Relationship S.O.S.
Develop A Relationship with Angels
By Maryel McKinley



Have you ever wondered if you have angels surrounding you — and if so, how do you develop a relationship with them? Angel experts, Doreen Virtue, MaryEllen AngelScribe, Atira, G.W. Hardin and Donna Wolfe Gatti, will attest to the fact that angels are very real. Everyone has their own guardian angel and we have access to angels of all types — if we only believe. After all, angels can be very polite — they like to have an invitation!

Angels perform the miraculous in our daily lives more often than you would realize. If you are one of those people who have a hard time believing, just take time to notice bizarre synchronicities, near-miss accidents, or so-called coincidences. We’ve all experienced the feeling at some point in our lives that a Higher Power has been protecting and guiding us. Often times it is your guardian angels intervening, rather than mere luck or chance.

If you are trying to connect with your angels, do not be disappointed if you can’t see them right away. All you have to do is start by recognizing the unconditional love and light that shines through some of the most important angels on earth — our fellow human beings!

These are the easiest angels to have a relationship with because they are our earth angels! They are the compassionate people we run across in our lives. Sometimes they will come from out of the blue when we are in need — they offer us help, and then disappear. Sometimes they become lifelong friends. After all, surrounding ourselves with loving people is the best way to get a taste of heaven.

Now it can be argued that people who come into our lives in those exact moments of crisis (such as someone who assists you with your car when you have a flat tire, or a stranger who says a kind word during a time of personal anguish) are really just ethereal beings. Maybe they are, but give the human race some credit! Haven’t you ever been an angel to someone else by performing selfless acts of service expecting nothing in return? Of course you have!

So it seems to me that the secret to developing relationships with the angels is to first emulate their behavior. When we become earth angels to other human beings by being kind, generous, tolerant, considerate, helpful, non-judgmental and giving with a true spirit of unconditional love — I believe we will attract more of the same in our lives. Our angels will take notice and assist us even more in the light work we were put on this planet to perform.

So, during this holiday season, as well as the rest of the year, consider becoming an anonymous earth angel and you will definitely have an angel in your life —for the angel will be you!

Dr. Maryel McKinley Ph.D., C.A.D.C., is a Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling, and a relationship counselor dedicated to preventing and/or breaking toxic patterns in relationships. She also treats people who have suffered from living in the alcoholic home as children. She can be reached at (949) 887-7957 for a free consultation. Telephone counseling and sliding scale rates are also available.

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