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SeaScapes, WaterScapes, and FlowerScapes
DVDs published by TV ArtScapes

So many of us need to add a touch of calm to our overcrowded schedules. These tranquil DVDs offer a chance to spend time in beautiful destinations without leaving home. They can be played any time to help create a relaxing environment.

This would be a great gift for so many people. Parents can play the DVDs before and during naptime to soothe their young children (and themselves). For older students, the DVDs would be a calming influence while studying. They would add a natural background to meditation, and could be used during yoga or tai chi practice. The DVDs would create a lovely backdrop for dinner, conversation, or reading.

SeaScapes offers views of the sun setting over the ocean, waves crashing on the shore seen from a high cliff, and the gentle ebb and flow of the sea on a morning beach. WaterScapes showcases waterfalls and streams from Hawaii, Oregon, and Sedona. Flower-Scapes has garden scenes with close-ups of a variety of colorful flowers.

Each DVD offers the choice of seeing all scenes in one hour, or of selecting one favorite scene to play continuously. The viewer can listen to just the natural sounds of the scene, or add the music soundtracks. The music on the WaterScapes DVD is jazz; the other two have classical acoustic guitar and piano soundtracks. Some of the proceeds from the sale of SeaScapes are donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental action group.

Recommended for all ages. This would be especially appropriate for someone whose responsibilities or health keeps them close to home.

Published by TV ArtScapes, these DVDs are available at your local video store or at the website:

Reviewed by Lyda Whiting

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