Helping Children with
Their Guardian Angels
By Carol Manetta



In a world that whizzes by in front of children’s eyes every day, it’s nice to know that they have help. And more help is on its way. You, of course, provide so much help every day for children, whether you are their parent, teacher, doctor, caregiver, relative, neighbor, or family friend. Your help may be apparent now or it may be many years before a sweet lesson actually hits home with them, as sometimes happened for you.

Help them to See Love in All Things
Here’s an activity for children to see love in all things in nature and the earth. Ask your child to go outside with you to see the beauty of the spirit world of nature. Ask them to feel love coming to them from all the gentle spirits that dwell in nature at all times. Ask them what it would feel like if they were to take a walk on their own to feel or sense these sweet spirits all around them. These children have the capacity to see things other humans of any age cannot see, because their hearts have such yearning to be loved.

Take them on a journey to see the heartbeat of a frog or a flower or a tree. Ask them to remember that love is in the nature things’ heartbeat just as it is in theirs. Ask them to see the loving spirit in these things, and to know there is a loving glow coming from these things toward them each time they are in nature. The nature things are programmed, so to speak, to remove the child’s worries and cares, so this is a good place to go when they are troubled in their hearts.

Talk to the nature angels and they will lift their troubles to heaven for cleansing and the child’s upliftment. After talking to them about troubles, stop and feel the tremendous love that comes from them. This is why so many adults are advised to spend more time in nature — they just don’t know the secret of cleansing through the work of the nature angels.

Helping Your Child Know What Angels Are
When your child asks what angels are, here is what you can tell them in a way they will understand. “Angels are messengers of God who protect and give unqualified love for all children and adults to whom they are assigned. They never feel any embarrassment at what you do, nor do they judge you for ANYTHING. They love you every minute of every day from the time you are born until you die and go back home to heaven. They can see everything you do and can hear all your thoughts, but they still do not judge. They will always guide you back to a loving state if you are in a bad mood or are angry.

Ask them for anything to help you back toward being loving and they will provide that to you because they love you so much. They aren’t capable of being cruel or mean. They can only love you so much that their love couldn’t fit inside the earth — it would burst through all the stars in the heavens and continue on from there.

They love you so much that you can’t make the love go away no matter what you do. That doesn’t mean that you are to do bad things and think that the angels ignore what is happening. No, they want you to behave like ladies and gentlemen because they know that is what makes you happy on the inside. They will always help take you to a place that makes you happy. You will always make your own decisions — that is called free will.”

Children are naturally curious about angels. Here is some information about angels, and about helping children become more clearly aware of their own guardian angels and their helpfulness.
• Ask the children to thank them when you know they have been a help.
• Tell them to listen with an open heart when they’re troubled, as they relax and go quiet. The answer will seem apparent and wise.
• Angels sing, too. Ask the children to sing along with them inside their heart.
• Tell them to say sweet secrets to their angels. That way the angels know how to help them with.
• Take them to an angel store and let them pick out a small angel to put near their bed as a reminder.
• Seek out a book about angels at their level of reading with pictures of angels so they have a visual reference.
Taking time to increase their knowledge of angels will help them if they need someone to talk to when you’re not around. What greater gift can there be?

Say these to help children get quiet
1.    Reach into your heart and breathe slowly and softly.
2.    Keep the noise level down around you.
3.    Tell yourself you’re loved all the time.
4.    Keep still and don’t wiggle too much; it makes it harder for the angels to hear you.

Carol Manetta has bachelor and master degrees in Education, is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner by Dr. Doreen Virtue, and has taken advanced training with her. She has written a course for children to open them up to hear, see, feel and know their guardian angels. Call (480) 776-0211, e-mail .

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