By Lyda Whiting



Written by Anthony King
Illustrated by Sue Hellard
When she gets up in the morning, Caitlin is very excited because it is her birthday. She and her daddy go to the bakery to pick out cupcakes for her friends at school. But when Caitlin comes home from school, she is sad and confused. The teacher wanted all of the cupcakes to be the same, and they werenít. Her daddy tells Caitlin there is nothing in the whole world that is the same. Every tree and snowflake is unique. People look, think, and act differently. It is the differences make each person and each thing special. Caitlin decides that she is glad that she is herself, and learns an important lesson about the diversity that makes up life.

The story is surprising and evocative, and the colorful pictures will draw children into the action. They will enjoy the lively animals and children that illustrate the text.

Based on an actual event at his daughterís school, Anthony King has written a deceptively simple book about diversity and tolerance. The engaging illustrations by Sue Hellard include children and adults of all types to demonstrate the point of the story.

Highly recommended for ages up to 10. This would be a great gift for a teacher or the one-of-a-kind child in your life. I warn you, though ó you will want to decorate some cupcakes of your own after reading this book together!

Published by Cupcake Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written by Martin Ripps
Directed by David Michael Maurer
This fun DVD follows the musical journey of Violet and Amazing Bob as they meet Professor Scribble and get a tour of his amazing Alphabet House. Each inventive room teaches the keys to printing the alphabet. Whether they are counting golden coins in the treasure room, flying planes over the desert, or exploring the wild plants in the arboretum, Violet and the Professor are having fun learning to write.

Children learn along with Violet by writing with special washable markers in the accompanying book. They will love wiping off the letters and writing again and again on the special surface.

The colorful and appealing puppets on the DVD will make this a favorite activity for children ages 4 and up. Donít be surprised if your younger ones want in on the action too; even if they cannot master the letters, it will give them an introduction to the alphabet.

This is a great way to get your child started on letters, or to reinforce the practice at preschool. The instructions were developed using national curriculum standards, so it teaches children good writing habits from the beginning. Adults will appreciate this self-contained set with special compartments for the DVD and the markers, which will encourage children to clean up when they are done. (Do supervise this activity, as the markers may stain fabrics or furniture.)
Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Published by Incredible Kid LLC, this DVD and book set is available at your local bookstore or at

Written by Sharon Penchina
and Stuart Hoffman
The third book in the ďI am a Lovable ME!Ē series, this book encourages children to love, respect, and care for their bodies. Children can have fun doing the stretches and exercises along with the whimsical bugs in the illus-trations. There are breathing exercises as well. The reminders to stand straight and take care of their bodies by eating healthy food and getting plenty of rest will reinforce healthy habits as well. But it is the pages with bugs running, jumping and dancing that will be your childrenís favorites.

Young children will giggle at the colorful pictures of silly bugs exercising, and the rhyme makes it easy for them to follow along. Each page contains at least one affirmation of health and fitness, and it will not be long before small children are chanting along as they stretch and bend.

This book may be too sweet for some children and adults, but children who like the other books in this series will enjoy this one as well. This book will get children moving, so it would be great for warming up before heading to the playground or out on a walk. It may even get adults moving around too. Just donít read it right before naptime, as it is bound to turn children into wiggling worms.

For ages 2 to 6. An audio CD is also available as a companion to the book.

Published by 2 Imagine, this book is available at your local bookstore or at the website:

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