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Angel Whisperer
By Robert Ross



“His name is Ezekiel, he’s your guardian angel,” said Elivia Melodey, Psychic Medium.  She continued, “Everyone has an angel as a spiritual guide — from birth to death. The purpose of a guardian angel is to assist with spiritual growth and to help one stay on track with joy — the light of love — God.”  

The drive from San Diego to Elivia’s home in San Marcos took about forty-five minutes, which gave me an opportunity to reflect on my upcoming meeting. I was in transition in my own life, family dynamics were changing, my father had just passed away, and there was this feeling of emptiness that was my constant companion. My hope was that this meeting with  Elivia would help.  

This was my first “psychic medium” experience, so I wanted it to be as productive as possible. I had many questions, questions about angels, about my life, spiritual growth, and even about investments. I also wanted to hear messages from those who had departed. And of course, questions on whether or not there would be another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. In the coming hour, these questions would be answered . . . and more.

Elivia Melodey  
Elivia Melodey lives in a well- groomed rural area, with newish looking homes, nestled amidst  rolling hills. There is  a welcoming sense of openness in the area.

Elivia is trim, with shortish, brownish hair. She’s not old, not young, kind of ageless in appearance. She projects a friendliness, and from time to time, a certain playfulness shows itself. After initial greetings and about ten minutes of courtesy small talk, we turned on the cassette recorder. Elivia closed her eyes and seemed to go off  somewhere . . . where the angels and spirit guides make their presence known. During my session with Elivia, I would be talking with Ezekiel, through Elivia. My session with Elivia lasted an hour  —  an hour that seemed to go by unusually fast.

Elivia Melody knew at an early age she had some special gifts. As a child, she would dowse for money in the backyard. “I was  good at dowsing, a natural intuitive” states Elivia. It wasn’t until 1983 that she would, in earnest, begin to develop her special abilities. She attended the Kairos Institute, in Southern California, where she became an ordained minister in 1985. According to Elivia, “at the time, I wasn’t quite ready to commit.” In 1998 she got the call, again. This time she knew it was time to use her gifts.

It wasn’t long after she began doing psychic readings for others that she decided she would teach others how to connect with their angels, teachers and guides for personal and spiritual growth.

Today, Elivia is in demand and laying claim to a multitude of titles — psychic medium, teacher, spiritualist and musician.

Transitions in life seem to come and go. When you happen to be in one, there is a sense of insecurity, of not knowing, of questioning. I was in a Grade A transition myself with more questions than answers, so I asked Ezekiel (through Elivia), “What now in my life?” Ezekiel responded “from an angel’s point of view, it is even greater expansion, more travel, let go of the trappings of the past. A letting go of so much . . .”  There was no doubt my life was framed by the trappings of the past, and that a letting go would serve me.

“And in what way can I contribute to the world,” I asked. Ezekiel seemed to approve of my question because his voice inflection (or Elivia’s) changed ever so slightly. It was a voice of approval. A smile appeared on Elivia’s face. “From an angel’s point of view, the best way to contribute is to sing from your heart your joy of being alive . . . to sing from your heart each day, your unity with all of life; to make manifest in written form and sharing that, that all things have value.”   

At this point, Elivia seemed to change her demeanor a bit, hesitating, she had a quizzical look on her face. Finally she stated that my Master Teacher was coming through. Apparently, we were getting down to the nitty gritty and this was an area that required the help of others. “It is the Horatio Alger story . . . the rags to riches, the Studs Terkel. How every man has the heroic within him. It is possible for every man. This would be a good venue for you” stated my Master Teacher. Elivia then stated that the angel, Ezekiel, was more concerned that I “show the divine spark is within all, and that I celebrate the fire that drives each and everyone onward.”

Will I see Ezekiel in this lifetime? I asked. There was a moment of silence and then Elivia responded “See him in the sunset, in a fiery light. The orange and gold — for that is how he looks. You ask to see him in a sunset, and you will see his clouds, his wings. You ask to see the clouds move and he will move them for you. It would be start-ling to see him — it is easier to take in the sunset in the golden light.”

In the last couple of years I have been studying world financial markets, coming to the conclusion that we are due for an inflationary cycle. This cycle has already shown itself in the real estate market, but has not shown itself, in earnest, in commodities, consumer goods, etc. Gold (gold stocks, mutual funds, bullion) has traditionally been a hedge against inflation, so I asked Ezekiel about gold as an investment. Ezekiel responded: “It is a good investment. Gold is gold is gold. When the next time it goes very high, we would say to sell.”  Ezekiel went on to tie the rising price of gold to terrorism, explaining that I should “give thanks” for the gold and use the profits gained from an investment in gold in the present, rather than in something that would bring benefits at some  future date.

Near the end of my session I asked if there would be another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. One does not normally associate these types of questions with angels, but, these are troubling times, and this inquiring mind wanted to know.

Ezekiel responded: “There is always good and there is always bad. There will always be wars and in between, there will be peace. It is a world of polarity and balance. Southern California will be safe. There will be one more grand attempt at chaos and destruction in this country, to keep the people in a state of fear and discomfort. Yes, I am seeing one other overt force — it feels like Chicago. Yes, It feels as though it will be politically timed.” “Will it be a successful attack?” I asked. “It will not be completely successful, it will be thwarted, so the damage will be minimized.”

My session with Elivia lasted over an hour. Afterwards we talked and joked a bit. It was a fascinating experience, one that was somewhat different from what I had expected. Not all questions were directly answered, but there were morsels of information that I will be reflecting upon in the coming months. On my drive home, a mantra circulated in my mind,  gold is gold is gold. When it goes very high, sell!  Gold is gold is gold . . .

Elivia Melodey can be reached by phone at (760) 471-7304 or (888) 712-3833, or by e-mail at  or visit her web page at .

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