Angels of Healing
By Laura V. Hyde



While planning a holistic event with a friend in my community, she asked, “What is your vision for all of this?” to which I responded, “Healing and awakening. In the back of my mind I thought, “What else is there?”  One of my favorite angels is the Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. The name Raphael means “God cures.” Raphael is entrusted with healing the Earth and all of its creations. His purpose is to purify our thought system and assist us in eliminating self-imposed limitations and false perceptions — no small task! And since the mind is the level at which we create, our transformed perceptions lead to healing in every aspect of our lives: relationships, finances, health, work, sexuality.  

If you are desirous of being an agent of healing on Earth, call upon Archangel Raphael and allow his purifying and healing energy to flow throughout your body, mind and spirit. His guidance will enable you to invoke and experience a cleansing and transforming atmosphere that promotes physical, intellectual and emotional healing.

Your life’s purpose is to allow healing to occur, but what does that mean? A Course in Miracles teaches us that all healing is a release from fear. As healing occurs, our fears are released. And what are our fears? Simply the blockages to the awareness of love’s presence. Releasing fear is perhaps one of the greatest challenges we will face during our lifetime. Doing so requires awareness of our fears so we can face them and choose differently. Healing clears the channel, so to speak, so the love within you and me can be called forth and expressed.

A Course in Miracles states, “Forget not that the healing of God’s Son is all the world is for.”  From this viewpoint we learn that anytime we are feeling stressed, angry, hurt, or out of peace, we need only be willing to allow our fearful thoughts be replaced with those of genuine love. Angels of healing, like Raphael, can assist us in making this correction deep within our minds where Love dwells.

Since I love music and believe it is truly a universal language, musicians and how their life experiences have shaped them often intrigue me. If you look at the artists who have stood the test of time, many have turned their biggest challenges into their greatest gifts for helping others. Legendary guitarist, Santana, is an excellent example of this. He and his wife have founded the Mil-agro Foundation, which is dedicated to providing financial assistance for housing, medical and educational needs of children throughout the world. Their statement of purpose includes, “The Santanas believe that life is a miracle (milagro) and that children everywhere deserve the opportunity to lead safe, healthy and educationally creative lives.” The Milagro Foundation is committed to healing and it just happens to be located in San Rafael (could it be the effect of some angelic support?).

If deep inside you know you are meant to shine and empower others, pray for healing. Ask to be healed. Be willing to eat healing foods, listen to healing music, read healing words, and have healed relationships. Next, dare to be a healing force for others. How? By allowing your light to shine. You are meant to fly with the wings of an eagle, not the wings a sparrow. Yet, so many of us have had our wings clipped from criticism or lack of support. You don’t need to wait for anyone to give you approval to fly.

You need only to give yourself permission to play big, to shine in every area of your life. No apologies are required from you, either, on how well things are going. I remember hearing Marianne Williamson once state that if others are wondering if you’re getting too big for your britches, you need only to say silently to yourself, “I haven’t even started yet.”

 Today, before writing this article, I asked for guidance in writing an article that promotes healing for others and myself. Although I try not to take myself very seriously, I do take the words and energy I express, very seriously. I know that all minds are joined, so what I think, feel and say, impacts the whole. In the spirit of this understanding, I decided to draw an “angel blessings” card from a series a friend gave to me. “It couldn’t hurt,” I thought to myself, “to get some direction before writing.” And the one I drew? Raphael, of course! Go ahead and soar, and in the process may your life be blessed with heartfelt healing, overflowing abundance and immense joy.

Laura V. Hyde, M.A., is the Founder of Infinite Wisdom and has her own private practice in San Luis Obispo County, California where she provides spiritual counseling and soul purpose coaching. A national author and speaker, Laura offers numerous workshops for awakening the heart and spirit. Laura is the author of the books “Gifts of the Soul” and “The Intimate Soul.” Please visit    or  e-mail:

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