Power of Bio-Energy Arrives in California
Ze’ev Kolman
By Tita Farrar



Ze’ev Kolman, an extraordinary healer who transmits bio-energy through his hands, now makes his gift of healing available to the Los Angeles community.

In 1974, after a transformative experience in the Sinai Desert, Ze’ev found himself able to transmit bio-energy into people’s electromagnetic energy fields, correcting imbalances. Many clients have experienced remarkable improvements or complete restoration of well-being.

Testimonials from those he has helped describe remissions, and physical, emotional and spiritual improvement and relief.

Ze’ev consults with people from around the globe, from all walks of life; celebrities, government officials, physicians, scholars and ordinary people where traditional medicine has failed. He works with the medical community, and has been profiled in articles and medical studies regarding his gift of healing for humanity.

Not unlike the late Edgar Cayce, Ze’ev is such a person and his track record proves it. With celebrities such as Carly Simon, Martin Sheen and Robert Wagner on his impressive client list, Hollywood is in for a worthwhile treat as he engages in a hectic schedule of private healings, group sessions and a lecture at the luxurious Le Meridien of Beverly Hills.

Ze’ev plans, with his energetic team, to provide bi-monthly events both here in Los Angeles and in his high-profile 57th St. office in New York.

After a highly successful Los Angeles lecture on Bio-Energy, spirituality and healing in October, he is due to return to LA for his popular “Self Bio-Energy Workshop” scheduled on December 14, 2003, also to be held at the Le Meridian Hotel of Beverly Hills. In this 5-hour intensive, you will learn:

1. How to heal yourself by releasing negative energy and how to increase your positive energy.

2. How to work with the aura, and what it can do for your confidence and personal power.

3. How to create a blue shield that will allow greater access to your full dynamic potential.

Seating is filling up fast so call Tita Farrar at (323) 571-1725 to reserve your space for this day of Powerful Healing. For more information go to our website www.zeevkolmanhealer.com  or you may also e-mail us at htzkvitalityca@yahoo.com  

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