An Interview with Gloria Wendroff
By Randy Peyser



Gloria Wendroff is the author of HeavenlettersTM: Love Letters from God, Book One, winner of the Chelson Award for Inspiration. Heavenletters are communications from God which Gloria receives every morning, then circulates around the world. In whatever language, God’s words stir what is already in everyone’s heart. Dr. Bernie Siegel, author and early pioneer in the field of mind, body, spirit medicine, champions Heavenletters and wrote the foreword to the book.

Gloria is now working on other books of Heavenletters, including communications from God on how to create relationships, how to GodwriteTM, and how to get beyond grieving. She gives GodwritingTM workshops wherever she is asked —all in the Name of God — with the one desire to bring the Earth closer to Heaven.

Randy Peyser: How did you begin receiving communications from God?

Gloria Wendroff: I always wanted to be a writer, but I never had much to say. I would think to myself, “If only someone would tell me what to say...” Little did I know that forty years later, someone would tell me, word for word what to say, and, of course, I had no idea Who that Someone would be. I was asking on one level, and my idle request was answered so many years later on another.

RP: You call your process of communicating with God, “GodwritingTM”. How did this process unfold?

GW: Many events led me to GodwritingTM. Perhaps all of my life has been leading up to it, though no one would have ever guessed that. Why would anyone expect this to happen to me? I was brought up with no religious training. I had no thoughts about God. I wasn’t one of those people who was angry with God. I just had no thoughts about God at all. I will tell you about one momentous occurrence that happened much later in my life, after many years of wandering.

A friend gave me a picture of Christ, reportedly manifested by Sai Baba from a photograph of the Shroud of Turin. You have to understand that I was Jewish, and Christ had never been a part of my life. This picture was so beautiful, however, that I framed it and put it on my coffee table. When I was by myself, I would really look into Christ’s eyes.

One evening, just like any other, I was looking at the photo my friend had given me, when all of a sudden, Christ rose up out of the picture. He became a swirling golden light. He clearly said to me, “Gloria, I have been seeking you for a long time.” I said, “Seeking me?” He replied, “Yes, I have been seeking you for a long time.” Then he receded back into the picture.

I was so happy that Christ had appeared and spoken to me. I thought, “Oh, now this will happen every time I look at the picture.” But it never happened again. That’s the thing with experiences. They happen, and then they’re over; but no experience is necessary in order to GodwriteTM.

RP: What kind of personal rituals do you do in preparing yourself to receive this kind of communication?

GW: In GodwritingTM workshops, I give many exercises to help people get into the frame of writing down what they hear God say, but I don’t do any personal ritual myself. Over time, most of the people who take the workshop don’t use any form of ritual prior to Godwriting either. There is nothing that has to be done. I could sit down right now and do it. It takes such a tiny switch in consciousness to get into that mode where you can communicate with God; it’s easier than switching the dial on a radio to tune in and get a station clearly.

RP: One of the things I’ve learned is the quieter I get, the more receptive I become.

GW: People tell me this all the time, but I have to tell you that I can answer the doorbell; I can let the cat in or out; I can do worldly things, and get right back to God writing. Often it is all I can do to not jump up and look at my e-mail, and the communication still comes through.

RP: How do you teach others that the voice they are hearing is the Voice of God, compared with any other voice?

GW: This is the question we all have: “Is this really God? Can it be?” I asked this question over and over again for a year. There is no way to prove that it is God. God cannot be defined nor proven in the first place. When we Godwrite, we are very clear about whom we are addressing. We write, “Dear God.” We don’t just sit there waiting for something to come. We invite God in, using whatever term we like to use when addressing God. I use the term “God” because I love the word, “God”. I encourage others to use whatever word gives them a sense of personal connection with God.

As for teaching Godwriting — don’t tell anyone — but I don’t know how to teach it! I don’t even know how it happens. Yet everyone who comes to a workshop does it. I do set the climate. I do get people to dare to do it. I think God comes in and does the rest.

Kahlil Gibran answers the question about how we know it is God in a beautiful way:

“God listens... to your words ... when He Himself utters them through your lips. And I cannot teach you the prayer of the seas and the forests and the mountains. But you who are born of the mountains and the forests and the seas can find their prayer in your heart, And if you but listen in the stillness of the night you shall hear them saying in silence, Our God, Who art our winged self...”

RP: Does everyone have the capacity to do Godwriting?

 GW: Yes. It takes no special talent to do it. We don’t have to be well-dressed, gorgeous, young or old to hear from God. There is nothing required, except for our desire and willingness. Then we sit down and do it. It’s easy. If it weren’t easy, it would not be Godwriting. Then it would be our own writing. Sometimes God-writing flows. Sometimes it’s a start and stop process, where we pause and listen. What stops most people from even trying to Godwrite is the world belief that, while it is okay to pray, it is odd or presumptuous to say you hear back from God.

RP: Do you ever find yourself judging what comes through?

GW: We avoid that. If we can’t avoid it, we ignore it. When we Godwrite, we are in our right brain. That means the left-brain critic is turned off. If what I write has to be “good” or some “thing” then I am clearly interfering with God’s communication.

RP: Do you actually hear God?

GW: I believe it is a subtle sense of sound; not a voice “out there.” We could call it the still small Voice of God. Some might say it is our Inner Self, Higher Consciousness, Spirit...

RP: Is everyone’s Godwriting the same?

GW: The Truth is the same. There seems to be a flavor unique to each person. Of course, English is my language, and I’m going to hear God in English. Someone who speaks French is going to hear God in French. I’ll give you an example of a different flavor. A very busy recruiter took a Godwriting workshop.

After everyone had experienced Godwriting, he told us that, because his time was so short, he had prayed that his Godwriting “would not be long and flowing like Gloria’s”. In fact, his Godwriting consisted of very short pieces back and forth between him and God. These short snippets were powerful, and he had profound experiences of God and God’s light as he wrote down what he heard.

RP: What has emerged since the time when you first started to write these letters?

GW: A small group of people expressed interest in reading Heavenletters, and by word of mouth, it grew. Now there are thousands of subscribers and an active message board where people communicate from all over the world. New subscribers to Heavenletters arrive every day. Subscribers range from a hard-working father in Iran to a yogi in an ashram in Nepal; from schoolgirls to college professors; from clergy of all religions to atheists; from truck drivers to CEO’s. You name it.

RP: Why do you think there is worldwide support for this project?

GW: Because it is from God. I couldn’t do this unless it was from and for God. When it is for God, the wheels are greased. God says we are all messengers. We are all giving some message all the time. Better to give God’s messages. As Mother Teresa said, “God is the Speaker. I am His little pencil.” God has called me His “typewriter!”

RP: Is there an important message that God wants to get out to humanity, and if so, what might that be?

GW: Here is how I would answer that — we have all the information, but God’s messages are not on the level of information. What haven’t we already heard about how to live on Earth? We have the Ten Commandments. Who lives up to them? It is not so much about what God wants us to understand. It is more about raising our consciousness so that no commandments are necessary. Reading Heavenletters lifts our vibration.

RP: What is our chief purpose on earth?

GW: Let me tell you what God says: “Many of My children want to know what their specific purpose in this life is. Carte blanche, it is to love. If you admire heroism, then know that your purpose is heroism. If you admire great wisdom, then you are to gain and give great wisdom. If you admire great kindness, then _expression of heart is your destiny.

“I am not speaking on the level of the material, and yet I do not ask you to dismiss the material either. It could be your destiny to make a fortune so that you can do good with it. Good comes in many forms, but always your destiny reveals itself in some form of love.

“You can know that to be selfish is not your destiny. To be embroiled in smallness is not your destiny. To be engaged in giving is your destiny. Your only question is: What to give?”
RP: What about the subject of forgiveness?

GW: God’s answers are not the typical answers you hear. Usually we think we are wonderful to forgive. God says it is better not to condemn in the first place. “As you condemn, you reduce yourself to a lesser consciousness. You know it is for you to rise above. And that is what you always must do. Ring a higher bell. Make the kind of music of which you are capable. Play My song and no one else’s. Am I asking too much of you?”

 RP: I have become aware of a very peaceful, underlying Eternal Current, which is always steady and calm in spite of the dramas being played out on the world’s stage. Sometimes, though, it feels like it is hard to tap into that. For example, with all of the devastation created from the recent hurricanes, it is hard not to be overwhelmed by seeing the pain others have suffered.

GW: When you read a HeavenLetter, what do you feel?

RP: I always feel uplifted. I feel a sense of peace and lightness.

GW: We want to go to the place which does that for us. In response to the suffering that has taken place due to the hurricanes, I want to share with you some Godwriting one of my subscribers did right after the devastation occurred in New Orleans:

“If you will suspend judgment for a moment, your heart will rise. For a moment, you will know that all is well. This is not lack of compassion. This is having your heart rise higher than the floodwaters rose. This is not silencing the screams. This is hearing something greater than what ears can hear.

“The physical is all-important to you, and yet it is unimportant. And, for you, It has its importance only for a while. It serves its purpose, but your purpose far exceeds the limits of your body. The body was always ephemeral. Sooner or later, all walk away from the physical. You never were your body. Bodies get damaged. Truth does not.

“So long as the physical rules, you are dominated by it. With your heart and thoughts now, you can consciously slip into a dimension where the physical cannot go. You are not a stranger to this dimension. It is what you have always dreamed of. Even in the midst of this dimension, you yearn for it.

“You are in this dimension now. There is no heartbreak here. Everything you have ever held onto recedes. It doesn’t matter. Matter doesn’t matter. There is no suffering here. It cannot pretend to exist here. This is not a dimension where you pretend. Pretending is what Earth is for, not this dimension I take you to now. Where you are now, all your beliefs are suspended. You have faith, but no beliefs. You swim in love. How nourishing are the waters.

“Everyone is here. You recognize all by their bright light. You did not see their bright light while on Earth, but yet you recognize them by their light, and they yours. They say, “Jeff, all along you were this bright light. How could I have not seen it and yet know it now?

“In this land of suspended belief, you embrace that which lasts. There is nothing else to embrace. You cannot embrace suffering here where it does not exist. Suffering cannot even be conjured here. You cannot even say suffering is paltry because you no longer even have the concept of suffering nor of paltry. Magnificence meets magnificence. And there is nothing else to say, and there is nothing else to know.”

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