Environmentally-Friendly Holiday Gifts
Compiled by Katie LeBel



Natural & Organic Personal Care & Aromatherapy Products
Kathy’s Family: www.kathysfamily.com  — Features a unique new line of high-quality, natural and organic bath and beauty products including lip treatments, shampoo, conditioner, foot powder, foot scrubs, foot baths, foot balms, misters, lotions, massage oils, body wash gels, bar soaps and sea salt soaks. Kathy Swan-son’s father grew up on a prairie farm in Minnesota with 11 other siblings and she has dozens of extended family members. Each package displays a vintage photo of a family member, recounts old stories about relatives and includes humorous anecdotes that capture the essence of a good wholesome country lifestyle and family values. The company is offering special holiday gift packs featuring their best-sellers and new, organic products.

Vermont Soapworks: www.vermontsoap.com  — Largest manufacturer of handmade, all-natural bar soap in North America. The company also offers a new Yoga Mat Wash, non-toxic cleaners, a fruit and vegetable rinse, biodegradable camping soap, aloe castile liquid soap, aloe castile bath gels, bath salts and aromatherapy misters. The bath gels were the first all-natural, non-detergent bath gels on the market. Colorful Swirl Bars are the latest additions to the collection of bar soaps, all of which are 100% certified organic for the holiday season.

An attractive new product announced for the upcoming holiday season is the Maxfield Parrish Gift Set. One of America’s most beloved artists working during the “Golden Age of American Illustration,” (1870-1966) Parrish has been called the “common man’s Rembrandt.” Vermont Soap-works has obtained permission to use three of his most famous images: Morning, Ecstasy and Contentment as the packaging artwork for a gift pack of 3 handmade natural bar soaps.

Mad Gab’s: www.madgabs.com Makes natural lip balms, Elephant Lube hand and body salves, Liquid Lube body oils and soy wax candles. Made with care and poured by hand, the company uses recyclable packaging, great flavors and unique ingredients like shea butter from Africa. 5% of pre-tax profits are donated to non-profits aligned with Mad Gab’s mission. Mad Gab’s recently added Moose Smooch Lip Lubes in three delicious flavors: blueberry, cranberry and blackberry. For the holidays, Mad Gab’s offers gift packs featuring a variety of their bodycare products and candles as well as holiday-scented Elephant Lubes such as Candy Cane, Gingerbread and Biscotti.

Recycline: www.recycline.com  — Makes recyclable toothbrushes and tongue cleaners for children and adults from 100% recycled materials including Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups. The toothbrushes come with a postage-paid mailer so they can be sent back to the company to be recycled into plastic lumber products. Developed with dental professionals, they are good for oral health and the environment. A new partnership with the National Wildlife Federation supports endangered species protection through the creation of a new Preserve Jr Endangered Species collection of toothbrushes for children. All of their products make great stocking stuffers.

Way Out Wax: www.wayoutwax.com  — Offers a complete line of all-natural candles using a special blend of waxes to create the cleanest and longest burning aromatic candles possible. All of their candles are hand-poured in small batches and they only use pure essential oils to scent them. Their candles are available in recycled glass jars, pillars, votives and travel tins in single aroma-therapy scents as well as blends. For the holidays they have launched a new unscented collection called “Non-Scents”.

WOOF! - Gifts for Pets and Pet Owners
Blue Dog Bakery: www.bluedogbakery.com  —
How about holiday treats for four-legged family members? Blue Dog Bakery offers Premium All-Natural Low-Fat Peanut Butter and Molasses Dog Biscuits and new All-Natural Low-Fat Cheese Dog Biscuits. These are the first low fat natural dog treats to be distributed nationwide. Similar to the explosion of interest in healthy natural products for people, there is growing concern among dog owners for the health and nutrition of their dogs.

Planet Dog: www.planetdog.com Retailer and manufacturer of unique and innovative products for dogs and their owners (and now cats too). Their Orbee-Tuff line of dog and cat toys has gained national recognition. The company donates 10% of their annual profits to Planet Dog Philanthropy (PDP), their non-profit grantmaking organization that supports animal welfare, education and the environment. Just in time for the holiday season, they are launching a new collection for fall/winter which features several great gift ideas for owners of four legged friends including, but not limited to a new Planet Dog Sport collection, a holiday red/green Orbee Ball — their award-winning dog toy, new luxury dog beds, new blaze, camouflage and Dalmatian patterns in their travel collection and new Planet Cat toys — shake & play. They also offer a fleece Dalmatian stocking and several great stocking stuffers.

Planet Friendly Plastics: www.planetfriendlyplastics.com  — Innovative biodegradable recycled plastic waste bag products including: Oops. I Pooped Dog Pick-Up Bags; Smarter Garbage Bags that are large and heavy duty; Smarter Kitchen Bags; and Grocery and Show bags on a wholesale basis. Planet Friendly’s new biodegradable plastic bag products are unique in that they employ a patented additive that allows the products to fully break down leaving behind no harmful residues.

Planet Friendly products are not starch-based. They are made from strong and durable recycled plastic, are neither heat, light, nor moisture sensitive, and will not break down until they reach the landfill. Oops. I Pooped biodegradable pet waste bags offer dog owners a convenient way to dispose of pet waste that helps keep the community and environment clean. These make great stocking stuffers for dog owners.

The Peace Company: www.peacebook.com  —
Conflict resolution (and the teaching of peace) is emerging as one of the most important issues of our generation. The Peace Company is allowing people to “Give the Gift of Peace” this holiday season with The Peace Book, a tool that provides readers with 108 simple ways to create a more peaceful world. In 1986 the author, Louise Diamond, dedicated her life to peace leadership and conflict resolution and has worked at high-level diplomacy in conflict hotspots around the world including Israel/Palestine, Cyprus, Bosnia and India/Pakistan.

This remarkable book, which until now has never been formally launched, is a new 3rd edition with an updated introduction relevant to the War in Iraq and other current problems of increasing hostility that we all face. It also has an updated resource list. The Peace Company offers a line of products for Waging Peace, including books, CDs and peace flags.

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