Your Emotional health
Angels Everywhere
By Nancy Elizabeth Brady



Angels are always around us even though we usually can’t see them. Or can we? With this question in mind and pen and paper in hand, I sat on the lawn under a tree to write about angels for this issue. My pen was starting to flow with my thoughts when a butterfly landed on my knee. I gave it my full attention as it opened its wings, turning round and round as if to display its delicate beauty. In that same moment I heard a soft voice in my head say:

We delight you with life’s treasures that you may be filled with your own.

Then the butterfly lifted into the air and took off. I felt happy for that experience as I returned my focus to writing about angels, but a wispy feeling on my cheek was distracting me. Like a stray hair that wouldn’t brush away, the sensation persisted. I mindfully rested my attention on the feeling and recognized instantly that it was a soft breeze playing with my face. At just that moment I heard:

We touch you with tenderness that you may remember we are near.

Then I got it! The angels were using nature to reveal themselves to me. With a tingle of confirmation, I relaxed into the moment with full presence. I was filled with the chirping sound of birds nearby and the insistent call of distant crows as I heard:

Our whispers guide you wherever you are. Listen to the quietness and hear our hearts beat with yours.

Then suddenly, a bumblebee began buzzing around my face. I automatically reached up to swish it away, but it continued to dart back and forth a few inches from my eyes and ears. I remembered the process I was taking part in, took a deep breath and relaxed the best I could with the sound of the bee’s humming filling my head. Seemingly coming from nowhere, a gust of wind swirled around me and swept the bee away to find more promising nourishment elsewhere and I heard:

We are honored to offer safety in your need. Call upon us with faith that we may serve.

Realizing the gift I’d received through this experiential journey with the angels, my heart felt full with appreciation. One joyful tear escaped from each eye as I heard:

Your feelings of joy touch us with love. Your feelings of sadness call us to embrace you. Your feelings of fear signal us to help you remember truth. Your courage and faith open the way for us to provide you with more. Your life is a mark upon the heart of time. Live it with feeling; live it knowing our love.

These angel messages acknowledge our human journey through emotions and encourage us to live fully, explore our feelings and experience the rewards of a consciously lived life. Even if we can’t see the angels, we can trust that they are with us. This was demonstrated for me when my three- year-old grandson was talking about his friend named Flower. Flower is invisible to the rest of us, but my grandson describes him with clear detail and recently stated that Flower is his angel. When he was asked how he knew this, he replied with confidence, “because Flower told me”.

Whether we experience angels directly like my grandson does, through the breeze or a bumblebee like I did today, or through our heart, we can always count on angels everywhere guiding us to love.

Special thanks to all the earth angels who have blessed my life this year!

Nancy Elizabeth Brady is an intuitive and practitioner in the spiritual art of healing. For over 10 years, she has assisted others in healing the root cause of disorders and returning to health. Call (949) 487-1551 or check out

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