Getting to Know Your
Personal Angels
By Terry Lynn Taylor  
Author Terry Lynn Taylor, one of the nation’s foremost experts on angels, introduces us to angels and shows us how to invite them into our consciousness. Then, we learn to cultivate the qualities angels respond to and that help the planet to heal. We can create deep and meaningful relationships with angels by integrating their spiritual help in practical and nurturing ways. Finally, she explores issues that arise in our relationship with angels — being in our world, but not of the world.

Angels are messengers of love, light and grace. Angel consciousness means you know that you are a divine being, and you are being guided by a higher wisdom in the universe that operates for your highest good.  Once you develop angel consciousness, you won’t have to believe in angels, you will know them. You will be experiencing life with them.

Angels want us to keep our hearts in the right place and feed the world’s soul with all our creative energy. Wealth and abundance come from the attitude of seeing your life as a fortune in and of itself. Angels act as guides through intuitive communications. This allows us to grow spiritually by formulating our own solutions.

The book is extremely uplifting and supportive, full of encouragement for creating your own personal relationship with angels. Taylor provides specific practices  — exercises, visualizations and guided meditations — as well as many examples and ideas for cultivating the connection, as well as incorporating it into our daily life.

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Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

The Power of Beauty, Love and Courage in A Violent Time
By Andrew Beath
Author Andrew Beath, explains how our culture’s perception of reality is shaping humanity’s destiny; for it allows us to rationalize the destructive physical changes we are making to the environment and ignore the negative impact these changes are having on numerous eco-systems, life forms and weather patterns

Still, Beath holds out hope that the possibly irreversible damage we are causing to the planet may actually serve as the catalytic crisis needed to precipitate the next step in the evolution of human consciousness. This step involves a deepening recognition in the minds and hearts of a critical number of people that our well being is inextricably interwoven with that of all life on Earth.

Here is what Publisher’s Weekly had to say: “The only way to end destructive human tendencies like ecological degradation and economic imbalance is for individuals to undergo a spiritual self-examination and recognize their responsibility to nature, argues Beath, a passionate environmental activist and the driving force behind the EarthWays Foundation.

“This inspirational book aims to guide people from ‘well-meaning but self-centered naiveté to ‘conscious activism.’ To that end, Beath presents his views as well as the stories and advice of 15 ‘social change leaders,’ including Julia Butterfly Hill, who spent more than two years living in an ancient Redwood tree to keep it from being cut down; Peter Levitt, who works with inner city youths; and the late psychiatrist and activist John Mack.

All of the above stress the humanitarian ideals of compassion, tolerance, non-violent activism and an appreciation and respect for living creatures.”

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Reviewed by Laurel Airica

10 Steps to Change Your Life
and Discover Your Truth
By Gary Quinn
Let author Gary Quinn guide you into the Spiritual Zone to make life changes your heart desires! Using a method called the “10 Steps” which are the Zone principles he teaches in his workshops, miracles are brought into manifestation. Gary provides straightforward, down-to-earth advice through his vast knowledge of the spirit world. He shares brief, but insightful reports of spiritual growth from people who live the “10 Steps”.  

Practical affirmations are also provided to help reconnect to the divine and redirect our  lives.  Going step-by-step we can discover and attain our dream goals. I have attended two of Gary Quinn’s workshops and witnessed his effective method of life-coaching. Through this wonderful book he will lead more people to a better life in the Spiritual Zone.  

Gary Quinn is a leading intuitive life coach and international motivational speaker. He is also the best-selling author of “May the Angels Be With You”. Visit:

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

Divine Messengers of Love
By Allen and Linda Anderson
“Sometimes animals seem to have been put on earth for the specific purpose of caring about and helping us. They are powerful forces for good.”
— Kristin von Kreisler
“The Compassion of Animals”

Following the success of “Angel Cats” the newly-released book, “Angel Dogs” is an uplifting and heartwarming collection of true, short stories about dogs, written by their caretakers and people who love them. The stories were selected and published by authors Allen and Linda Anderson, a husband-and-wife writing team from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dogs are always a popular subject — we love to read books and see films about dogs and their amazing connections with people. In this book, each story has a unified theme clearly demonstrating how dogs are “divine messengers of love.” I was fascinated to see how dogs showed amazing compassion, heroism and super intelligence, and was moved to tears by the unconditional love dogs shower onto their human companions.

Stories from the book include:
Zeke, a newly-adopted dog, saves the life of a newborn who had stopped breathing during the night.

J.R., a retired Marine Corp officer’s dog finds and uncovers the neglected grave of a soldier who amazingly has the same name as the dog — reminding us all to never forget and honor those who gave their lives for others.

Each story is followed by a meditation — a message to ponder about the story.

After reading this collection of stories I have to agree with what I already knew in my heart, that yes, dogs are angels with fur.

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

Animal Companion Memorial Kit
By Allen and Linda Anderson
New World Library
An Animal Companion Memorial Kit is like a toolbox and a companion to get you through the pain of losing a cherished pet.  Newly published, this is the first “memorial kit” that addresses in a personal, memorable way, the spectrum of feelings arising after the loss of an animal companion. 

Who else but the “Angel Animals Network” founders Allen and Linda Anderson, also known as clergy members, best-selling authors and devoted animal lovers, would create this useful kit? Thanks to them we now have a heartwarming and special way to memorialize our beloved animal companions.

The kit comes in a lovely box (and frame for your pet’s photo) which contains a 128-page book with real stories offering guidance on every aspect of grief. It contains a “Celebration of Life Journal” with questions that prompt your thoughts and feelings and provide a place to keep pet photos.

Included are three types of memorial cards which will enable anyone to hold a loving memorial service. There are also 20 meditation cards that can generate some peace and perspective when you miss your pet.

Ideal for anyone grieving a pet due to death, disappearance, disaster or any other circumstance, “Rainbows and Bridges” makes a thoughtful and comforting gift to aid in the healing process.

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

The True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas
By Diane Wilson
Quite often a publisher will tout a new book with enormous fanfare, a lot of promise for a great read, and over-the-top recommendations. In the case of “An Unreasonable Woman” all of it is true. Once you start on this book, you will find it hard to put down. This true story contains sometimes-startling insight into the political environment game.

Set in her rural hometown of Seadrift, Texas, a community on a bay which is actively fished and shrimped, Wilson starts out by trying to make a giant chemical company accountable for their pollution. What she encounters is the powerful world of economics and politics, where she finds herself standing alone against a massive opponent. Her family and friends are threatened to the point where she becomes a one-woman activist organization, all the while with a business to run and five children to care for.

Author, Diane Wilson may consider herself to be somewhat unreasonable, but she is unmistakably remarkable. Her occupation is that of mother, shrimper and net repairer. She writes with such an illustrative quality, her stories come alive in vivid color.

When her boat is going out for shrimp, we can see the darkness of the dawn and feel the sea spray. When she is speaking with her lawyer, we are part of the conversation. We understand her bravery, root for her, feel her moments of pain and cheer for her when she makes progress.

All the elements of a good environmental mystery are there: sabotage, bribery, cover-ups, lawyers and politicians.  Then, we realize this is a true story. In fact, her saga continues with her efforts to battle toxic polluters in our country and others.

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Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

How to Obtain Inner Peace by Connecting with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones
By Karen Noe 
One day, author Karen Noe encountered a beautiful white light which enveloped her. It bestowed on her a feeling of peace and tranquillity that she had never  before felt. We hear stories about the author’s personal experiences, as well as those of her clients. Topics include accounts and discussions about angels, God, healing, reincarnation, world peace, and life on other planets.

The body of the book is dedicated to showing us how to open up to a psychic world. This is one of the first steps toward connecting with loved ones who have passed away. Many of us are not aware of, or may dismiss messages we receive, simply because we don’t understand them, or are not open enough to accept them as such. Noe tells us that connecting with messages from deceased loved ones is a natural occurrence.

Discussed in detail throughout the book, guided meditation, chakra clearing and other techniques that quiet the mind and cut through distractions, can help make that connection. For example, the author proposes that our diet may diminish our sensory perception and psychic abilities and includes suggestions on how to further open the third eye. She shows us some classic symbols for interpreting messages we may be receiving through unconventional images.

Noe tells us that she was guided by angels to write this book, in order to bring comfort and laughter to those who wonder about what happens when our souls cross over to the other side. Her wish is that we all experience the comfort of knowing that our soul is truly eternal.

Published by Blue Dolphin Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore or at:
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

A Widowed Father’s Compelling Journey Through the Rough Seas of Grief
By Richard Ballo
As expected as the proverbial “death and taxes” are, nothing can adequately prepare anyone for the loss of a beloved one — especially if that loved one dies at an early age. Author Rich Ballo simply was not ready on any level when his treasured 38-year-old wife Lisa died, even though both Lisa and Rich firmly believed in life after death.

Reeling from shock and grief, Rich barely clung to his own life after wife Lisa died from cancer. The pain and suffering that ensued was almost intolerable. Only his love for his five- and six-year-old sons kept him from surrendering to the pain and collapsing in a hopeless heap.

“Life Without Lisa” gives the reader a rare and intimate view of how a man faces loss that defies words and comes out the other side whole, happy and enjoying life again despite his certitude that he would never smile again.

Rich simultaneously shows his courageous and vulnerable side offering hope and understanding to all who suffer a cataclysmic loss. And since death touches all, chances are exceedingly high that all who read “Life Without Lisa” will benefit from the reassurances the book offers.

The book opens on the day of Lisa’s death, with the author saying he thinks the only thing that will save him are his two little boys. Chapter one ends with a memorable scene in which Rich puts little Nick and Victor to bed, and the three of them hug, clinging together, not wanting to let go. Rich writes that they are like “...three weary swimmers adrift in a sea of shock and grief.”

“Life Without Lisa” enables readers to walk a mile in Rich’s shoes for five years following Lisa’s death. Readers are allowed glimpses of Rich’s utter despair and aching loneliness as he puts his new life together day by day following his monumental loss.

The pages of this book reveal Rich’s painstaking recovery. Readers sob when he sobs and cheer him on when hope glimmers on the horizon. But most of all, readers see themselves in his journey because ultimately love and loss unite us all.

Moments of humor punctuate this true story and bring us to the other side where the impossible has happened: Rich is once again happy and fulfilled! This up-close-and-personal story offers hope and healing for any one lost in a sea of grief and affirms the eternal nature of the soul.

“Life Without Lisa” confirms that life goes on both on the earth plane for the one left behind as well as in the spirit realm for the one who has gone on.

Published by Quality of Life Publishing Co., this book is available at your local bookstore.

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