The Wondrous Reality
By Stephen Isaac PhD. and Flower A. Newhouse
Adapted from “Touched by Angels”



Great world crises serve to bring men face to face with inner realities. Between the silent immutable perfection of God and unfinished, imperfect man stand the Angels — Anointed Emmaries of the will toward Goodness, Wisdom, and Perfection. Their invisible influence works constantly to restrain and purify evil and to reclaim dormant good in all things. When we make Truth our lifelong quest, It shall become an ever-expanding illumination through which we perceive the throbbing endlessness of God. If we are intelligently receptive, Divine realities shall ever be creating inlets within our minds, in which the Ocean of Truth shall flow with renewing and enlarging calm.

The Archangel Michael: his name “Michael” means He who is of God. And while his familiar title is that of Archangel, his true rank is that of an Angel Prince which is one step higher. He is mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. He is said to be the Angel of the Lord, referred to in Genesis, who restrained Abraham from offering his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Likewise, he is the one named in Revelations in the New Testament who hurled the dragon, Satan him-self, from the heavens onto earth.

Three of the great world religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, claim him as their protector. Earlier still, the Chaldeans looked upon him almost as a God and the ancient Egyptians chose him as their patron saint of the Nile. And closer to our times, Brittany and Cornwall both adopted him as their special Angel. The oldest shrine to Michael in England predates the establishment of the Christian church there.

The Archangel Michael and those who serve under him have extraordinary powers where evil and its perpetrators are concerned. Operating on the etheric plane, just above the physical world, they can actually disrupt and set back the schemes of those on earth who intend the triumph of evil. More significantly, where human selfishness, greed, and lust for power have created psychic cesspools of destructive energies, sometimes contaminating whole nations, these gallant Warriors tirelessly and fearlessly assail bastions of darkness, gradually purifying them.

Flower Newhouse, mystic and founder of Questhaven Retreat, who has seen the Archangel Michael, says that of all the Angels, his countenance is the most difficult for an artist to capture because it is constantly flashing, as if composed of lightning bolts. He is extremely tall, muscular, and powerfully built. The predominant color that radiates from his aura is orange, signaling his courage and immense strength.

While other Archangels are more expressive, he is wrapped in silence, even when most active. His authority and impact comes through his eyes which project flashing beams of light. One glance from him is sufficient to disrupt the intentions of evil or empower the intentions of good. Both his hands and heart chakra also emit beams of light. When his arm is upraised above his head, these light beams become a sword commanding humanity to rise up from its instinctive origins and realize its spiritual destiny.

There is a divine fierceness about him befitting a Warrior of the Light whose task it is to pierce, disarm and transform evil. The fierceness defines the intensity of his focus in subduing an adversary that vigorously resists submission. What makes this task divine is that, in the end, it is an act of transformation rather than one of destruction. It is the nature of God’s creativity that the dark powers putting humanity to the test are themselves purified by their confrontations with the Archangel Michael and his Light Legions.

Faced with such potent weapons, it is logical to wonder just how evil survives. Only one force keeps it alive: the human will succumbing to the enticements and temptations of the third line. Until that fatal weakness is overcome by the purifying of that same will, calamity is inevitable. It also follows that once it is overcome, evil will wither away and disappear. It is what the Lord Christ meant when He said, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” What remains for each of us is the fulfillment in our own lives of that reality.

There is a wonderful record of this magnificent Angel Prince in the life of Joan of Arc. This humble, innocent peasant girl — the unlikeliest of warrior material — came out of obscurity to lead the armies of France to a great victory. When her enemies contrived a case against her and she was brought to trial as a witch, she was asked whether or not she actually saw the Archangel Michael along with other Angels. St. Joan answered, “I saw them with my bodily eyes as well as I see you, and when they left me, I. . . would have them take me with them, too.”

The Archangel Michael is one of four great Angels best known in the Christian faith who sponsor the work of the Lord Christ. Another of these great Angels is the Archangel Gabriel who announced the birth of Jesus and who remained in charge of an epoch that lasted until the Renaissance. He watched over the establishment of the church and the age of faith. With the beginning of the Renaissance in Italy, the Archangel Raphael headed an awakening of discoveries in basic science and the unfoldment of artistic creativity and splendor until our present 20th century.

The Archangel Michael is in charge of our present era and will retain this commission until around 2500 A.D. This mighty Angel Prince is needed in our troubled times, for he is a Warrior who does battle with fiendish forces that have vented themselves up-on our world in distortions of appetites, of sex, of morality, and of crime and war. He will bring humanity to reestablished order, law, and self-control through spir-itual means. He, in turn, will be succeeded by the Archangel Uriel who is pledged to an enlightened era of philosophy and a futuristic science.

It needs to be emphasized that the Archangel Michael’s battleground is not only against evil as it manifests in the world around us, but as well in the world within each of us. It is in the activation and misdirection of our personal shadow that undercuts our good intentions and precipitates the dark side of our human nature; be that of fear, anger, greed, pride or whatever.

Of the two arenas where we face manifestations of evil, it is the shadow within that makes us most vulnerable and at risk. And it is in overcoming the shadow through its transformation that gives us the most protection from the effects of evil as it appears in the external world around us. It is also the means that brings about our own unfoldment Godward.

The Archangel Michael and his Light Legions, while possessing overwhelming strength to neutralize evil, nevertheless depend upon us to open the gates of our beings for their entrance. Otherwise, evil would have long ago been vanquished from the earth. It is our efforts to overcome our own inferior attributes that provides these Light Warriors the opportunity to assist us. This commitment of constructive endeavor on our part links us with these valiant beings to gain the conquest.

One of the great paradoxes in the quest for God is the fact that when we finally awaken to His Presence in our lives and we find ourselves making vows and life rules, the favorite weapon of the human shadow employs is neglect. We simply forget about their existence. So it is with these mighty Angels when we neglect to summon them to deal with evil wherever it strikes. They can only respond to those of us on earth who recognize their reality and call upon them to take action. God is almighty. Evil poses no threat to the immensity of Creation. It is the human path of evolution and its exercising of free will that allows Light here on earth to be opposed and neglected, or championed.

Much of our encounter with evil lies in the backlog of negative karma that plays a key role in the onset of trials and testing circumstances associated with this path. This accounts for much of the outbreak of violence and tragic destruction that befalls humanity for no apparent reason. In either case what counts is our positive, enlightened, self-conquering response to all of life’s challenges that otherwise discourage, divide, and defeat us. So positioned, we have behind us the victorious presence of Archangel Michael ready at a moment’s notice to make all the difference in the outcome of any confrontation with darkness.

One final thought about the habits of these mighty presences that gives insight into their preferences in times of repose. Angels have abodes in the Inner Worlds where they go for renewal and further enlightenment. Flower once described her visit to such a retreat for Warrior Angels. It was on an astral plane (just above the physical and etheric planes) in a setting of nature. There was a palisade of great boulders and from out of this massive wall of stone plunged a magnificent waterfall.

To one side was a field filled with many beautiful flowers and fragrances. Seeing a light-filled grotto, Flower entered it. Just outside its opening stood a tree resembling a giant sequoia. Nearby was a Warrior Angel looking up at a most unusual luminous essence in the form of a shining fountain. All through this experience she could hear the constant sound of angelic voices singing what reminded her of Wagner’s Cry of the Valkyries.

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