Soul Journeys Access
Your Soul’s Wisdom
By Joanne Tucker



Have you ever wondered what the spiritual law of Karma is and how it may be affecting the way you live your life today?

Based on breakthrough technology of Karmic Analysis and Karmic Profiling, Dr. Charles Richards will share his 20 years of experience answering these questions and more in a special workshop entitled “Karmic Relationships: Healing Invisible Wounds.”  Held at the Center for Spiritual Discovery in Costa Mesa on November 14, 2004 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Dr. Richards will present dynamic insights to help you connect the dots between your past and present relationships. With his empowering information, you will have the opportunity to transform your life and become the creator of your own destiny.

Dr. Richards is a licensed psychotherapist with impeccable professional credentials and a life-long interest in spirituality and metaphysics. He effectively blends spirituality with psychology in a process he developed and refined called “Soul Journey” therapy, which allows people to recall and heal invisible emotional wounds of present and past lives.

His work reveals that karmic relationships and soul agreements carry forward from the past and trigger memories and spontaneous reactions in the present. “Without knowing their true origin, past-life triggers cause people to react to one another in unconscious ways,” he says. “For instance, two souls who have inflicted pain on one another in a past life may press each other’s emotional buttons or support and assist one another in the next life. Until that person recalls and releases the emotions surrounding their unconscious past-life and between-life memories and agreements, they remain invisible, puzzling, and sometimes, unyielding.”  

In this workshop, Dr. Richards will show you how to revolutionize the way you think about what may be wrong with your relationships and how to rescue and repair them. Instead of superficial fixes, which only lead to frustration and even despair, he will give you immediate benefits of a simplified Soul Journey process.

To make a reservation for Dr. Richard’s dynamic Karmic Relationships workshop, call (714) 754-7399, ext. 23. The cost is $30, which includes lunch on the patio.

The Center for Spiritual Discovery is located at 2850 Mesa Verde Drive East in Costa Mesa. The Center teaches oneness, encourages spiritual growth in a safe and friendly environment, practices affirmative prayer and welcomes diversity. Pastor Dr. Jim Turrell delivers a Sunday message centered on practicing the Principles of Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Forgiveness and Unity. Sunday services are 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. Toddler care is available for both services. Visit the website at for updates to events, workshops, classes and services.

Joanne Tucker is the director of communications at the Center for Spiritual Discovery and writes for various publications.

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