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The Angels of Service
By Christopher Dilts



The True Spirit of Service
(It’s probably not what you think!)

Angel Message

This teaching is on increasing your capacity to serve. For in serving, your soul unfolds and reveals the gifts you carry within you. Serving reveals the abilities, skills and affinities; the beauty, majesty and power of the gifts that you carry from heaven within you. It allows you to express these gifts clearly and fully. Learning to serve allows you to give these gifts without hesitation, without reservation, in the freedom your soul intends you to express from moment to moment.

Within you, you know the truth of this. You know that heaven is pledged to you in this purpose. You know that every aspect of creation rallies to you in this form of service. True service carries true joy. In great joy, in great presence and love, in great compassion, and in great sharing your soul conveys the blessings it carries to another. The full force of heaven is present with you and flows through you when you give these gifts.

Your capacity for giving the gifts you carry, for this is true service, determines your level of happiness, level of peace, the nature of belonging you feel, the degree to which you are at home in your life, and the knowing your life is at home in heaven.

The very term “service” may seem to carry negative connotations, as though to serve somehow lessens you or makes you subservient. Look within at your concepts of what service means. Scan your perceptions, your experiences, your history, and your thoughts around the concept of service.

Service is not some form of indentured servitude. It does not lessen you to be in service to another. Quite the contrary. Your true service, the true _expression of your soul and the gifts you carry within you always expands you. It always unfolds you, and fully engages the gifts of your soul. Service attracts to you great measures of grace, love, help and assistance from the Angels and from all the beloved caregivers of creation. All who serve Creator, all Angels rush into cooperation with you in joy and expansion and _expression.

Your capacity to be of service to one another is in direct proportion to the amount of love and the amount of fear you carry. Fifty percent fear serves at fifty percent capacity. Being aware of what level of fear is present within you serves in achieving clarity. Give these gifts with no form of fear present, and you will have the full support of heaven, the full beingness of heaven, the full presence of heaven.

For it is in the _expression of the gifts you carry that you most deeply enter the realm of heaven in the here and now. Take this in as deeply as you are capable of understanding. A step into the _expression of your gifts is another step into the realm of heaven on earth.

A practice to Increase Your Capacity for Service (Your Ability for Soul Self-_Expression):

Begin with something you truly love within yourself, an ability, skill or talent you carry within you. For example, it could be singing, dancing, woodworking, cooking, gardening, walking, running or swimming. Find any place within you that resonates with great joy when you think of it. Go deeply to that place, to that first spark of enthusiasm that made you aware of the simple pleasure and joy this act gives you.

Inside that spark will be the childlike innocence, pleasure, and joy in the realization of this particular form of creation you carry within you. Find this original place of lightness, of eagerness, of wonder. Above all, this sense of wonder is your clearest guide.

With this activity, regardless of what it is, approach it with zero judgment, zero criticism, and zero expectation. Simply approach it in that original place of wonder, of eagerness, of the desire to explore and to discover what it is. Foster that original joy by engaging your activity as often as you can. Enjoy knowing that you are doing your part to embody heaven on earth by expressing your soul gifts!

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