Serious Angelic Protection
 By Audrey Hope



Many on the path of light could wonder why things seem so hard. Still. No matter what we try, there is always a wall, a force, a barrier to keep us from manifesting our dreams.

Because our mission is to increase the vibrational frequency of the earth and to bring love and light back to our planet, we can be attacked by forces of opposition — The dark.

We don’t want to embrace this truth. But we must. The dark is subtle and dangerous. It does not come knocking and say — “Hi, I am the dark.” It meets you in secret, in your thoughts and fears and in those around you.

John Livingston, a master of the removal of entities and author of the new book, “Adversaries Walk Among Us” says —“Demons are on a mission to create fear and chaos and distraction, and to keep lightworkers from achieving their life purpose.” Through simple procedures to remove the dark forces, we can heal fear, depression, stress, fatigue, pain, addiction, obsession, inner turmoil and loss of power. (see www.JohnLivingston.com)

I would like to share some techniques for healing and three powerful healers in this arena. They all work with the assistance of the archangels, especially the angel of protection, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

Angels are messengers of the god force, beings of light and the vibration of the Christos energy. Master Kuthumi says that angels are underemployed. They await our call for help and protection because they honor the sacred condition of free will. They follow law. When we call, they are obligated to come. They command unique job functions and responsibilities. We must make our requests specific and use the angelic kingdom to help us do battle for the light.

Amara Mahdhuri (see www.amara.ws) says we must verify the spirits of light by saying the following command:

1. “I command you to show your true face.” (It is a universal law that this must be done. If the being shows you that it is evil, then you can use the following command to clear it from your presence forever).

2. “I command you in the name of Jesus to gently leave me now and  forever. (3 times).

3. “I ask Archangel Michael to come and take you to where you  belong.”

4. “I fill the void with peace, love and harmony, so be it.”
Dr. Linnea Bailey, PhD, works with spiritual techniques from ancient mystery schools to remove entities. (see doctor@linnea-bailey.com ).

1. Conduct a Body Scan — ask, are you a part of me, or something else? If yes, call on protection: “In the name of the light, I call on The WARRIOR ANGELS OF LIGHT, to come forward and      completely surround me, to stand against darkness that would interfere. Protect my loved ones, etc. (The image is of these mighty beings standing shoulder to shoulder, creating an impenetrable force field).

2. Call on MIGHTY RESCUE SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT to gently  but swiftly reach into me and remove this dark one, bind him in a   capsule of light that is impervious and impenetrable. Remove all  cords, webs, tentacles, and connection of any sort that this one has  to me in any way, and bind it all in this capsule of light. RESCUE SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT, fill this capsule with light, love, peace and harmony. Now quickly and swiftly escort this one to his appointed place in the light. Also remove ones who are hiding, any watchers outside my auric field.

3. I ask the WARRIOR ANGELS OF THE LIGHT to tighten the circle, not allowing any conduit of darkness to enter into this space.

4. I call on ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AND HIS LEGION OF  HEAVEN to assist in removing these dark ones and escorting     them to the light.

5. I call on the CLEAN UP CREWS OF THE LIGHT to come   forward and cleanse and scrub me completely. Remove any residue left behind by these entities.

6. I call on the HEALING ANGELS OF THE LIGHT to come      forward and spread a healing balm of light in, through, and around every aspect of my being.
Then drink lots of water. Rest. Take a hot bath with apple cider vinegar.

Angels are committed to one thing only — the light. THE LIGHT ALWAYS WINS.

Audrey Hope is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu, and is the host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives.

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