The Energetic Expression of Disease
and Healing Power of Homeopathy
By Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA), CCH



By utilizing the correct frequency of ‘energy medicine’ that matches the unique frequency of energy in your body, you have the power to obtain your highest level of physical, mental and emotional health.

Our bodies are composed of vibrating energy. This magnetic field of molecules and atoms reside in every organ and system of our body including the brain, the liver, the intestines, the cardio-vascular system and so on. This energy, in a normal, healthy state, is neither chaotic nor random. It retains cellular knowledge and therefore moves in an intelligent manner.

In Homeopathy we call this our “Vital Force”. The Hindu call it “Prana”; Eastern Philosophy refers to this livening source as “Chi”. Without this orderly life force that pervades our bodies, we would be lifeless.

Wherever thought is produced, you have the ability to enhance or disturb your vital force. A biological reaction accompanies each thought causing a physiological response within the body. Suppressed trauma, fear, grief, anger, or prolonged stress will manifest not only through feelings, but acute or chronic physical symptoms, as well. This is why we often see widows and other grieving women twice as likely to develop breast cancer, and the highest incidence of heart attacks occurring on Monday mornings.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been evolving for the past 200 years. This “energy” medicine has been transformative for millions of people around the world whether treating cholera, tuberculosis, ear infections, depression, anxiety... and the list goes on.

Due to continuing developments in clinical research and a passionate desire to understand the nature of human beings and our relationship with nature, Homeopathic Medicine’s healing potential continues to soar with high levels of cure.

Through the most in-depth interview one may ever experience, Homeopaths trained in the classical method have the ability to observe and decipher the mirror of energy within a human’s entire system. This energy is visibly communicated through our physical pathology and emotional and behavioral responses.

Through this process of studying the patient’s expressive body language and unconscious use of verbal language to explain their complaints, sensations, feelings and experiences, we find the common link that ties every symptom of their being together into one common theme.

By seeing and understanding the body’s signals at this primal plane of energy, we can also treat homeopathically at this deep level. Rather than suppressing superficial symptoms with the band-aid approach, we can use a homeopathic medicine to address the core issue or energy.

Once the patient’s disease has been understood at this depth, a carefully-selected substance from over 4,000 natural homeopathic medicines is chosen to match this core energy.
Here is a case to illustrate this philosophy.

Case Study #1
Patient “A” complained of a choking sensation in her throat. She was experiencing food lodging in her tonsils then getting stuck and trapped in her throat. It made her feel as if she was suffocating and causing her to feel anxious. As she continued to discuss this physical experience, she unknowingly began to press her knuckles together.

As I brought this hand motion to her attention, I asked her to describe that unconscious gesture and what it meant to her. She said, “It is pressing, pushing”. I asked her to describe what came to mind when she thought of the words “pressing and pushing”. She said, pressed down, trapped, can’t breathe. As she talked further, she began to discuss how she felt stuck and trapped in her job situation.

She was an artist working as a computer analyst. In this career there was no natural _expression of her creative ability. She felt stifled because she could not be herself and use her special talents. When I asked her why she stayed in this career, she said, “It was expected of me by my family.” They had never encouraged her artistic talents. To receive love and be accepted by her parents, she made the decision early on to suppress this innate gift. “It is as if my spirit lays dormant within me,” she explained.

Do you see the energetic link? The choking, stuck, trapped, stifled, suffocating sensation in her throat is mirrored in her emotional state and daily life experience.

What is the answer? Perhaps she should quit her job. Would that solve her problems? Our energy has memory, so most likely she would exchange this trapped work experience with another stifling situation such as a suffocating relationship. Many have heard the phrase ‘trading one vice for another’.

To remove and heal this diseased energy, we must match its energetic frequency. By taking a natural homeopathic medicine that creates the exact same choking, pressing sensation, the imbal-anced energy corrects itself and the body goes back to its natural, flowing “non-stuck” state.

For instance, when you jump-start a car engine, you match the positive to the positive plug and the negative to the negative plug. This acts as an energetic catalyst to get the battery and engine moving again. By taking a homeopathic medicine with the similar energy of our disease, it acts as a catalyst to move our body/mind to its balanced, heal-thy, vital and free state.

For Patient “A”, I selected a plant substance called Anacard-ium (Marking Nut) that if taken in its crude state would cause these same trapped, stuck symptoms and feelings. Once this substance is prepared into a homeopathic medicine, the toxicity is removed but the molecular energy remains. This FDA Approved Pharmacopeia Homeopathic Prep-aration is gentle and safe while still remaining potent.

One month after dosing with Anacardium, Patient A’s throat symptoms cleared completely. She no longer experienced the choking sensation or the accompanying anxiety. Her stifled feelings concerning her bottled creativity also shifted dramatically.

In fact, she was suddenly inspired to design jewelry and received rave reviews from many of her co-workers. They began placing orders and soon she had a thriving side business. She realized that she could bring creativity and art into her life while continuing her work as a computer analyst.

Through her monthly follow-ups, Patient A expressed that she had found a renewed sense of accomplishment in her career. She also reported sleeping much deeper at night and waking with an excitement and newfound energy to face the day.

Case Study #2
One of my teenage patients had recurrent colds and respiratory infections. He is a competitive swimmer and was having to miss practices due to his recurrent illnesses. He had been on several rounds of antibiotics and the illnesses continued to reoccur. He loves the water and could spend all day flipping around in the ocean. He has a very playful nature and his spirit comes alive in the water.

There are many homeopathic medicines made from animal substances. One of these remedies is Lac Delphinum, or “Dolphin’s Milk”. In the proving (blind study) of this medicine, we develop a symptom picture so that we understand what physical, mental and emotional symptoms each substance can treat effectively. The energy of the Lac Delphinum substance matched the energy of this patient. After only one dose, he not only recovered from his present illness, he did not get sick the rest of the season and continues to be well, swim and thrive!

Since we exist as beings of energy it clearly makes sense to heal the body with the same frequency of energy. This is the Law of Similars, or ‘Treating Like with Like’, the Homeopathic philosophy of Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., who proved and developed these principles into an enduring science that, two centuries later, is stronger than ever.

Homeopathy is a powerful energetic system of medicine. What area of your life would you like to heal or enhance?

Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA), CCH is a Nationally Certified Classical Homeopath. She is the Founder of The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California and has been the Director of the Homeopathic Wellness Center in Solana Beach for the past ten years. She is available only by appointment. Call (858) 794-0787  

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