By KRS Edstrom



Dear KRS,
I recently joined a health club and really enjoy going! My goals are to tone up some problem areas and possibly lose five to ten pounds. I go to the gym at least four times a week. I usually do step aerobics, the stair climber and lift weights. Is it necessary to also diet in order to reach my goals, or can they be achieved just through exercise and a moderate caloric intake? If I don’t diet, what can I expect the results to be?
Diet Necessary?

Dear Diet Necessary,
Yes, you can get results from exercise and “moderate caloric intake.” In fact, my stance is that nobody should ever have to go ON a diet again, as the concept usually implies — stringently restricted and specified food intake. The challenge is being honest with yourself in defining the word “moderate.”  

What is moderate for you and what is moderate for your 185-pound boyfriend, for example, are two different things. Also, become “fat educated” in learning where the hidden fats and calories are. Clean up your diet gradually in a way that feels natural. It is an ongoing, but relatively painless process that yields long-term results. Stick with it!  

Dear KRS
I have a very demanding boss, who seems to have quite a negative outlook on life and his expectations of me are too high. I am finding myself constantly working harder trying to match his expectations. I am working longer and longer hours as my self-esteem is waning and my stress and anxiety levels are getting really high. What is the best way to combat this situation and keep my stress levels to a minimum, but not anger or disappoint my boss?
Demanding Boss

Dear Demanding Boss,
You are not alone. In fact one study showed that 75 percent of Americans describe their jobs as stressful. It may be that you are being given too much work without proper instruction, or it may be that this job is not the right one for you. Either way, believe there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. You are a good person who is trying your best.

1) If you haven’t already, set up a private meeting with your boss. Explain how you feel and what you think would help you perform better. Your boss may be enlightened by your courage to communicate so openly which could positively alter the entire dynamic of your working relationship. The worst thing that can happen is that one or both of you decide this job is not for you. Should that be the case it may be a blessing in disguise which leads me to —

2) Start checking around for other job possibilities. Believe that you have something to offer and that the right company would be lucky to have you (it’s the truth). Just the looking process will help restore a feeling of hopefulness (versus helplessness) as you are taking action and will realize there is another world outside your present job.

3) Positive affirmations. Tell yourself over and over again that you are good enough and valuable as a human being. Select a phrase and repeat it day and night. Write it over and over. Try:  “I have something valuable to offer and I am good enough.” If that doesn’t “click” with you, work on another. Realize that you are presently overwhelmed and this is something that can be reversed along with your waning self-esteem.

Hang in there and have faith. You are meant to be going through this process for your inner growth. There are no mistakes.

Dear KRS,
I really don’t like to run, but I heard that abdominal exercises alone won’t give me a nice stomach. Is this true or is it just another exercise myth? Also, how do you get rid of “love handles”?  Is there a specific exercise I can do to get rid of them? Thanks for your help.
Hates Love Handles

Dear Love Handles,
There are many other forms of exercise besides running that will burn fat. Pick any one you enjoy (or dislike least) and do it. And to reduce your stomach, you need to do something aerobic (fat burning) along with your stomach exercises. Love handles diminish more from overall body-fat loss than by specific “spot” exercises.

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