noel, owner of a very unique business, a business that . . . Specializes in Animal Communication.

And just how unique is this business? Not any more unique then the owner, Brigitte Noel herself. Born into a diplomatic family, Brigitte grew up in a unique set of circumstances. While many of us grew up with the same set of friends and went to the same school year after year, Brigitte found herself immersed in vastly different cultures, including those in France, England, Ghana, the United States, Russia and Switzerland. During that time, friends would come and go, but Brigitte could always fall back on the easy rapport she had with neighborhood pets and other animals.

After attending the University in Geneva, Switzerland, Brigitte eventually ended up in San Diego. It was in San Diego, after taking a class that focused on eastern religions, that she began to appreciate and develop an interest in alternative ways of thinking. Her life-long love of animals was also beginning to turn from hobby to passion. She developed her curiosity by reading everything she could find about various species of animals.

Fate enters the scene . . .
Grave's disease can only be described as horrendous and debilitating. In 1992 Brigitte was diagnosed with the disease. It was, according to her, "a turning point in her life". Along with the diagnoses, came choices. Conventional medicine offered little hope other then radiation treatment, depression and a life of dependency on pharmaceuticals. She also wasn't happy with her career path at that time. Knowing many choices and changes had to be made, she devised a treatment program utilizing alternative and conventional therapies. Hidden beneath this crisis in Brigitte's life was also an opportunity. She made the necessary health changes and turned toward the career path which she is currently on.

Fate was now guiding Brigitte. She then made contact with Samantha Khury of Manhattan Beach. Khury was the first person that Brigitte had ever met who practiced animal communication. Brigitte saw that not only were her beliefs confirmed about the possibility of communicating with animals, but she also saw that a career path did lay ahead for herself.

Encouraged by Anne Smith, V.M.D., O.M.D., the alternative veterinarian based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Brigitte honed her communication skills with her own pets, gradually devising her own telepathic technique.

Today, Brigitte is recognized as a leader in the field of animal communication. She holds seminars and classes throughout the region, where students learn such things as how to receive and send telepathic messages to all types of animals, how to address and correct behavioral issues, and how to keep their pets healthy and happy.

If you'd like a better relationship and understanding of your "animal buddies," a term Brigitte often uses, give her a call at (619) 295-5504. Brigitte Noel is also available for consultation on a wide variety of issues concerning animal behavior.

Copyright 1996, by Robert Ross, all rights reserved

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