Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 60), author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging”.

Presently answering the question. “How does intelligence affect our aging?”

Dear Readers,
To answer this question, I’ll begin with dispelling some of the common misconceptions regarding:

Although there’s a widespread belief that aging causes the brain to deteriorate after a certain number of years, research is proving that longevity has little or no effect on brain power.

Evidence of this fact appeared in an American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Bulletin, where a 16-year study done by the neurology department at Washington University was quoted as coming to this conclusion: “If brain function becomes impaired, it is because of disease, not age.” The same article says that this conclusion is backed by a study done by the International Longevity Center at Mount Sanai Hospital in New York, with the Longevity Center director, Dr. Robert N. Butler, quoted as saying this about the Washington University study: “It helps validate earlier findings that intellectual functions don’t decline as had been thought.”

Indeed, if there’s any gradually weakening process of the human brain, it is caused mainly by political influences long bent on implanting what has come to be known as the “Dumbing Down of America,” this insidious, non-thinking, deterioration-of-reasoning agenda being fostered by fanatical right-wing “news” commentators, TV “evangelists,” etc., unhealthily misguided souls encouraging such “dumbing down” tragedies as the presidency of George W. Bush and his ilk. Bush, as I’ve often (and justly) pointed out, has become a central character in the “Dumbing Down” process that has accelerated right-wing-influenced aging of the American brain and body, a trickling-down “brain hijack” that has become a major threat to world peace and our precious environment.

But other than amid the specter of seedy and greedy, right-wing agendas, why should intellectual functions automatically decline with age? For in truth brain cells are muscles which follow the same “use them or lose them” rule which holds true for the rest of the body.

And yet how do we exercise the muscles of the mind?

“The way to have an active mind in later years, is to think of education as a lifelong process,” says Warner Schaie, professor of human development at Penn State University. Lifelong indeed, for educational stimulation helps activate “dendrites,” a branching of the brain cells in much the same way as trees branch out — dendrites that increase one’s capacity for thinking, problem-solving and self-healing. As more and more studies show a direct correlation between educational pursuits and the amount of dendritic branching in the human mind, revealing how brains grow like trees grow, expanding their roots while reaching outward toward the light.  

And so whether it be by reading an informative book or tackling a creative project, using educational stimulus as a key to brain/body renewal seems to root itself in the English word “educate” — a word derived from the Latin word educatus (which means “to rear or lead forth”). And hopefully one thing we are able to “lead forth” is a regular allotment of time for self-education — sessions whereby we allow some daily meditation on basic factors such as why we believe what we believe, eat what we eat, “hate” what we hate, “love” who or what we love, vote for who or what we vote for, do what we do, let happen what we let happen, and so on.
Bringing us to the question of:

If intelligence truly is a synonym for creative powers, living younger longer can give us more time to develop such powers, opening up possibilities for less Mafia types and more Michelangelos and Da Vincis. Indeed, who knows what magical, enlightening types a truly “New Age” could produce?

And if we connect intelligence with efforts to better our environment, the effect of brain-power on life in general can be enormously positive. But unfortunately, while surveys claim that some 80 percent of humanity considers themselves to be “environmentalists,” natural creation is being abused and disregarded so blatantly that a worldwide ecological crisis looms closer and closer.

But given the premise that long-term tenants tend to take better care of  their domain, the prospect of living longer may urge us to take better care of this planet, whereby long-termers will give more regard to the preciousness of our natural resources, giving the irreplaceable magic we have come to call Nature a fighting chance to survive.

Another way intelligence affects our “aging” is this: by living brighter we can learn that death by physical abuse and violence is quite absurd and not something to be glorified. For glorification of violence is mainly a product of the quickly aging, disrespectful of life, dying-by-the-minute mind.

Meanwhile, living brighter longer gives us more time to embrace a wider, deeper and more thought-ful world, again communicating with “foreigners” who have become propagandized as so-called “enemies.” Thus, more and more wars and foreign “terrorists” erupt, revealing that life is either openly and honestly communicative or it is obsessed with death and dying, and in a word “old”.

But as we learn to honor intelligence and honesty more than greed and invasive “might-makes-right” power, all of life can change for the better. It is all up to us and our ability to communicate with our inner soul, as well as our learned ability to communicate with our allies, allies both outside and in....

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