You Do Not Have to
Live with Insomnia
By Alex Strande, PhD, Traditional Naturopath



Insomnia is not a disease. It is a symptom of some type of irregularity or disharmony just like a headache. Thirty percent of the population experiences insomnia ? millions of people receive a prescription for sedative drugs. Itís a big business. There are more women than men suffering from insomnia. Why is this?

Perhaps because women are not only typically working full-time jobs, they come home and are responsible for most household duties, their children and their childrenís homework (and this could be a full-time job in itself.) Itís no wonder most women canít sleep.

Age itself limits the amount of sleep needed and the sleep pattern becomes more restless as we age. For some people, napping throughout the day reduces the number of hours needed to sleep throughout the night. The causes of insomnia include anxiety, tension, environmental change and emotional arousal. Even the fear of insomnia or pain can induce insomnia. Other factors include caffeine, alcohol ingestion, depression, and low blood sugar in the evening, precipitating into anxiety.

Often drugs are prescribed to combat insomnia and the patient continues to be sleepy in the morning so they continue to sleep during the day and then cannot sleep at night. The doctors then increase the dose of the drugs and the patient becomes more drowsy, however, still does not sleep at night. If the drug is withdrawn, the patient experiences the rebound effect of wakefulness, which the patient then interprets as the reoccurrence of insomnia. The option then is to return to sedative drugs.

There are a lot of reasons for insomnia. A good practitioner of Traditional Naturopathy with a strong background in herbal medicine will carefully take a case history and address what lies behind the problem. Naturopathy will look at diet, contraceptives, beta blockers, anti-histamines, thyroid conditions and medication, because all of these can affect sleep in some people.

A recent onset of insomnia (3 weeks or less) is likely to relate to some current problem such as health concerns, marital problems, problems at work, etc. If no emotional causes are found, physical causes should be investigated. Insomnia that does not respond to simple measures is usually due to depression. It then results in chronic fatigue, anxiety, lack of concentration and poor libido.

I have always believed that God created plants on earth for people to eat and heal. The body has its own inherent ability to heal itself. It doesnít take much for the body to fully recover. Once the nerve system and adrenal cortex gets nourished, anxiety and depression disappears and the body systems and organs start working 100%. Donít get drugged, get better fast.

Alex Strande is a Traditional Naturopath and Microbiologist. He can be contacted for appointment and consultation at (949) 553-1882. Also please check out .

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