The Light and Sound of Healing
By Kathleen Downey, C.S.C., Shamanic Counselor/Past-Life Therapist



I first moved to the sunny paradise of Southern California in mid-fall and marveled at the brilliant days of warmth and light that continued throughout the winter season. The full spectrum of color present in the sky makes being here an inspiration, not only for artistic creativity, but also for healing. The colors in our surroundings energize our spirit bodies. Like the flowers, as long as the sun shines, we in Southern California are always in bloom. Until mid-May and June; then a gray gloom fills the usual azure ceiling surrounding us, day after day.

The cycles that the earth goes through are calling us to do the same. Downtime is a time to look and listen for our inner light and sound. To check in with what is happening for us on the more subtle plains of our existence, our spiritual life.

Having gratefully survived death twice, I have been awarded the rare experience of being in the euphoric place our spirit can ascend to after leaving the body. In the space and time between lives, our consciousness experiences a light more brilliant than the sun and a sound of perfect pitch. The sound and the light that is our energy is our ultimate healing tool.

Directly after my second experience with death, I began my seven-year journey of learning the original medicine and earth-based spiritual practice that exists on the planet, the way of the shaman. Shaman, being a title given to a visionary or healer, is a word that has worked its way from central Siberia where it originated, to North and South America. This “original medicine” that saved my life while fighting cancer and Lyme disease can be found in the history of every continent.

Through the Shamanic Journey I found the closest experience I could imagine to the euphoric state of being entirely out-of-body. The Jibaro Indians of the Amazon call the Shaman’s journey “the little death,” — part of our spirit leaves this reality, our ordinary state of consciousness, and experiences a shamanic state of consciousness, the soul’s life. Through this we experience our true self, without the pain of death. Along with other native cultures, the Jibaro believes everything that exists has spirit or energy; therefore everything that exists emits sound frequencies and light.

Why do some colors, as with some music, make us feel good and others do not? Science has attempted to understand this by looking at the correlation made between brain-waves and the original principles of sound harmonics as suggested by Pythagorus, Johannes Kepler and Hans Kayser: wherein constant extreme points of the elliptical orbits of each planet were used to create the numeric formulas that constitute the musical scale. It has been found that brainwave patterns mimic the numerical octave patterns of planetary orbits.

The relationship of the planets in our solar system are in some way (according to Kepler) responsible for a series of frequency ratios, what we call an octave recognized by the notes of C, D, E, F, G, A and B-1. With this in mind, modern science is catching up with ancient medicine whose elders would utilize music to heal emotional imbalances in humans, plants and animals alike. We react to different series of musical notes because our energy bodies emit a frequency compatible with a note, or note patterns, associated with the diatonic musical scale. When our brainwaves are not compatible with the “Music of the Spheres,” our bodies respond with inefficiencies, disease.

The ancients understood, that we are all connected and are all plant, animal, vegetable, emitting a frequency of sound and light. The indigenous peoples who have carried on their tribes’ ancient teachings recognize a thought can imbalance our light body. The energy of another who intrudes up-on our own can cause our sound to become discordant.

Sounds can also be translated into colors: Balancing colors with their opposites is represented here: red/orange, green/blue = C#, yellow, violet = E. Some research indicates that individual brain dominance is an important factor in knowing what colors to combine with sound, as colors used with tone and pulses can cancel each other out.

To best determine how one aspect of your energy may dominate another, and where voids have been created in your energy body by intrusions of other energy, we may look at male and female archetypes in your life and the influence they have over you. Is one side of your body weaker than another? Was your mother a dominant figure in your life or was your father?

Through your guided Soul’s journey you will experience your spirit body, your auric field. This can have wounding just as your physical body does. You will receive specific information on your journey as to how this occurred, and how to patch this energy with sound and light until you ultimately heal the energy voids and intrusions that exist in your light body by letting go of old thought patterns and the need for familiar energy. By learning to create healthy boundaries.

Trauma and giving away your energy to others can be a typical cause of a tear in the energy body. An example of this can be seen with both past-life and soul retrieval work. While guiding a client who hadn’t felt safe with a woman since he left his wife four years before, to see his ex-wife’s energy in his auric field, we found it to be represented by a color. His ex-wife’s energy was deeply entangled with his. I reminded him that energy cannot hold onto us unless we allow it. Giving up this familiar energy would take time and commitment on his part.

Until this was done we were given a crystal of the same color for him to wear over the part of his body where he was holding onto his ex-wife’s energy. This crystal replicated his wife’s energy. If he wore it, he would not be drawn to re-create the same energy in his life with another wo-man. Wearing the crystal would serve to fake his energy body out, allowing his spirit to think he still possessed her familiar energy, but in fact it was just outside of him.

With this tangible safety net in place he could take the opportunity to utilize the shamanic jour-neywork to discover why he had called his ex-wife’s energy into his life, and discover who he really is outside of his familiar role-playing and rebuild his life.

Another tool we may utilize for changing the energy of our familiars is the sound our bodies emit, a frequency that is known only to us. When we intone the musical scale we intone our individual note or notes. During training I was given my personal soul sound for healing. Thereafter I found I could hear the tones another’s energy body made and give it to them for their healing.

A few years back I was staying in Western New York and helping my mother while attending the Eastman School of Music in Rochester. While there my computer printer broke down. I couldn’t find a replacement other than a huge ten-year-old laser printer. As soon as I lifted the heavy printer, I felt my skeleton collapsing into my ankles. I thought I had lost at least an inch in height.

That night I was overcome with horrific pain throughout my body. And then I remembered the sound of my soul as I was given through Shamanic work. It was the middle of the night so I intoned the sound over and over using a very low voice. As I did this I saw light enter my body and felt the pain leaving my body from the head and neck area, making its way down my spine and legs until it was gone.

Aside from releasing pain, clients to whom I have given their soul’s sound, report a significant change in their behavior patterns from intoning their sound. A man from Italy came to me for Past-Life work. He was concerned that his relationships were always very short lived. During a session he became aware that he had been a slave trader in a past-life and recognized that he still, in some ways, saw women this way.

After several sessions of working shamanically to bring about change, he went back to Italy and intoned the sound I had found from his energy body to help him change these old thought patterns. Within a month he met a woman and found that he related to her very differently from the way he had previously related to women. They have been together several years and plan to marry.

Be it in the night or during the time of overcast sky, the greatest light you will see, and the most beautiful sound you will hear, is within you.

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