By Kay Walburger



Prayers are Powerful
“A prayer is like a single flower, one would see after walking all day, in a bleak desert. It stands out in its uniqueness, in its beauty, and its gift of discovery.”

EXPECT MIRACLES is more than the name of Mary Ellen’s first of two books, compilations of seventy miracle stories; it is how she lives her life and what she teaches. Lives are forever changed by knowing that miracles exist and can happen in their lives. She teaches this through her books and newsletter.

Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe” spends her time reminding people that they have miracles waiting to be claimed! She says, “People of the world are ready for the GOOD NEWS that miracles are still ever present today!”

“When I was in grade three, my grandmother went to a psychic who told her that one of her three grandchildren would someday be a famous author. She began to look for signs to discover which of us would be that author. One day while reading my homework about Eskimos she knowingly exclaimed, “You must the writer who will be a famous author.

“I froze and thought . . . how can I be a famous author? I am only in grade three and can not even spell!” So much for a destiny laid out before me!”

Mary Ellen loves writing and as she traveled it emerged from her letters that she painted pictures with words as well as emotions. She wrote from her heart. Little did she know it was the beginnings of her training for the future.

There are three distinct aspects of Mary Ellen and her work as an Angel Scribe.

One, her newsletter, and second, her best-selling books filled to the brim with inspiring stories, “Expect Miracles” and “A Christmas Filled With Miracles”. . . and her Angelic writings . . . all three aspects are magically interwoven into her newsletters.

The Ladies of the Light
In 1990 Mary Ellen began receiving what she calls “telepathic messages from The Ladies of the Light Angels.” Words silently formed about four inches outside her heart center and she wrote them down. The words were not her own, they came from an outside celestial force. They were poetic and had a rhythm that were not her style of writing.

She feels these inspirational writings are a gift from God and her reading audience expresses the same sentiment.

“I am the Scribe for messages of love, inspiration and hope; it a great honor to be the vehicle for them to come through . . . the Angel Scribe.”

How does she know the messages come from the Angelic realms? In 1990, her young daughter Ariel, who is extremely psychically gifted, saw the Angels gather in her mother’s room before she began writing.

For three years, Mary Ellen duplicated the writings, and carried them with her to share with others. After that, she compiled them into a spiral-bound book called, “Words of Wisdom, from The Light.”

“Today, I still hand out individual writings,” she says. And her dear friend, Atira includes the inspirational writings in her bills. One day, Atira received an anonymous letter which said, “You don’t know me, but I can hardly wait for your billing to come in each month, so I can read the inspirational writing.”

Ironically, it was through the writings that Mary Ellen first met Atira. Atira was one of the strangers to whom Mary Ellen had handed a writing. The Angelic message on the sheet of paper was so exactly perfect for Atira at that moment that it took her breath away. Mary Ellen recalls Atira pull-ing her aside and saying, “Who ARE YOU?”

Atira is an Angelic mystic, a clairvoyant, and immediately answered her own question, “Do you know that one day these writings will be a published book that will reach people around the world?” From that moment on they became sisters of the heart and sisters by choice.

The first time Atira read one of the Angelic messages, the words were exactly how she had always felt in her heart, but couldn’t form into words. Atira was deeply moved with each writing, so I called her answering machine daily and read them . . . just to be able to share the messages of Love with someone who understood them.

“These words should be in the hands of people to inspire them. They need them in their lives now,” said Atira. She encouraged Mary Ellen to self-publish the booklet, “Words of Wisdom, from the Light.” Mary Ellen left a booklet at a local battered women’s shelter. A counselor called and said she cried upon reading the Angel’s words about children, because they explained so clearly how the children felt. It is evident that the writings from the Angels are a personal gift for each reader.

These Angelic messages are also combined into her on-line newsletters. The newsletters contain a selection of Angel and miracle stories that her readers e-mail to her from around the world — Angel experiences, Angel cloud sightings, triple number combinations, the magic of discovering pennies from heaven, and a prayer team of 200 members of all beliefs from around the world.

It is just the kind of e-news you would expect an Angel Scribe to be sharing freely from her heart to the world.

It all started out so simply, in 1996, when Mary Ellen began e-mailing her personal miracle stories and Angel writings to cheer people . . . soon it exploded into an internet phenomenon of well over 50,000 readers in 50 countries.

These newsletters are so compelling that readers have banded together to create jobs, prayer teams, housing and friendship for those in need. Many have learned to love and forgive, some have put the idea of suicide away and some have mended family relationships that have been strained or distant for years! After all miracles are the tools Angels use.

Also, Mary Ellen has 800 Angelic writings of inspiration from the Angels who call themselves “The Ladies of the Light.” “That’s a poetic description of Angels, if you think about it!” she points out.”

The newsletter divinely evolved when she discovered Angel chat rooms online. “I was shocked up-on entering Angel Chat Rooms and found no mention of Angels, but only mundane subjects of fear, pain and stressed lives. I was divinely guided to change the energy in the room by sharing the Angelic messages.”

“Each night I speed-typed in the newest Angelic message for the chat room to see. The transformation in the room was instantaneous and amazing, individuals began to share their Angelic experiences. After they read the completed Angel message, they would ask for a copy of it, so I began e-mailing them. Folks asked to be added to my mailing list to receive the Angel’s messages and by the end of the first week there were over 100 names.

“I began to include the miracles that happened to me. And the readers began to share their miracles with me; it became a domino effect.

 “Their miracles needed to be shared, they were powerful and would inspire others with hope, so they were included in the e-mails going out to the mailing list. A short time later someone asked if they could post my inspirational messages on their charity website. Instantly, 25 requests a day arrived, to be included on my mailing list! What was going on?”

“Things were moving quickly and within the week a second request to post my inspirational ‘newsletter’ for another charity website was e-mailed to me. Now, another batch of names began flooding in to receive the newsletter.

“I e-mailed people back asking how they found me and they reported my “newsletters” were posted on Prince’s Charity website and New Line Cinemas’ charity web-site.

“They thought I had a newsletter! What would I call it? I wrote about Angels, miracles and good news. Aha! My newsletter would be the ‘Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter!’ ” Mary Ellen is now celebrating her 8th year producing the Free Inspirational Newsletter on Angels and Miracles.

“Could you imagine how a housewife plunking away in her living room on a computer would end up on those two websites? Then eventually as a radio talk show host for a year and a half, and an author of two popular books! Only with Angels as agents, could it happen!”

“In the beginning it was scary, because I still couldn’t spell! “I made the decision to continue sharing Angel and miracle stories from around the world, with my own imitable style and not be pressured, swayed or manipulated by anyone else.”

Through a series of miracles, Earth Angel Michael Baumann in St. Louis, Missouri created Angel Scribe’s website and taught her how to html code the newsletters and then post them weekly to www.Angel

Have you ever tried to make something happen in your life, for example publishing a book? It is next to a miracle to find a publisher.

Well, usually you write the book, get an agent, send out letters, get lots of rejections, but when the Angels are your agents, it happens like this.

You write some inspirational writings that become an internet newsletter, one of the readers forwards it to a publisher, who reviews them for five months then e-mails you and says, “Do you want to publish a book?” Then a year later the same thing happens . . . and voila, two books!

Trust me, in the real world if you are in the writing or publishing field, this is a miracle, because it does not happen this way!

The next miracle about publishing is that you need an agent, but spirit provided a copyright lawyer who was on her newsletter mailing list. He reviewed her contracts and helped negotiate them and “Expect Miracles” was born ... her first “international miracle.”

I asked Mary Ellen to share one of her true miracle stories with me. “One of my most exciting stories is about my miracle cat, Miss Wings. After surviving breast cancer and then my sister’s death from cancer six weeks later, I realized it was time not to put off important things in my life. I had once been the guardian to two Shaded Silver Persians and really needed that warm fuzzy connection again to heal from my trauma.

“I searched cat magazines, the internet, local newspapers, and called vets’ offices looking for this special breed. Then two years ago, I typed in  and found them. The sad thing is that many are now breeding this beautiful animal creating a smashed-in face, so the kittens can hardly breathe and their eyes water unnaturally.

“This website showed that Linda, the breeder, did not breed her cats in this manner, because they have the prettiest faces. My problem was that she lives in Boston and will NOT SHIP! $400.00 for a kitten and a round trip ticket from Oregon to Boston was not financially feasible! I thanked Linda for keeping the breed healthy and beautiful and she asked to be on my newsletter mailing list.

“During the Christmas holidays I received an e-mail from her with an amazing story. One of her Silver Persian’s mothers, with a history of unsuccessful births and stillborns, had a miraculous birth.

 “The first born was stillborn, then Linda noticed a tiny tail emerging and gave a tug to save the mother’s life. To Linda’s amazement a little girl kitten was born alive, but in the days that followed it was apparent that the tail was damaged. This beautiful kitten ended up with the equivalent of a fluffy bunny tail instead of the usual Persian plume. It was apparent to Linda that this cat needed a special home. While shooting pictures of two of her other kittens for her website, the photographer brought out tiny Angel wings as a prop. At that moment, Linda knew who the baby kitten belonged to and immediately contacted me. I said YES to her miracle kitty!

The timing of this kitten appearing in Mary Ellen’s life is amazing, because her second book of miracle stories is called, “A Christmas Filled With Miracles.” She truly lives in the world of miracles, all year long.

While her kitten, Miss Wings, grew big enough to travel, Mary-Ellen put out the word through her newsletter asking for a ride for Miss Wings from Boston to Oregon. Her e-mail box lit up with options and by the time Miss Wings was ready to fly to her waiting arms, Vivian Rozane bought Miss Wings and herself a ticket and flew them both out to Oregon.

Vivian handed Mary Ellen the kitten of her dreams as a gift! And Vivian and Mary Ellen became best friends. Have you ever noticed that miracles build on miracles?

Mary Ellen’s mission is to teach people to EXPECT MIRACLES, and Miss Wings’ mission is to teach that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Both are LIVING PROOF! Also, Miss Wings gifted Angel Scribe in June with three more furry bundles of joy. Two of them are making their debut in our magazine. Another miracle in itself as the first ever cover animals for Awareness Magazine. (Myster E., Nymbus and the not seen Whyspurr) She also posts pictures of the kittens on her website, “It is another way to touch folks’ hearts.”

Interviewing Mary Ellen, who is known to thousands who love her, as “Angel Scribe” reminded me once again, at this time each year, as I write about Angels, how I am personally affected. Maybe miracles are always happening and I take them for granted and give it to ‘coincidence!’

Suddenly, after speaking to Mary Ellen, exciting things started to happen for me. She says this is often the case, when you focus on miracles . . . they begin to manifest in your life.

She says there are three steps to manifesting miracles in your life.

1.) Set your intention to be a vehicle for having miracles move through you, touching the lives of others.

2.) Let God and the Angels know you are willing.

3.) Show up. Miracles often do not look like what you think they will. Miracles are often disguised as acts of kindness and you may be an answer to someone’s prayers.

Remember, miracles are the tools of Angels.

She also reminded me that Angels take care of ‘Little’ things as well as ‘Big!’ I wonder how many times we miss enjoying our personal miracles because we don’t recognize them?

“The internet has changed my life!” Mary Ellen told me, but that is an understatement when you read how her readers feel she has changed their lives from her sharing over the internet. Hopefully another publisher will step forward and her huge collection of miracle stories and inspirational Angelic writings will be available for us all! Or her dream of a syndicated miracle newspaper column will manifest.

Sample of Responses from Newsletter Readers
“You’re not just a housewife, you’re a light worker! You have said, you are a housewife, yet look at all you have accomplished! It is your newsletters that put me on my current spiritual path!!”
Blessings, Katherine in Australia.

“This issue of your newsletter was extremely touching and very powerful. As always your coloring of words intrigues me once again!!!
Love and Hugs, Laurie in Seattle, Washington

“I regularly check out your website and find it to be a source of encouragement, especially when I sink in the depths of darkness. You have assisted in pulling me from the darkness more than once and for that I am grateful God has placed you here at this time. “
Regards, Linda in Union, Missouri

“I’m sitting here in Alaska in my new warm socks (it’s 30 degrees outside), drinking my favorite coffee made in my new French press, and thinking “Isn’t this all just so much fun!” “Mary Ellen, this is so wonderful and it is so fulfilling to see “the message” (love is all there is) spread through so many wonderful personalities!! (you and the fluff balls) Spirit is MOVING at a phenomenal rate of speed and YOU, my dear, are part of it.”
Love, Julie in Anchorage, Alaska

“You give me hope! I am a housewife too! Thanks for the inspiration!, I will check out the kitten photos with my 5- and 6-year-old, they love kitties!” Love,
Mia in Buffalo, Minnesota

“I love everything you are doing. You are a true inspiration to us all and the prayer list is ‘a much-needed’ group in this world. It’s fascinating that it is still going strong after 8 years. Your newsletter has been a great thing to this world. I thank you very much for being on this earth and helping us all out.”
Thank you. Brandon

“During my lunch hour, I went to our local bookstore here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I was looking at the Angel section and found one copy of your book, “Expect Miracles.” It was!! Right when I opened your book, a woman came by with one of the employers looking for the section on Angel books. She said she was leaving for a trip and wanted to find a book to take along. I asked if she had ever heard about your book and website. She hadn’t, so I gave her your book. She was very thankful. Giving her your book made me feel good. More people need to know about you. Probably won’t see that woman from the bookstore again, but I hope she goes on your website. I think everyone needs to take a break from our busy lives and just open our minds and allow our angels to give us hope, guidance and love.”
Cindy in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“You always put a smile on my face and in my heart. It may be something you wrote, something you shared....just your energy in general puts me in a good place.”
Fred in Florida

“Thank you for all the great newsletters! I always look forwarding to reading them. There are definitely Angels out there, because I’ve continued to survive despite numerous financial setbacks — Your newsletters keep the fires of optimism and spiritual faith burning!”
Anna in Andover, Massachusetts

“Each time I read a new newsletter I think, “this is the best one yet.” But then I read the next one and somehow it seems to top the previous one, and I think, “this is absolutely the best one for sure.” Of course, I say that after reading each of them! Angel blessings,
Marge Myers in St. Louis Missouri

“I forward your newsletters to ten people. AND...I know for a fact that the people I forward it to... in turn send it to everyone they know! You are touching over 100 different lives here in Ontario, Canada through just one of your newsletters! My girlfriend Jacqui forwards her copy to her Minister, and I have heard that she simply loves it... and often uses it in her sermons!”
Karen, Mississauga, Ontario

“I love your newsletter stories so much that I am going through my entire address book and sending everyone I know your newsletter!”
Frankie in Redding, California

For more information, write to Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe”, P.O. Box 1004, Cottage Grove, OR 97424 or you may e-mail her at  Visit her website and view more kitten photos and inspirational stories at  “Expect Miracles” and “A Christmas Filled with Miracles”, both published by Conari Press, are available at your local bookstores.

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