Welcome to The World of Indigos
Today’s Generation of Youth
By Michele Alexandria



In the metaphysical and holistic fields, the term “Indigo” is like an awakening. Many of us have been waiting, patiently, and not so patiently, for the arrival of this new generation of Light Beings who are here to usher in a new world consciousness.

If you are new to the term Indigo, let me explain.

The Indigos are a special group of gifted enlightened old souls who have been born unto this planet to help transform the consciousness of this world, and to guide us all towards a higher level of evolution.

They are the “System Busters”, the “Spiritual Warriors”, here to break down all of the old traditional paradigm systems within our educational, political, religious, medical, nutritional, technological, family and all fear-based belief systems. They are the “Trail Blazers”, bringing with them Universal wisdom, Divine knowledge and a clear vision of perfection. Their mission: to help create a whole new paradigm, where we live in a world of integrity, compassion and unity.

What is an Indigo?
The term “Indigo” describes their life aura, which is a beautiful deep blue or “indigo” color. Every person has a life aura color. It can tell you a lot about who you are, what your mission is, what you are here to learn, as well as describe some of your traits, behaviors and the type of personality you have. The Indigos carry with them distinct traits, personalities and a global mission that is very different from any other life color that has come before.

The majority of Indigos were born from the mid 70’s into the late 90’s. But, I need to note that some of the earlier Indigos, “The Scouts or Indigo Pioneers”, as they are called, began coming to earth just after WWII. They came in smaller numbers, but carry with them the same or similar energy and traits of the Indigo generation of today. They are the Adult Indigos.

These imaginative and precocious youngsters are immensely likable and endearing. They are self-reliant, independent and strong willed. They are highly intelligent, deeply intuitive, gifted and have lots of energy. They have a high self-esteem, and an almost regal sense of entitlement. They are emotionally and environmentally sensitive. They are compassionate, and sympathetic to other living things, especially animals. They react to unfairness and have little patience for rules, discipline, authority, (especially, authority without explanation or choice), or “old” structures.

They also “know” when someone is not in integrity with them. They can read you like a book, and can spot hidden agendas or attempts to manipulate them. They are fearless, because they know who they are. They are technologically advanced, incredibly creative and are right-brained thinkers.

Now, let’s talk about some of the traits that are more challenging to deal with. How many parents feel at wit’s end because your Indigo is bored, restless and causing lots of trouble in school? Are they lashing out, refusing to do things they are told to do, behaviorally difficult to handle or totally out of control? This is because they are easily bored with assigned tasks, and see a better way of doing things, whether at school or at home. Their inherent knowing tells them so.

Many Indigos find school to be a waste of time. They are restless with the seemingly useless information they know they will never use. This is because they are built with a newer and more advanced version of education. They are here to teach us and show us the way. Remember, they come with the blueprint of the new world paradigm, and our educational system needs a serious revamping, which is one of the things they are here to help change.

They are also non-conformists and can, therefore, have trouble “fitting in”. They feel like strangers in a strange land, greatly misunderstood, and are frustrated with the limitations and constrictions placed on them, especially in school. For some home life can be a nightmare, as well. All of this can lead to great emotional pain, increased anger, aggression and destructive behavior.

In some cases it can go the other way, and you find your child going inward and withdrawing from you, your family, and even society. Their world becomes dark, negative and hopeless. We are seeing a dramatic rise in depression, suicides and violence among the Indigos. Hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of our Indigo children have been misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

In my opinion, these labels and drugs are not benefiting these children. The drugs merely dull them so they can “fit in” with other kids and help their parents and teachers control them better. These children do not like the drugs, and they do not like these labels. Their inner feelings of being “different” are validated. Instead of feeling joy, because of their uniqueness and Spiritual gifts, they feel ashamed of their differences, and may go into hiding. They hide within themselves and tune out the world that has forsaken them.

Parents need to better educate themselves on the effects these drugs have on their children. Besides the physical damages, the drugs are lowering their Spiritual energetic vibration, cutting them off from the “Light”, which is their Source. It also de-rails them off the path from their mission and purpose for being here.

There are many other healthier and more holistic alternative solutions to help your Indigo Child, who is in distress. What we need to understand is that many break-downs these children are experiencing are due to the emotional and spiritual woundings brought about by the separation angst from their God-Source.

In addition, they experience the dissonance from what they intuitively know to be true on the “inside”, vs. what they experience on the “outside. Day by day, year by year, they have a more difficult time bridging the gap between these two worlds. They cannot handle the overwhelming stress and emotional roller coaster.

As a result, they begin to lose their eternal soul-wisdom and soul purity as they are tossed into our chaotic society and inhumanity. Their souls, once so profoundly and purely connected to the blissful existence with God, have now been disconnected, and they are left feeling abandoned and alone, lost and confused, and very disillusioned with life. Their pain and anguish is great. This pain is at a spiritual, emotional, energetic, soul level, therefore, the healing must come from that same place.

The technique that I facilitate works on healing and releasing these emotional and spiritual woundings. It drains negative energy, so the child can move from his/her pain into their magnificence, from fear into their true power, and from disconnection to reconnection to their God Source/God Self.

For more information on spiritually healing your Indigo, please check out the highly acclaimed book, “Spiritually Healing The Indigo Children (And Adult Indigos, Too!)” by Wayne Dosick, Ph.D. and Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW

It is our job, as parents and teachers to understand the source and depth of their pain and help this new generation of children feel safe and comfortable on this Earth. The Indigos are bringers of the new dawn. They have much to teach us. It is our responsibility to guide, love and support them so they can fulfill their global mission by bringing back peace on earth.

(Look for part 2 of this article in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue, where I will be discussing the Adult Indigos.

Michele Alexandria is a certified Indigo Healing Facilitator, through The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing, as well as a Spiritual Life Transformation Coach and teacher. She provides Spiritual healings for Indigo Children, as well as Adult Indigos. In 2005, she started Indigo Connection, for the parents of Indigos, and Adult Indigos. For more information or an appointment, call: (619) 462-3959 or visit  www.indigohealings.com

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