Experiencing the Thousand-Year-Old Chinese Secret Healing Techniques
A Qinway Qigong Studentís Amazing Transformation
through ďEatingĒ Universal High Energy for 108 Days
By Sarah Goodman



Scott Weaver has been on a spiritual healing path for over 34 years. He has always been looking for a breakthrough to rejuvenate and uplift his body, mind and spirit. At the end of January 2004, he discovered a Qigong founder from China was offering thousand-year-old supreme Qigong and bigu (energized fasting) techniques in Southern California. After attending Master Qinyinís Fundamental Healing Retreat, Scott had been on bigu for total 108 days. Fascinated by his impressive transformation in such a short time, Sarah Goodman interviewed Scott recently.

Sarah: Would you please tell us a bit about your background as it relates to your coming to Qinway Qigong?

Scott: Iíve studied spiritual and healing systems with a number of teachers over the past 34 years. The most impressive thing Iíve realized is that anyone can benefit from Qinway Qigong, which will not interfere with the teaching of other systems. People can continue with their system and be better equipped for whatever process theyíre doing. Iíve done healing work in the past, and Iíve noticed that now when I do healing work, itís easier. I get more done quickly and effectively.

Sarah: What would you say to a person with serious physical or emotional problems who might be considering Qinway Qigong as a solution?

Scott: Get here as quickly as possible. Seriously. Start today.

Sarah: I understand an important preparation and component of the program is the drinking of Yin-Yang healing tea. Could you briefly describe your  experience from drinking this tea?

Scott: I, as well as others I have spoken with, experience more energy. There is also a mild detoxification that occurs. As you drink the tea on a daily basis, you are energized and throw off toxins. And it tastes good!

Sarah: Youíre in the process of doing a bigu or an energized fast. How does this bigu compare with other fasts you did previously?

Scott: Other fasts: painful; miserable; harsh; uncomfortable; just no fun at all. Before this bigu, the longest I had fasted was ten days. Bigu is an ancient Daoist technique for rejuvenation. It used to take more than 10 years of diligent practice to achieve bigu before Master Qinyinís path-breaking new system came along. A fundamental difference between bigu and other fasts is that it is supported by abundant universal energy. Master Qinyin helps students open their universal energy channels, and gives timely individual instructions in terms of diet, color, direction, number, feng shui and signals.

Today is my eighty-first day of bigu. I have never been hungry at any time during this process. There are days when I have overflowing energy. There are days when I look in the mirror and notice the life-force energy coming into my body. And this happened after years of watching the life-force energy leaving my body. At age fifty-three I feel like I am becoming younger.

Sarah: So this could be called rejuvenation?

Scott: Absolutely. Physically I am more at home in my body than I have been since my twenties. As I remember, when I began my thirties I could feel my body tightening up and so many negative things happening. Now I feel much more comfortable in my body. Also, I am feeling more comfortable no matter where I am or what I am doing. For example, before I started Qinway Qigong there would have been a part of me that would have resisted doing an interview like this. Now, this is fine. This is O.K.

Sarah: So how much weight have you actually lost?

Scott: The first day I weighed in at 212 pounds and today I weigh 157. So itís a big difference, a big change.

Sarah: When you say you are feeling more comfortable in your body, what sort of things are you talking about?

Scott: For example, just trying to sleep at night. Trying to sleep and be comfortable at the same time was an effort. And when you are trying to sleep, the last thing you want to be doing is efforting something. Now, and I noticed this very quickly in the process, just being comfortable in your body no matter whether you are sleeping, sitting, running, sitting at a desk, whatever, is a freedom I had forgotten about. I had gotten to a point where I had become used to the pain, and so much of the pain has left me. So, thatís just another aspect of the freedom. Itís on so many different levels. Just sitting here and talking to you, so many of the other improvements come to mind. I canít even remember them.

Sarah: Part of the program is a series of Qigong exercises that you practice daily during the bigu. Would you elaborate?

Scott: Yes. The exercises are easy, but initially I found them somewhat difficult because of my physical condition. Now however, the exercises have become pleasant ó have become meditations, blissful meditations. You can feel the energy coming into the cells of your body. If youíre tired, the energy replenishes the body. If youíre hungry, the hunger goes away. They are so simple that itís hard to believe these exercises do all these things.

Sarah: For someone who already had experience with a number of systems, what surprised you most about your experience with Qinway Qigong?

Scott: This process works on everything at one time. It not only works on the physical, it works on the mental, emotional and spiritual. Some of the other processes take a little bit here and there. This process is much more complete, and it is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking care of everything at once.

Sarah: Could you please finish a sentence that begins, ďThe most beneficial effect of Qinway Qigong.....Ē

Scott: Sure. The first thing that comes to mind is that it is very quick. It starts to work immediately. With a lot of processes that is not the case.

For more information about Master Qinyin, her Qigong programs and more successful healing cases, please visit her website www.qinway.org  call (760) 757-0007 or e-mail 930@qinway.org  

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