The Learning Light Foundation
Best Kept Secret in Southern California
By Ann Miller



What do Silvia Brown, Doreen Virtue, Fred Alan Wolf, James Vaughn Praagh, and many other notables have in common? They have all been guest speakers at the Learning Light Foundation.

Here you will find classes and workshops on topics from ancient wisdom to cutting-edge research, facilitated by world-renowned authors and lecturers. Readings and healings are available any day of the week. A giant fair hosting up to sixty exceptional psychics and healers are featured on the second Saturday of each month.

The largest metaphysical center in Southern California for the past forty-two years, this pillar of the community is going through yet another renaissance.

Exciting Additions Include
Within a brand new newsletter reaching about 10,000 people, there will be lots of surprises. The new year will bring a wider array of classes and all-day events, with speakers who would make any book reader’s heart sing. The Angel Fest brings Doreen Virtue, alongside Britain’s angel lady, Glennyce Eckersley, (author of 10 books of her own).

The Feng Shui Fest will host the top-selling practitioners in the country: Professor Lin, Stephen Post, Karen Carter, best-selling author of “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” and Nate Batoon, Feng Shui Consultant and teacher. The Goddess Fest will host the crème-de-la-crème of the goddess world, where the audience can sit in a giant drum circle with authors such as Vicki Noble and Starbird, while watching the Tantric Dance of Vajra Ma.

Authors on board for next year will include Dan Millman, author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior,” and his newest arrival “Journeys of Socrates.” Many others will present works on subjects that promise to intrigue: Quantum Physics to UFO’s, Aztecs and Myan Calendars, giant labyrinths, lucid dreaming…alongside a potpourri of the newest ideas that stretch the mind.

An impressive list of gifted psychics who have visited Learning Light include Silvia Brown, James Vaughn Praagh, Peter Close, John Holland, Hans Christian King, Robert Brown, Hollister Rand, Francesca Kimpton and many more.

Learning Light is embarking on the development of a new mediumship program guided by a committee whose participants have worked with the prestigious schools of Lilydale and Chesterfield.

With spacious rooms, one that seats three hundred, and another at one hundred fifty, not to mention the eight other classrooms, space is a luxury that this facility can afford. Not only is the building going through a facelift, but the staff is truly determined to find more ways of creating an open energetic atmosphere that will allow the novice to spiritual development feel at ease.

The focus of both the 25-year veteran General Manager, Lucretia Jones (Doreen Virtue’s first teacher), and the new program director, Victoria Jennings (previous owner of the Alexandria II Bookstores), is to provide the public with their favorite authors at an affordable price. If there’s a subject you want to study, or an author you want to see, regardless of their status, “just e-mail us...we are always open to your suggestions!”

Learning Light Foundation is located at 1212 East Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim. (714) 533-2311. To get on the mailing list, please call the office or visit

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