Self-Esteem Sampler
“Dream Angels”
Divinely Inspired Art  by ‘Awesome Angel’ Annie Lewin
By Kay Walburger



Behold . . . an exquisite glittering Angel made of soft-colored, gleaming, iridescent, glass bead-like tiles, small mirrors, silver charms, crystal stones, feather wings, and other intriguing things, and you are most likely looking at a “Dream Angel!”

I had a dream that showed me my very first “Dream Angel.” When I awoke I wondered how I would make it, but the next night the angels showed me. I had read an article about “World Angel Day” and how Diana Cooper, was calling the entire world to ‘Celebrate Angels’ with songs, poems and works of art. When I asked my angels, “Is there anything I can do?” they showed me an image which became my very first “Dream Angel.”

Her head was the ‘world’, which I handpainted. Her body was shimmering glass beads with all the colors of the world in celebration of the diversity of life on this plane of existence. When she was completed I excitedly shipped her off to England and trusted the ‘Angelic Realm’ to guide her on her mission of spreading the message of ‘Unconditional Love and Peace’ in a world hungry for ‘Spiritual Peace.’ The last I heard she went to a ‘Hunger Program for Children’ and that delights me because of my enormous love for all children.

I aspire to take my “Dream Angels” to blind children because I believe they will love touching my 3-dimensional Angels. They are full of lovely textures and sensory delights for them to experience, as I teach them about these loving beings that feel so much affection for them. Angels rise above belief systems and are accepted by most religions of the world. This is very important when teaching children about angels, as to not create more controversy in their young impressionable lives. Angels are here to bring  comfort and peace of mind and spirit. Art is transcendent and becomes a sacred experience for both artist and viewer. I especially adore all hand-crafted or handmade things from homemade cookies to quilts, poems, and greeting cards, to young children’s plaques. I have saved every precious little gift my daughter Kristen has made for me. Now, a young adult we have great fun working side by side in our art studio. There is no greater gift than the gift of yourself, which is in every work of handmade art, because it comes from within your own loving heart!

I Finally Came Out of My Angel Closet!
I always got messages from the angels but didn’t know what to do with them. I never told anyone because I thought they would think I was ‘strange.’ Maybe my love for angels started the day I was born at the Queen of  Angels Hospital. I grew up with my ‘imaginary friends’ who were angels, but instinctively knew to keep it to myself. Then one day I read a book that forever changed my life.

“The Messengers” is the story of a powerful businessman who kept receiving messages from the angels, and he resisted doing what they asked because he felt he would become the laughing stock of his peers. He tried to ignore them but angels can be ‘spiritual nags’ and they kept after him until he relented and began to explore their information. His compelling story helped me deal with fears about my gifts and gave me the courage to say to my friends and family, “I don’t just collect angel pictures and figurines, I talk to them and they talk to me!”

I began reading Doreen Virtue’s books about her angel experiences and revelations, doing a few readings and continued with my “Dream Angels,” who are ‘my love children.’ Then last year I took Doreen’s Angel & Fairy Practitioners Course with 150 other light workers and had the most miraculous life-affirming experience of my whole life!

We vibrated so high that I was sure we levitated the five-star hotel where we were staying. I’ll bet they are still trying to clean up all the fairy dust that was so lavishly sprinkled about our clothes and hair, and fell as we walked and danced about the rooms and corridors! For me this was the moment in time when I received the deepest understanding of my gifts and how to use them for others. More than ever I trust my angel guides to keep me on my true path and advised what to do next.

I believe that every person who crosses our path is significant whether it be the person parking my car, serving my food, cashering, or assisting me in any number of ways, and I always try to make eye contact and send them love and light, acknowledging their essence. There is nothing as precious as sharing your own essence with another and that is what I do in each of my “Dream Angels.”

I wish to tell the readers of Awareness that there are thousands of unemployed angels waiting for you to talk to them and ask for their assistance, always remembering that there is no matter too big or too small.

 I use small mirrors to make all the heads of my “Dream Angels” so that as you look at her beauty, you see yourself reflected in her face. I include this verse to remind you of who you truly are!

Behold in this Mirror
An Angel’s View
Seeing the Angel
Within the Heart of You!

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