The NEXT Software Revolution is Here...
Software for the Human Body!
By Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C.



Did you know that over the past 30 years, science has proven biochemical reactions in the body respond to non-chemical VIBRATIONAL signals or stimuli? Well, it’s true! Let me share with you an amazing true story from the annals of science...

French scientist, Jacques Benveniste, demonstrated that a digitized analogue of the anti-coagulating drug Heparin, was as effective as Heparin in preventing blood coagulation.

Quoting from “The Field”, by Lynne McTaggart: “(Benveniste) took a test-tube of ... plasma with the calcium chelated out, then added water containing calcium which has been exposed to the ‘sound’ of heparin, transmitted via the signature digitized electromagnetic frequency ... the signature frequency of heparin works as though the molecules of heparin themselves were there ... the blood is more reluctant than usual to coagulate.”

In other words, the FREQUENCY of Heparin worked just like the CHEMICAL heparin to reduce coagulation in the presence of calcium!

What if a chemical is simply one representation of a more fundamental vibrational reality that carries a specific signature? ... and what if the information and energy inherent in that molecule could be tapped and utilized without direct biochemical interaction?

Well, it can ... and a modern-day scientist has “cracked the code” that harnesses this power for human wellness and performance enhancement.

David Schmidt is the scientist, who has invented a patented technology that underlies the creation of a series of NON-TRANS-DERMAL patches, that “program” the human body to perform specific biological functions such as “burn fat for energy”, etc.

The patches are placed on key acupuncture points for best results. Specific chemicals in the patches are activated by the body’s own infrared energy (body heat). They then “signal” the body, interacting with the energy field of the body through a process called Resonant Energy Transfer. The body’s energy field is acting as a passive transmitter.

Now the “information” is in the field, and through a process called Signal Induction, certain specific biochemical pathways in the body are activated (depending on the specific molecules in the patch). In the case of our example, the mitochondria of the cell burn fat more efficiently as an energy source. Scientific studies demonstrate this clearly.

Imagine using the same technology to improve growth hormone synthesis, or the increase of lean muscle mass, or ???

This technology is available for use now. Currently two types of patches are available: One to increase energy and stamina, and one to deepen the sleep state for people who do not sleep deeply. The inventor, David Schmidt, plans to release about two new patches per year for the foreseeable future.

World-class scientists, healers, athletes, and entrepreneurs are taking notice of this amazing wellness breakthrough. Scientists are performing experiments and writing them up for peer-review journals. Acupuncturists are using the patches instead of needles. Olympic Gold Medal athletes are using the patches. Brilliant business men and women are investing their time and energy to bring this technology to the world.

To learn more, call (971) 221-1173, and listen to extensions one and two, then contact me personally at (858) 204-3092, and I will help you take your next steps into the amazing world of the LifeWave patch technology.

We are looking for both retail and wholesale business relationships, and are particularly interested in identifying potential leaders who have what it takes to bring this technology to the world. We are already open for business in Canada and the UK (as well as the U.S.), with much of Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and key Asian countries to follow very soon!

Dr. David Kamnitzer is a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, energy worker, and spiritual guide in private practice in San Diego and the SF Bay Area. Contact him at (858) 204-3092, or e-mail   Also visit:

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