By Audrey Hope




The time has come to go one giant step beyond faith and jump into the knowingness and energy of our God-Power. The sacred truth is that we are light-beings, co-creators with God, with gifts to transform terror into peace, and humanness into divinity.

The new weapon of the millennium is love. Its magnetic force is dynamite that explodes throughout the land, in its vibrant silence. The sacred geometry of love ó when it is turned on ó has the ability to sustain and withstand the threats to our inner and outer world. It is armor and shield.

The only thing we need to do, the only thing there is left to do, is to embrace our magic. Jesus said, one day you will do as I do, and more. This is the one day that has come. Know thyself. Love is god-fire to burn the eternal flame of peace and freedom.

Guns can sound and destroy, but love will win the war. It always has. It is one possession that has a forever tank to coat the heart. When it emanates from our being, it has unseen weight to travel, where machinery cannot go.

But freedom must first find its place within. It is a gift that God gives us, just for being here with him. It is our right. It needs no permission and no rules. It cannot be overtaken or stolen. Nation after nation, and people may wander for a time, lost in the battlefield to find it, but it is accessed again by the simple remembrance of its divine presence.

Give yourself, the gift of a surrendered soul. Melt into the mystery of life, and fall free into the sweet arms of grace. Tell yourself deeply that it is okay to never understand why things happen as they do. Help yourself to end the circle of questions of why some leave us, and others have to cry in pain. It is not for us to solve the riddle. Give up. Flow into the sanctuary of the void. Leave the troubles of the world, to the troubles of the world, and loosen your spirit into the wind of Godís breath.

This year we have seen too much. We have lost too much. We have discovered a new monster, and we have no covers to hide under. But, all will be well, if we carry the gentle secret of God, who always has a higher reason for things. He knows what we cannot. Let that be enough to calm the flames.

Just love, and love again, and then love some more. Know its power. Know yourself in its power. Know it. Use it. Love makes a difference one heart at a time, and spreads like lightening to transmute the pain. Love makes light that can turn the earth. Love is the silent weapon of god-fire to ease our suffering. Love cannot be extinguished, through the circumstance of the times. Love is the healing grace. Access it, daily, and deeply, and sleep in peace.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor. You may write to hopesvoice@aol.com  with stories of hope in our city.

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