Co-Create A Better World
at the Holistic Living Expo
By Tony Martin



The Holistic Living Expo is coming to Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Diego in November, featuring more than 50 exhibitors and free presentations throughout the day. The theme of the Expo is “Co-Creating a Better World”. Many presentations will address this theme with topics such as “How to Create the Future you Want”, and “Using the Power of your Mind for Love, Happiness & Prosperity”. Speakers will demonstrate a variety of pro-active manifestation techniques to help participants begin to change their lives.

Based on the principle that the world is a display of our own minds, attendees will use techniques such as visualization and affirmation to change their inner world in order to re-shape the world around us with positive thoughts. Likewise, presentations on topics such as feng shui will help attendees learn how to rearrange objects in the external world as a way to improve their inner state of mind.

“The Expo is a stimulating, fun, and educational experience — a great way to quickly learn about a variety of wellness strategies for body, mind and spirit,” states organizer Dean Price. “This event gives people the tools and support to transform their daily experience in a positive direction.”

A rich variety of booths in the Metaphysical Marketplace will showcase quality health and beauty products, crystals, gemstone jewelry, aromatherapy, aura photography, goddess clothing, visionary art and music, singing crystal bowls, and sacred objects for your home or altar.

Presentation topics include Auras, Communicating & Healing with Angels, Feng Shui, Hatha Yoga, Healing with Gemstones, Love & Relationships, Magic, Myth, & Miracles, Animal Communication, Pain Relief, Pendulums, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Singing Crystal Bowls, and the Yuen Method of Healing.

Most of the speakers and many other practitioners will be available for private sessions at the expo. In fact, the place will be filled with “psychics, mystics, healers, and artists from around the world”, with representatives from as far away as Russia, Argentina, China, Japan, India, Iran, and England.

Expo participants will have the chance to consult clairvoyants, mediums, astrologers, tarot and palm readers, or work with animal communicators, spiritual healers, psychic surgeons, didgeridoo healers, reflexologists, iridologists, Yuen healers & Reiki masters. Several mediums will be available at each event to help attendees communicate with loved ones on the other side, and there will be three group seances each day.

Dates and Locations
Ventura, Nov. 5, Holiday Inn, 450 Harbor Blvd at California St.; Santa Barbara, Nov. 6, Radisson Hotel, 1111 East Cabrillo Blvd.; San Diego, Nov. 20, Marriott - Mission Valley, 8757 Rio San Diego Dr. at Qualcomm Way.

Admission: $5, or 2 for $8, Seniors and teens, $3. Or download a pass for free admission at All expos are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Volunteers are needed before, during and after the expo, in exchange for free readings and healings, or booth discounts. Call (800) 722-7330.

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