Ask an Angel...
Angels Are Eager to Help Us
 By Christopher Dilts



The room you are in is filled with Angels!

The next room you go into will be filled with Angels, and Angels will be at your side with every step you take today. The Angels are with us and are eager to help us.

How do I know? That’s my specialty — I am an author, workshop leader and Ordained Minister whose specialty is Angels. For the past nine years I have been helping people connect more deep-ly with their Angels.

Angels are truly universal
The Pew Spirituality in American Life Project reported that 72% of Americans believe in angels, which is a much higher percentage than Americans who believe in any world religion.

Angels are Fundamental to all of the world’s major religions. We find them in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and many other spiritual traditions. The majority of the people in the world follow a spiritual tradition that includes loving, helpful Angels. There are 5.9 billion people who believe in Angels as of 2001, according a United Nations Report.

Accounts of Angels, what they do, and how they are perceived, are universal across all major religions: from the East to the Middle East, to the West; from the Old to the New Testament; from the Vedas to the Koran. Archangel Gabriel brings the Annunciation that Jesus will come to Mary. Gabriel also reveals the Koran to Muhammad.

Angels are a universal human experience. They bring messages of a higher order of loving consciousness to us: messages that help us to realize we are not alone, that we need not be afraid, and that call us to rise to the best of our abilities to help one another. The word Angel is derived from the Greek “angelos,” and means “messenger.”  

 St. Augustine, an authority on Angels, said, “Make friends with Angels.” He recommended we make personal relationships with Angels and that we let our relationships with them deepen, much as we would with any important, intimate relationship.

The message of the Angels is consistent across all cultures and all times: the Angels are here to help us. It is their only reason for being. All the world’s major religions speak to this: the Angels were created to care for mankind.

St. Thomas Aquinas said, “Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact Angels have no religion as we know it... Their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on Earth.”

What is an Angel?
In my experience, Angels are aspects of Creator, they are expressions of God’s loving care for us. Angels serve very specific purposes, very much in the same way that professionals who work with us provide specific skills and expertise. For example, you might need a lawyer, an accountant or a dentist.

Yes, Angels specialize too! They are the individuated aspects of God’s love for us. Each Angel embodies a specific quality that we experience — peace, love, courage, strength and truth are a few of the thousands of qualities that Angels bring to us.

Angels specialize in every quality that we can experience — they amplify and strengthen our ability to maintain these helpful qualities when we need them.

What can we do to receive their help?
Our part is learning to be receptive to the Angels and to accept their help as it is offered to us.

We learn to trust their assistance and to accept their guidance. Angels know us completely and intimately. They know every step we have taken, our every thought, word and action — and they offer us help at all times.

Everyone has an Angel story. In a recent workshop, I taught a 2-3 minute process anyone can do at any time. Bedtime is an especially good time for this: simply hand everything over to the Angels for the night. Every problem, worry and concern, as well as every good work, intention and plan we hold dear.

We place all of it in their loving hands and let them carry the weight and work for the night. This is a powerful way of practicing the wisdom of “letting go and letting God.” Our part in this is simple, but is not necessarily easy until we have practiced it. Our part is to truly let go for a time.

In the morning, we come back to our work and pay very close attention to what has shifted and transformed. We witness what doors have opened and what doors have closed. We move through the open doors, and bless and pass by the closed ones.

A reporter who recently came to my workshop was skeptical but tried this and asked for help for a dear friend. She then heard words for her friend and knew they were from an Angel. When she next saw her friend, she repeated the words to her. Her friend was deeply moved and asked, “How could you have known that? Are you psychic? This has so helped me!”

You don’t have to believe in Angels to receive their help! Continue asking for their help for at least 21 days and carefully note the results. Note also how your perceptions shift. Note how your attention shifts to seeing the results of your requests in new ways.

Angels are Always with us and are eager to help us. They are loving and supportive partners in all of our endeavors. They help us to reach beyond our fears to our highest and best expressions of ourselves. Their Assistance is available to us all — at all times. It’s as simple as asking for their help.

Christopher Dilts has been offering sessions for individuals and groups to come into greater partnership with their Guiding Angels for over nine years. For more information about working with your Angels and free Angel Messages, see Contact him directly by e-mail at:  or phone (866) 200-9148 (Toll Free).

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