Wrapped in the Wings of Angels
By Atira



Soon after seeing mention of my name in Nick Bunick’s book, “In God’s Truth,” Wisdom Radio talk show host, Jill Lawrence invited me to be a guest on her show.

After the interview, Jill closed the show with her signature line, “May you be wrapped in the wings of Angels.” “I was shocked,” said Atira, “since I had never heard anyone else use this expression, but my mother!

After the show I shared with Jill that my mother took in  foster children. When she put us all to bed, mother smiled gently, told us to slide over and leave room for our guardian Angels to wrap their wings around us . . . and I still do this today.

Imagining the Angels wrapping me in love truly feels like a downy warmth, a loving energy wrapping around me, and I drift off to sleep with a sense of Angelic presence. This is where my connections with Angels began. Most people get caught up in the thought that they have only one Angel, but we have access to millions of Angels, and different energies, just as the internet gives us access to billions of pieces of data . . . so it is in the spiritual realm.

Most individuals want to have a visitation by their Guardian Angel or physically see their Angel. We may envision an Angel manifesting with huge wings, probably because much of the great artwork from ancient religious texts presents these images. Thus we are preprogrammed with these ideas in mind. Angels come in many forms and there are many ways they communicate with us.

When we look for a manifestation of an Angel we may see little sparks of white or colored lights in our periferal vision. This is usually accompanied with a feeling of safeness and love.

Often this is a visitation from an Angel. Any time you feel a feathery-brushing against you, or when the hairs on your skin stand up, this can also be an Angelic visitation. When you are in prayer and meditation you raise your vibrations and become wrapped in Divine love and this may trigger an Angelic encounter.

When your waking mind becomes still in the moment you may have a feeling in your soul that you are completely filled. This is a connection to God/Goddess, All That Is and the Angelic realm.

Angels sometimes go to extreme measures to get our attention. While we are often stuck in our linear thinking and focused in the outer world with our constant business of life, jobs, and family, this lowers our vibration and creates tunnel vision.

In this state we do not spend much time in prayer or in the stillness of our minds and hearts. So the Angels try to gain our attention through other means, using symbols, Angel clouds, coins, numbers, feathers, etc.

Next time you find coins, take time to pick up these pennies from heaven. Take a deep breath and look around you and see if anything else is highlighted, it might be a message from your Angel.

Many people around the world are experiencing the phenomenon of seeing clouds forming into perfect Angels.

Angel clouds have wings, halos, gowns, and often are holding books or carrying objects that resonate with the observer’s answer to a prayer.

One way the Angels get our attention, outside of my abilities, is with feathers. One of the best examples I have experienced was when reading for a client whose niece was critically ill.

The Angels said the client and her Angel could be instrumental in the healing of the child. So, in the reading I told my client about feathers as a sign from our Angels. I told her to go into prayer for her niece and I would include her name on Angel Scribe’s “Angels and Miracles” prayer team http://angelscribe.com/prayteam.html and that I would also pray for her. (The prayer team leader is Cynthia Morse, former Communications Coordinator for Angel Times Magazine.)

Three days later my client left this message on my answering machine: “I became sick and had to leave work at 10 AM today. I went home, lay down and spent time in prayer for my niece as you suggested, to ask my Angels’ help for her recovery.

I fell asleep shortly, awakening at 7 PM after a very deep healing sleep, and feeling refreshed.

When I got up, lying on the pillow beside me were three red feathers.

I was so excited! I could not believe it!

I live alone! I have no pets! The doors were locked!

How could three feathers materialize on my pillow?

I excitedly called my sister to see how my niece was.

She said my niece had started to improve, but the doctors where not sure why, or if the improvement would last. I knew without a doubt that my prayers were answered and my niece would recover.”

A few days later my client called and left another message on the answering machine.

“I drove five hours to the next state to visit my niece in the hospital. I walked into her room and saw a bouquet of flowers beside her bed. This bouquet had three red feathers in it!  Just like the three on my pillow!

I asked everyone if they knew who had sent the flowers. No one knew! I can only assume it was the Angels at work again. My niece totally recovered from the illness and I am now teaching her to look for feathers in her own life.”

May you be open to the possibilities of miracles and Angelic blessings, and may you too be wrapped in the wings of Angels.

Atira, the “Angelic Mystic”, has contributed stories to “Expect Miracles” and “A Christmas Filled with Miracles” by Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe” and was mentioned in G.W. Hardin’s “The Days of Wonder.” She can be reached at P.O. Box 68207, Seattle, WA 98168-0207, or by calling (206) 767-5611. You may also visit her website: http://angelscribe.com/atira.html  

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