Face Your Lists and
Set Yourself Up for Success
By Lisa Cherney



What do you want to accomplish this year that spells success for your business? This time of year really feels like the home stretch. First, our kids go back to school, then the holidays begin, and the next thing we know its January. So, let’s pause right now and make sure that we know what we need to do in order to feel like this year was a success. What were those goals you made? What were those plans? What were those New Year’s resolutions? It’s funny to think of New Year’s now, but what a great way to be conscious and present in our business and in our lives.

Haunting Lists
Pull out that “2005 Goals” file, then open up that “Business Plan” document or find that piece of paper where you listed all your “A” tasks and then placed it in your planner or organizer and promptly forgot about it. Review those notes you took at that great seminar. You know the one... it inspired you to make a list of all the things you wanted to do to improve your business. (I think I have three going right now!)  

What do all of these lists and documents say? When I ignore them or push them aside, they haunt me. I wake up at night and think, “Darn, I was going to add a page to my website” or, “When am I going to create that new audio product?” What lists or tasks haunt you? What things do you want to do, that if they are not accomplished by the end of the year, you will feel failure or regret?

Three-Things Technique
A friend of mine (who is also a coach) taught me this technique to use when I have tons of things on my lists yet feel like nothing is ever getting done. You know that feeling, right? The end of the day comes and you ask yourself, “What did I do today?” You look at the list and there are some check marks, but the burning things didn’t get done.

So this is what my friend suggests: Pick three things (and only three) that will make you feel productive if accomplished by the end of the day. Sometimes these are not the “A” tasks. In other words, the things that “must” get done today are sometimes not the ones on our minds the most, or that have been gnawing at us. And sometimes they are not the ones that will make us feel good about our day or give us a sense of accomplishment. I have been using this technique on a day-to-day basis for months now, and I have never felt as satisfied at the end of each day as I do now.

So, what if we applied this technique to our year? What three things do you want to accomplish this year to make 2005 a success? They need to be actions that will make you feel satisfied, fulfilled and ready to take on next year. Here are a few other hints to make this process effective:

- Be willing to put things on the list that may not have made it onto prior lists, but they are on your mind (and in your heart) right now.

- Stick to only three things, it’s the magic number. It’s do-able!

- Make sure it’s realistic to complete each action before the end of the year. We want to set ourselves up for success!

- Check in with your heart and make sure it’s something you really WANT to do, not something you feel like you SHOULD do.  This will ensure you are motivated to get it done.

- Promise yourself you will feel a sense of accomplishment when these three things are done. It doesn’t matter how many more appear on your lists!

- Make plans to celebrate.

Are You Resisting?
Starting this process before the holiday homestretch will ensure a feeling of completion (instead of regret) when the New Year’s bubbles wear off. If you find yourself resisting it, take time to find out why. When I resist this process, it’s not because I have a foolproof annual (or daily) plan that I implemented perfectly and everything I listed is getting done on time. It’s usually because I don’t want to look at those darn unfinished lists, goals, to do’s, etc. In other words, I’m in denial.

When I realized this was happening last year, I did something I’ve never done before... I threw out a bunch of lists! I realized that I didn’t WANT to do most of the items. In fact, when I read the darn lists I felt overwhelmed. So, I picked out the three items that still sounded fun, felt good and motivated me, and crossed out the rest! What a feeling of liberation. I highly recommend it. It allowed me to start the New Year feeling good about my business and excited for the future.

Make this a year of success. Make this the year that ends with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. List your three most important to do’s, evaluate the ones left over to see if they “deserve” to remain, and move the rest to next year with a sense of excitement.  It’s time we set ourselves up for success!

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive and Founder of Conscious MarketingTM. Her interactive audio products and books will help you find the perfect words for your marketing so you can create a business you love and income you deserve. Conscious Marketing also offers one-on-one coaching and workshops. For more details, call (888) 771-0156 or visit the website  www.ConsciousMarketing.com

© 2005 Lisa Cherney

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