Interview with Sandra Sedgbeer
By Jill V. Mangino



“The Indigo Children,” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, revealed a worldwide phenomenon . . . children who displayed a new set of behavioral and psychological patterns never before seen. Today, more and more educators and parents are witnessing mystifying changes in the abilities and behaviors of these extraordinary children. This phenomenon is currently reflected in the plethora of books on the topic that have emerged.

Whether you call them the Indigos, Crystal Children or Psychic Kids, one thing is for sure — something is happening and it must be addressed in the way we raise and educate today’s seemingly “advanced” kids.

A groundbreaking new quarterly (Reader’s Digest-size) magazine entitled “Children of the New Earth” is doing just that. Its co-founder and editor Sandra Sedgbeer has collaborated with experts in the fields of health, education, medicine and spirituality to bring forth the latest information, advice, advancements and resources for concerned parents and educators around the globe.

She believes this new expanding consciousness in children necessitates a more holistic approach in the way society feeds, nurtures, educates and relates to the children of the 21st century. The premiere issue of “Children of the New Earth” magazine recently debuted internationally, I had an opportunity to talk with Sandra about her important new publication.

JILL: What inspired you to create “Children of the New Earth” magazine?

SANDRA: Four years ago I launched a non-profit online metaphysical/spiritual/new thought magazine that has since developed an extremely loyal and continually-growing following of around 40,000+ unique visitors every single month in 40 countries around the world. Visit . The magazine has a section called “Children of The New Earth,” which was initially all about Indigo kids. I watched the numbers of letters coming in to Sharyl Jackson (who acts as a kind of Ann Landers in this arena) skyrocket from Parents, teachers, day care providers, etc., who seemed to be increasingly desperate for information on physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that are taking place in today’s children. It slowly dawned on us that this was not a flash-in-the-pan phenomenon. The number of books being published on this topic also seemed to be increasing . . . each of them concentrating on a different aspect. We realized that what was needed was a publication that appeared reasonably frequently, and that addressed everything to do with the children today, including the expanded consciousness that many seem to be displaying. I also felt it was time to start building a bridge between the metaphysical and mainstream arenas so that we could create greater awareness in society of this phenomenon.

JILL: Why do you think today’s children seem more “advanced.”  Are they here for a specific purpose or mission?

SANDRA: Personally, I believe there are two answers to that question. The first has to do with evolution. I think our entire biology is undergoing fundamental changes . . . albeit a bit more rapidly than we can keep pace with. As a species, we are continually evolving and adapting to our environment. We’ve progressed far more over the last 100 years than we did in the previous thousand. Things are speeding up exponentially; new discoveries and developments are occurring daily, even hourly. We’re having to adapt and expand our thinking, probably faster than at any time in our history.

All of the information we are having to assimilate at almost lightning speed, may be accelerating structural, chemical and functional changes that are having the effect of reconfiguring and rewiring our brains, increasing the growth and spread of new branch cells, creating more efficient neural pathways for transmitting information, and thus expanding our abilities in diverse directions. If this is true, these children could be evidence of a quantum leap in mankind’s evolution.

And, of course, there is also a spiritual component to all the changes we are witnessing, which is the second answer to your question. I honestly do believe in a “higher plan” and that this “quantum leap” we are seeing in these children is an important part of that plan.

JILL: Has there been any scientific data or research to document this phenomenon?

SANDRA: We have an advisory panel of experts from various fields, including psychology, education, nutrition and spirituality. One of our advisory panel members and contributors is Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D. who has been studying gifted children for over 30 years. She admits to seeing a growth, both in the numbers of gifted children as well as children who appear to have learning difficulties, which is supposed to be one of the characteristic tendencies of the ‘new children’; Linda is also quite astonished by the amazing abilities of some of the children she is seeing today. She describes them as a “new breed” with a greater consciousness than previous generations.

She also believes that many of these children are being misdiagnosed as dyslexic, when in fact they merely have a different way of processing information. Having done extensive research, Lin-da classifies these children as Visual-spatial Learners (VSLs). She has a fascinating article about these “hidden brilliant learners” and how readers can tell if they or their own child is one, in our premiere edition.

JILL: What are the signs a parent should look for to know if their child is part of the “CNE” phenomenon?

SANDRA: According to Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, authors of the two best-selling “Indigo Children” books, there are many signs parents can look for. Jan and Lee categorize these children as ones who display a new or unusual set of psychological attributes and behavior never before documented. These differences require changes in the way parents interact with and bring up their children in order to achieve balance.

Often these children are diagnosed with ADD, or they may have learning disabilities, or seem somewhat anti-social in their behavior. Mainly, these new children seem to come here knowing who they are. They have been described as “system busters” because they are and will continue to force society to change the way we are doing things.

They also can be overwhelmingly compassionate, sensitive, and, not uncommonly, psychic. Many have a very strong sense of mission or purpose, which is often evident at a very young age. They can often be labeled “difficult” because they question authority. In our current issue Lee and Jan provide a list of the 10 most common traits of “Indigo Children.”

JILL: You mentioned earlier that there are many books on the market now categorizing these special children. Is there a difference between Indigos, Crystal Children, Psychic Children or Children of the New Earth?

SANDRA: Personally, I am not a great lover of labels, but they do have their uses in that they provide us with a handy reference point for certain groups of characteristics. That said, I think it’s important that we learn to move beyond labels. There’s little doubt in my mind that the kids of today are different and whether they are “Indigo’s, Crystals, Star Children” or seemingly none of these, they’re all special and all unique and they are all evolving to grow up and be guardians of this beautiful planet one day.

JILL: Is this trend new to the United States or is this being seen worldwide?

SANDRA: Believe me, this is not something that’s confined only to America. Already “Children of the New Earth” magazine has subscribers and contributing editors in Ireland, Holland, Australia, Spain, South America and the United Kingdom. I come from England, and I do a lot of international traveling, so I probably get to see and hear about far more of this phenomenon on a worldwide scale than perhaps many other people do. Make no mistake, this is happening everywhere, from Europe to the Far East, to Australia, to India and Africa. And we’re going to hear a lot more about these children over the coming months and years.

JILL: What is the main mission of “Children of the New Earth” magazine?

SANDRA: First, to highlight and address the expanding consciousness of our children. Second, to give a voice to the growing international community of teachers, psychologists, doctors, healers, and concerned parents who also foresee the necessity for a paradigm shift in the way we feed, parent, nurture, educate and relate to our children. And third, to provide a unified forum for the dissemination of information on all issues pertaining to the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual development and well being of all children.

CNE magazine, as we call it for short, will investigate and report on critical issues pertaining to all children, regardless of their religion, race or creed. We intend to research and highlight the work of pioneers in the fields of education, nutrition, psychology, medicine, spirituality and healing who are lighting the way for the children of our future. We also aim to keep our readers up to date with new initiatives, ideas and developments worldwide that may have any impact or effect on the well being of all children, everywhere.

JILL: I love that your magazine has resources for parents such as schools, websites and books; will you have this feature in every issue? Also, what can we expect to see in upcoming issues of CNE Mag-azine?

SANDRA: Yes, the resource section will be an integral part of every issue. We aim to feature SPECIAL HEALTH REPORTS, like the ones in the current issue on “The bittersweet truth about Aspartame,” and “Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & ADHD: The EFA Connection.” In our next issue, we shall be publishing an investigative report on “The Mystery Children,” those who are being diagnosed — or, once again, as we strongly suspect, misdiagnosed — with ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD), and other conditions.

Plus our Nutritional Advisor, Dr. Diana Fatayerji, PhD will be writing an article on the growth of food allergies among children, and what parents can do about it. Our summer edition also features an article on children’s near-death experiences.

JILL: How can we find out more information about your new magazine or how to get a subscription?

SANDRA: Single copies of the magazine and annual subscriptions can be purchased online at 

Jill Mangino is a freelance publicist and writer based in Maui, Hawaii. She can be reached at .

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