Calling All Angels!
An Interview with
Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
By Donna Strong



It is a pleasure to present this interview with the prolific author and gifted teacher, Doreen Virtue. We can think of no better message for the holidays than to offer our readers the uplifting vision of Doreen and the angels. It is clearly Doreen’s calling to offer the spiritual sustenance of angelic messages of love, hope, truth and inspiration. She speaks with an unusual mixture of gentleness and clarity — both are an _expression of her well-ordered strength. She is confident talking about angels, listening to their messages and sharing them generously.

Awareness: In your work, you have identified a number of reasons for angelic communication, one of the most significant is to ‘realize heaven on earth.’  Tell us how God has given us a gift of angels to realize heaven here.

Doreen: “We come into the earth with the best of intentions. This time we are going to remember; we are able to create our own lives with the power of thoughts, and that the power of love is greater than the power of fear. While we come here with these intentions when we are born, we quickly go into amnesia about who we really are and why we came, what our life purpose is... The angels are our constant companions from birth to when we return to heaven, to help us to remember. While they can’t interfere with our free will, if we ask, they will give us guidance to make our lives so much happier and harmonious, providing everything.

Awareness: What are some of the qualities that we as human beings can focus on to cultivate an awareness of heaven on earth ourselves?

Doreen: “First of all, most of us have experienced disappointment, after something we prayed or expected or hoped for, didn’t come. As we age, then we become afraid to wish and we begin to lower our standards and get comfortable with things as they are. A lot of people whom I have counseled over the years are afraid of change, even for the better, because at least they know what to expect if things stay the same. So we get comfortable with being stuck and our life staying the same. So the first thing to do is to get back to that childlike state of believing in magic and the power of wishes and prayers. You can do that by doing anything that will make you feel childlike, and the holiday season is perfect for that.  

It can be as simple as driving around and enjoying the beauty of Christmas lights, even if you’re not of the Christian faith. You can drive up to one of the local mountains and make a snowman. Watch a movie that brings about wonder, like “Miracle on 32nd Street” or “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The angels say, laughter and play is the angels’ way. Anything that gives you a sense of that childlike state will help you believe and belief is everything. If you can get to the point where you can believe it, it will happen in your life.

The next step is to admit to yourself, what are my deepest desires and dreams? This takes time, quiet time. My husband and I are believers of cutting out pictures of what we have been dreaming about and making collages. I constantly have them up in my office for what I am working to manifest next, and this has worked for me my entire life. After I visualize it, then I ask for help. If you are not sure what you want, ask for help in deciding what you really want. Some people are so afraid of violating God’s will, and what they don’t understand is God’s will is omnipresent everywhere. It overlaps individual will, it is not separate.

Awareness: I have said to people many times, if it is in your heart, if it is really in your heart, it is meant to be.

Doreen: Exactly! It’s not about being afraid to ask. You’re going to manifest anyway, so you might as well manifest what you desire. You are always manifesting. It is about becoming a more conscious manifester. Manifesting with the angels makes life fun and magical. Everyone I talk to who starts work-ing with angels tells me the same thing; it changes their lives. They become more youthful in their spirit and the way they look . . . everything gets better with the angels.

Awareness: That leads to another question, what is the role of the angels in helping us remember we are not alone?

Doreen: You’re right, we are not alone, we have so much help with us at all times, but the Law of Free Will, also called the Law of Noninterference, says that not even the Creator can intervene in our lives unless we expressly give permission or ask. We can ask in so many different ways, to think the thought, help! or using the affirmation, thank you for the help, affirming that it’s already done, or a prayer of supplication, please, please help me . . . It doesn’t matter how you ask — you can think it, sing it, or write it, as long as you ask!

Awareness: It makes sense that we would have to take the initiative in the process, since we are citizens of creation and need to own both its rights and responsibilities.

Doreen: That’s beautiful!  The angels tell me the number one message that they want to get out to people is that we’re not utilizing them enough. I meet people constantly who ask me, is it al-right to ask the angels for small things? Is it okay to ask more than eight times a day? All of these little self-imposed rules that people come up with — the angels don’t have any limits and the truth is, neither do we. So we need to stop projecting our own limits onto the angels because its not based on any kind of reality.

The angels are non denominational. All religions have an archetype for some kind of angel, even if they call it a bodhisatva or a deity or a deva, we are all talking about the same thing. What I am constantly working with is resistance to angels. The biggest resistance is people’s self-esteem; they feel like they’re not good enough or worthy enough of heaven’s  help because they are not as perfect as saints.

The angels look past the surface, they see the truth of us, not the illusion. Angels don’t look at body shape, what car we are driving or college degree we have. They see a gorgeous bright light within each one of us, and they see our potential and how much we are here to offer and help the world. They can see if that person is emanating the higher vibration of love — or if a person is vibrating at a lower level and needs help; they don’t go into judgment about it. Wouldn’t it be great if we all saw one another like the angels do, and looked inside?

Awareness: What have you seen in people that helps them to awaken and realize they inherently deserve heaven’s support?

Doreen: A lot of us have to start out looking at our own desire to help other people. As we allow the angels to support us in helping others, doors open to understand that it is acceptable to receive support ourselves. Once we see that we are divine vessels to allow the blessings for others, we learn it is okay to enjoy the blessings flowing through us as well.

Awareness: It makes sense. This is a process to really own the gift that we are,  and offer it to the world, whatever form that takes. Each is its own form of sharing love, nurturing and support to others.

Doreen: Exactly. I tell people that nobody has ever inspired another to be their best by having problems, such as being sick or financially broke. What inspires others is to take these principles that we all know deep down work and are true, and put them into practice. We need to allow ourselves to succeed and become a living demonstration that all of this works.

Awareness: A key aspect of your work seems to be mentoring others to help them realize that they can be ‘online’ with divinity themselves without any other person intervening on their behalf — a paradigm shift that is beginning to take hold.

Doreen: Yes, and it reminds me of a workshop I gave a few years ago. I do experiential workshops taking people through connecting with the divine, whoever they want to in heaven, and this woman started crying. I talked with her afterwards and she told me that she had never realized she could talk to Jesus directly, because she had been told by her pastor that only the people of the church could talk to Jesus. I realized, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re still teaching that stuff...’  Trusting your direct contact is most important, not relying on anyone else as your connection to heaven.

Awareness: This point is well-taken. If we don’t practice doing it, then we won’t learn to trust.

Doreen: This is where affirmations are very powerful, when I work with people I ask them to affirm throughout their day that they ‘trust.’ Actually distrust is the ego, or the lower self acting out. I’ve found a one-to-one correlation: The louder the voice of fear, the bigger the purpose. The definition of a bigger purpose is that you agreed to help a large number of people while you are here. The people with the biggest addictions are the ones most afraid of their life purpose and they, most of all, need to get on with their purpose.

There is a huge difference between the two voices. Angels always warn you with love. The ego warns you of danger with worst case scenarios; news at eleven kinds of messages. With practice you start to learn the voice or the feeling quality and become adept at distinguishing the difference between the ego and the higher self or angelic guidance.

To me it doesn’t matter whether it is God, the angels, the higher self or an ascended master like Jesus or Kwan Yin. What matters is whether it is the voice of love or the voice of fear. If it is true divine guidance, it is always asking you to improve some situation, whether it is telling you to improve your diet, get some exercise, work on your highest dreams or get involved in an organization that would help the environment. It is always asking you to do service for yourself or others.  Whereas the voice of the lower self, or false guidance, is always having you scheme. It is never about how can I serve, but what can I get, and finding shortcuts to get rich quick.

Awareness: So the lower self ego voice is focused on survival.

Doreen: Yes. In contrast, the higher self will always provide for your needs, but it will focus on service. You will be rewarded in some wonderful unknown way, you don’t even have to think about it. True divine guidance is always consistently repetitive, it will tell you the same thing, over and over. It will dog you, until you do it. False guidance changes its mind all the time, it’s confused and chaotic and wants you to stay afraid. The higher self and angels’ focus is always ‘how may I serve?’ whereas the ego is always spouting, I, I, and me, me.

Awareness: What would you say is the role of the angels in humanity’s spiritual evolution?

Doreen: What a refreshing question. The world has gone through many dark and golden cycles. Now we’re cycling back to a place where collectively, more of us are remembering the light. In a dark age we get very materialistic and left brained. We only believe in what we can concretely touch and see and objectively measure. In the golden ages, we add to that by taking in inspiration, really understanding that we have a soul purpose. The angels are here to help us usher in this awareness of spirit and soul collectively. The angels are here is to bring about peace on earth, one person at a time.

The greatest thing that anyone of us can do is to work on being at peace individually, ourselves. Not to worry about fixing the world out there, but to arrange the inner world peacefully. We each need to be a ‘billboard of peace.’ By centering ourselves each day, we each can be the best spiritual teachers in the world.

Wherever we go, we are always teaching, whether at the bank, in a store, or driving down the street. Because others notice us, and if we are centered, they will see, and sense and notice our light and peacefulness. It will remind them of something, which is heaven, and it triggers a chain reaction that we can’t even know. Miracles happen when this place is touched.

Ways to center include choosing music that is uplifting. Also, turn off the news — it’s designed to lower our energy, with very few exceptions. Listen to something inspiring. Everything around us has an energy and vibration, and if we knew how newspapers and a lot of the magazines affect us, we would throw them out and get the garbage can as far away as possible — the vibrations of those words and pictures have a huge impact. When you work with the angels you become more sensitive, and your diet changes, tastes change, and the people you are attracted to changes for the best.

Awareness: The holidays offer us a special opportunity to cultivate sacredness and realize it is a choice we can make all the time. How do we own the sacredness of our life and the earth?

Doreen: We need to realize that we are each holy, we are each earth angels, and that we each have a sacred purpose. We can use sacred language with one another, like Namaste, I honor the God or the light within me, and I recognize the same within you. When you help someone from that place of knowing sacred purpose, rather than a sense of guilt or obligation, the joy that comes about is ecstatic. It is absolutely unparalleled, to be a vessel of the divine, it resonates at such a high level. There is no earthly experience that compares to it.

I’m a big believer that experience is the greatest teacher. While what we read can definitely be helpful and steer us in the right direction, what I find is when people pray, to whomever they pray to, and ask, what is my purpose? that kickstarts everything.

So if you really want to know your divinity, let yourself become quiet and ask heaven, what is my purpose? Even if you think you’re not getting the answer, you’re going to get guidance that will change your life forever. If you even ask it once, it would be like watching a train track switch on a railroad, you can never go back. I asked that question in my early twenties and only in the last ten years have I begun to understand that divine guidance immediately answered my prayer. I couldn’t see it, even though everything had already begun to happen.

In closing, Archangel Michael has stepped forward and is showing me to emphasize peace. He is showing me this beautiful vision of a snow-covered Christmas that is so quiet, absorbing all the noise. Even though we may not have snow, we too can blanket our area of Southern California by envisioning from our hearts this blanket of white light and divine love. Like snow absorbs sound, this light and love and pure intention will absorb any disharmony, chaos and stress that holiday activities may engender.

Archangel Michael: Remember that you are an instrument of light, God sent you as an angel to this earth. Do not shy away from chaotic or frustrating situations, go in knowing you are fully armed with everything you need to bring about peace in every situation. You don’t need to do this through human means. Through your very presence on this earth, you are a battery of light and you emit a silent energy that affects those around you, particularly those who have children. Let this be your holiday wish: Everywhere I go, I spread peace and holiday cheer. And it is so.

Awareness: Hallelujah!

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