Angels as Messengers of Love, Light and Grace . . . A New Perspective
By Donna Strong



According to angel expert, Terry Lynn Taylor, angels are heavenly resources to call upon at any time for immediate help and wise guidance to grow. A best-selling author of “Messengers of Light”, Terry not only writes, she conduct classes and ‘playshops’ to cultivate angel consciousness.

As a well-regarded authority on these messengers of divine providence, she has appeared on the Leeza Gibbons Show, Sonya Live, CBS News, Strange Universe and two NBC Prime Time Specials produced on the topic of angels.

Terry received the Body Mind Spirit Award for her book, “The Alchemy of Prayer”. Her extensive collection of books has sold nearly one million copies.

Terry’s new book, “Messengers of Love, Light and Grace”, promises to bring some interesting new perspective on this topic. Initially, she did not think of herself as a writer, but after 11 books (8 of her own and 3 collaborations) she has become a leading voice representing the amazing presence of divine spirit known as angels.

While Terry acknowledges the importance of angels in acting as messengers and facilitating action on our behalf, in her most recent work, she also discusses the importance of angelic guidance. Through intuitive channels, angels give us messages to offer direction that will further our own spiritual evolution.

Terry makes the point that angels are catalysts of empowerment — they are teaching us to do more than passively receive heavenly support to resolve our spiritual growth opportunities disguised as problems. Through opening up channels of communication to develop a relationship with the angels, we are spiritually mentored to receive answers to our life’s questions and then digest the issues of our lives. This is a much more compelling manner for spirit to plant its presence on earth than to continually come to our aid when we implore them for assistance because we feel overwhelmed in life.

A key theme in Terry’s work with angels revolves around her interest in creativity. In this new book, she has interviewed several influential artists of our time; Peter Sterling, Carlos Santana and Arthur Douët. Our discussion turned to ways in which the angels have a positive effect in catalyzing creativity in a person’s life, not only as an artist, but in the _expression of one’s own authenticity. According to Terry, “Everyone is creative.” She described how she has seen people make quantum shifts when they accept the potency of the angels in their lives.

While most of us are focused on money and getting ahead in life, in Terry’s words, “There is nothing to ‘get ahead’ of except yourself, and then you are out of balance.”  When the angels enter someone’s life, she has seen how people reorient their values to a new way of being that is a more unique _expression and doesn’t always fit neatly into mainstream life. Just as her interest in angels opened her up to new worlds, she has found that the angels are catalysts to live more authentically, albeit with more risk taking through exploring what is innately true to our nature.

Many years ago now, Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox defined grace as the willingness to accept who we are. The angels or ‘changels’ as Terry affectionately calls them, are heavenly agents to catalyze our momentum and become the gift that we are innately designed to be, letting go of the external cacophony and turning inward, to listen to the inner still voice of the divine. With angelic involvement, she has seen people turn toward delighting in the ‘little’ things of life — like walking in the park with someone we care about. People tend to move away from the stress of working too hard, doing things they don’t like, and placing their focus on love and doing what they truly desire in life.

The focus shifts more to the now, maintaining a connection that feels alive and moving through the changing landscape of emotions. With angelic assistance, we can allow the stream of emotions to flow, moving from sadness into laughter, letting go to live fully in the moment. By allowing the fullness of all that wants to be felt, Terry has noticed both personally and in her workshops, that people open up to examine their lives and shift their perspective.

“By accepting what is, people can stay sane and open to create a sense of timelessness within.”  Terry described this as living two lives, one in this realm and another anchored in a more expansive consciousness that goes beyond the space and time in human form. With this, we can enjoy life more, rather than simply being depleted by the incredible bombardment of stimuli and energies occurring at this time. Through developing our angel connection, we begin to look at the world and see that we don’t have the whole picture. We have to cultivate the ability to let go and trust the outcome without it all being known.

Angels, according to Terry, help us look for the opportunities in life, to turn in directions that are right for us to grow and expand. It takes a great deal of discipline though, to move away from all that is stirring the pot right now, and sit still. The angels move us, if we will listen, to follow the pulse of what is largely invisible, but still quite potent for our lives, to sense the inner impulse and follow its direction.

A precursor to developing a deep connection to our own guardian angel, or any other angel, is to develop our own ‘rich inner life’. This provides the metaphysical grounding to relate to other forms of spiritual consciousness and to expand our awareness. We need to practice the qualities of connection; of wonder, and opening to possibilities, rather than contracting from life and withdrawing from the life force that moves through each one of us.

Altogether too much of life is ‘dead serious’.  This is an indication that the creative life force is being suppressed and stifled. According to Terry, to be in touch with the divine means that we have maintained our sense of humor.

Terry coined the term ‘guidedance’ to identify the play of conscious awareness that an angelic connection fosters. A primary form of angelic influence can be seen in the simple enjoyment of punning word play that is an indication of higher awareness. The angels help us to realize what is really important and keep our focus on this, not the endless distractions of daily life. In Terry’s words, “...our time here on earth is by the grace of God; it is sacred time. We always stand on holy ground; our body is a temple in which the light of God dwells.”  

While many of us might feel some ambivalence in accepting that we are the light of God in human form, bringing together the apparent polarities of holy and humor is to enter the realm of the angels. Their ‘guidance’ is to dance more with whatever comes in life, and learn to maintain much more amusement.

If we can learn to sense in a more subtle manner, we can open up to their forms of communication; “...the angels’ language is primarily one of symbols, colors, sounds, and feelings.” According to Terry, the angels also communicate “...through various non- logical, nonlinear conduits, such as dreams, synchronisms, and intuitive flashes, fantasies, and other vague and often ‘inexplicable’ experiences. Angels are like thoughts; they inspire us by instilling ideas into our thought processes and patterns.”  

Terry’s newest book has an interview with Peter Sterling where he talks of how resistant he was to the beginning call from the angels to play the harp. He couldn’t understand how he could possibly be able to play with a level of musical proficiency without training. Yet, he continued listening to the angel messages, showing his willingness to see what would happen. “At first I was a bit frightened by what was occurring, but I continued to hear the gentle encouragement of the angels to surrender and allow this music to come through me.

“Often times my eyes would start to tear uncontrollably when I played, and I would sweat profusely as energy came through. Some years later I realized that I had a special angel harp teacher who would merge with my energy field and play through me, teaching me by allowing me to feel what it would look like to play. It was happening very fast and at times I couldn’t believe what was unfolding...”

It takes great courage to let go and open to the momentum of intelligence moving through, urging us in directions that may bring up stuck energies of fear and resistance. Yet the world is not meant to simply be mapped out in order to cover up the challenges and insecurities inherent in facing what wants to newly emerge in life.

A major influence from the last century, writer Gertrude Stein wrote a line that has become a favored quote; If it was all known, it would be dictation and not creation. Staying true to what feels right is not always easy, yet it is potent to stay committed and connected. We must prime the pump to allow the waters of the creative life force to flow. All too often we build enormous dams and levees to keep this potent energy at bay.

Instead, says Terry, “Go with what life is presenting.” Issues in our lives are effective catalysts to forge transformation. Through practice, we can get in touch with the inner urge to grow and expand. This is the intelligence beckoning from within. We must learn to honor the call, as a line from David Citino’s poem, “The Art of Hummingbirds,” aptly describes; to respond to life’s desperate quest for its own essence and hue, moment to moment. There is an innate urge to respond and become fuller expressions of our authenticity.

As part of this urge to grow, we need to look beyond our narrowly defined views of our own world. Terry speaks clearly about the need to trust that there is a purpose beyond the small window of current understanding regarding any situation in life. One of her favorite sayings is ‘faith, not fear’.  It takes the connecting cords of faith and trust to continue, to go on with accepting whatever life is presenting until we realize a more expanded perspective, effectively lifting a veil and opening into an opportunity for spiritual growth.

This is a way of ‘seeing the good in all things’ and becoming more responsible for our own ability to have an impact. Indeed, in the interview with Carlos Santana, one of the key qualities of creativity he listed was that it means that we have something worthwhile to give. By staying constant with our life puzzles and challenges, we become more empowered as we grow beyond the initial edge of a crisis or problem. With the digestion of the problem, and coming to greater resolve as we face an issue, we are essentially becoming more creative. This creative problem solving acumen can then be used to address other issues in life. As we expand and grow, we increase our ability to offer our unique constellation of gifts to others.

Again, Peter Sterling speaks: “Connecting and working with the angels brought a new ray of light into my life, which has been a constant source of inspiration, wonder, and joy. I am constantly amazed at the syncronicity and miracle magic that the angels work in the lives of many people I know all over the world. In these troubled and uncertain times, I am relieved to know the angels are watching over us with unwavering vigilance and steadfast companionship, guiding us all to our soul’s glorious destiny in the Light.”  

It is through his willingness to continue, not knowing the outcome, but trusting the good in some manner that he has reached this harvest in life and has so much to gift to others through sharing. This is indeed, what Sheldrake and Fox defined as grace, accepting our true nature. Says Peter, “Like many people, I had felt music in my heart for many years, and now it was time to bring it out.”

The angels are masters of inspiration. They provide the spiritual fuel of inspiration to give us momentum to become more true to our nature. As Terry says,  “Angels help us to be faithful to the principles held true in our hearts.” We may feel called in a certain direction by what our heart desires, yet continually allow ourselves to get pulled in another direction.

By developing an ongoing relationship with our angel guides, we are able to receive a continuing stream of support in a highly enjoyable manner, through many forms of inspiration such as experiencing beauty, sweetness, innocence, wonder, and awe. Inspiration is an effective form of momentum to fuel our sacred heart’s desire as we keep moving forward without knowing where the journey will ultimately lead. It feeds the sense of aliveness, a palpable quality of the creative life force, universally moving through us all.

The provocation of needing to address issues with increasing frequency as the pot gets stirred is building our capacity. As we meet challenges, we open to the opportunity inherent within each puzzle to invoke our own authentic creative fire, the spark of God that is within each one of us. Through this we become more potent in our true power to affirm life and be rich in creative _expression, whatever form it takes. Terry speaks these words of wisdom; ‘Stay true and don’t give up!’ I can faintly hear an angelic chorus in response: Hallelujah, forever and ever, amen!

For events, or to make contact with Terry Lynn Taylor, go to www.angelscanfly.com

Donna Strong finds writing a pleasure and a growth opportunity. With decades of devoted study to creativity, she practices as a mentor and muse, to catalyze the flow of creative life force in others. You may contact her at www.donnastrong.com

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