Everyone Has A Personal Team of Angels
By Howard Wimer, Founder of Inner Expansion Workshops, Inc.




“If a man has an angel to whom one would listen once in a thousand times, the angel would show him the way of uprightness.”
                                                         — JOB 33:23


Over the last twenty-nine years, I have had the unique opportunity of sharing with people in 13 countries about inner peace and the tools it takes to get balance in life.

Everyone is searching. We are all searching for our identity, our purpose in life. As many people have said, “Life is simple.”  Sometimes it’s not easy — just simple. If we don’t make the best of it, who will?

In life, you always have the opportunity to discover who you really are. No one can take that away from you. You are very unique and the only person who can clarify what you have come to do. Don’t try. Don’t put pressure on yourself to prove yourself. If you have to prove yourself it means you don’t believe in yourself to begin with.

Our lives are shaped by the first seven years of life. Every “Universal Law of Life” presented in the “Spiritual Guidance and Life Purpose” Weekend Retreat, sponsored by Inner Expansion, revolves around this cycle. Whatever we create between our first year and our seventh year will affect us for the rest of our life. We are the ones who can change it.

We are all leaders of self. If you ask someone else what to do, you are following their direction, not yours. It is important to believe in ourselves, to follow our own hunches and impressions, and to create the vision for our own life. My purpose in life is to help you organize this for yourself. You do not need anyone else to tell you what to do. You already have your life plan. All you need to do is discover what it is!

Everyone comes to planet earth with a team of spiritual guides or helpers to support them in their life purpose. These are souls who have accomplished everything in which you are involved, and have mastered it in themselves. This is why you chose them.

Before you were born, you and your guardian angels started to send energy to your physical body while still in the womb to help it grow and mature into a normal human being. This is why there is always a beautiful “aura” around pregnant women a few months before they give birth.

The silver cord starts to attach itself a few weeks before birth. If everyone understood what happens spiritually as a soul moves into this school, there would not be moral issues created around the birth process. Of course, if you destroy the physical body before it has a chance to come in to do its work, the soul has to find another avenue or wait until a later time to accomplish its purpose. At the same time, since our true nature is that we are a soul and not a physical body, it is impossible to keep a soul from entering the planet. Many souls who have to wait a long time to return.

Most people are taught that they have at least one guardian angel or spiritual guide. For those who came with a life purpose to accomplish more in the physical realm, there is no need for more than one or two guides to help them.

For those who came to work with people, it is not unusual to bring three or more spiritual helpers with them. It is important to understand how to communicate with people from all walks of life. Communication is the key to living a successful life.

If a person comes from a more traditional or religious belief system, he or she will usually refer to this divine inspiration as “angels” or “the Holy Spirit.” If someone has studied metaphysics or is involved with Eastern philosophy, he or she is more likely to call them “guides.” Whatever you call them, they are one and the same. The word “angel” comes from the Hebrew word “mal’akh,” meaning “messenger.”  The original term came from the Persian word (angeros) and the Greek (angelos) which means “courier.” All of these names refer to a celestial spirit who gives us divine guidance from the universe.

Your spiritual helpers or guides are not people you have known during your lifetime. They are souls who have learned every lesson there is to learn on planet earth, and are there to help you get to their level of awareness. This is what makes a “high soul.”  Just because an individual is an “old soul” doesn’t mean they have “graduated” from the earth plane. It takes someone who has mastered their experience on planet earth to help someone else really understand who they are and where they are going in life.

Of course, our guardian angels do not really have wings. This is the conception of the original artists. The Bible is full of symbols and parables. This is so everyone can relate to it and be able to receive inspiration at their level of consciousness. If we take all religious writings that have become available to us throughout the ages literally, we miss the point or essence of what the author was telling us.

People think they cannot talk to their guides or angels, but the opposite is true. You are always receiving inspiration from your spiritual guidance. As a matter of fact, it is not unusual for you to pick up 80 to 90 hunches or feelings a day from them.

When your angels or guides come around, they give you a surge of energy throughout your nervous system. Some people call these “chills or goose bumps.” In Hawaii, the native people call it “chicken skin.” Whatever you call it, it means your angels are close and want to communicate.

Sometimes they want to tell you something that will help you accomplish your life purpose. At other times, it is to warn you not to move in a certain direction. You have the ability to communicate with them directly. Since they are energy, and you are energy, there are practical techniques which enable you to develop a two-way communication.

They will always be with you no matter what. Even if you decide to go off on a different path, they will always protect and guide you. They will never put you in situations you cannot cope with. Even if you end up very confused, they never judge or tell you what to do.

 Have you ever had the experience where you felt you were being guided or that you said something you did not know you knew?  This is when your spiritual guides are really working closely with you and the people around you. Consider them a team, a spiritual Board of Directors. Remember, they are no different from you. They are simply more organized spiritually and they do not need to return to this school to learn more lessons. They have already mastered everything here.

Your life purpose is not to build great buildings or find a cure to the great diseases plaguing mankind. These are the by-products of our purpose for being here. Your real purpose is the spiritual message you came to share with people everyday. Of course, you have to do it for yourself first.

Some people think that “someday” they will achieve their purpose in life. Guess what. You have been doing it your entire life! You are an example of how you live your life. Have you ever wondered why certain people are attracted to you and maybe not to others? This is because they came to learn something from you. We all learn from each other, but sometimes this feeling or affinity is very strong. Believe it or not, it is true that when we get impatient with certain people, it is because they have not quite learned what they need to learn from us yet.

We have all the help we need to be successful in life. You do not need to be rich to be happy, although it is also important not to deny yourself as well. Many people think that by acquiring many possessions this will make them happy. There is a big difference between being comfortable and being happy.

Your spiritual guidance will help you acquire and achieve whatever you need to accomplish your life purpose. You did not come here to deny your needs or your wants. The key is to enjoy everything you have and not let anything keep you tied down to the point where you never do what you came to do.

If you are depressed, it means you do not have personal direction. You may feel that others control your destiny. Only when you realize that no one can keep you from accomplishing what is right and good in your life, will you earn back the enthusiasm that is so important.

Your spiritual helpers cannot do anything for you. You have to do it for yourself. This is why some people pass on without fulfilling their purpose. They may feel that it was up to someone else to tell them what to do. They end up confused. Only by setting your own personal direction can your spiritual guides help and support you to achieve your life dreams.

There are four ways in which a person communicates with himself or herself personally and with others. These are called the spiritual gifts.

When you are born, you choose which gift is going to help you the most to accomplish your life purpose. Even though you have all of these gifts within, you rely on this main avenue of communication to make your decisions. If you follow your first impression, you are always right.

The first spiritual gift is Prophecy. A prophetic person is said to have “inner hunches or knowings” about what is going to happen. They often pick up feelings or thoughts in the future. They will even finish your sentence before you have a chance to continue. They make great managers because they are able to keep a big picture of many different projects all at the same time.

These people love to be creative and often become artists, musicians and philanthropists. In business, they are accomplished executives and can coordinate and communicate effectively with people. As a matter of fact, they see the potential in others before they even see it in themselves.

The challenge for Prophetic people is to stay interested in all those projects they start. They would rather delegate to someone else the finishing of a project they were so excited about at the beginning. Once it becomes routine, they get easily bored. When this person is balanced, he or she will stop being a workaholic and become an example for other leaders to follow. Their ability to work with people is well known and they are often considered to be the “actors” of the world. They keep a balanced perspective and help people to help themselves without smothering them or giving advice.

People with the spiritual gift of Clairvoyance see in pictures. They visualize everything. When you are talking with them, it is important to paint a picture of your experience.

They love to read. If they can see it in their mind, they can create it for themselves. It is sometimes hard for a visual person to be flexible because their picture is so rigid.

Sometimes people with this gift think they are not as smart as others around them. In reality, they are very smart. Once they can see the pieces of the puzzle in their mind and how it fits in the overall picture, they are more organized than any other of the gifts.

People with Clairvoyance as their gift make great professors or teachers, designers and decorators. They gravitate toward professions where they can see themselves making a difference in the world. Sometimes they are called the “beautiful people” because of their tremendous concern for their personal appearance. Colors are very important to them. They can also see auras easily. If you have a negative thought, they can see this in your energy. If you are thinking positively, they can see that, too.

When this type of person is under pressure, they sometimes see the dark side of life because they feel they are not perfect. They can get depressed if they don’t see the solution to a problem. They will blame others because they don’t want to look bad themselves. Once they are in balance, however, they can create great visions for people to follow. They can see where everyone fits in a project. Because they see this overall picture and all the steps in-between, they usually set very high standards for themselves and others.

The Clairaudient person is a natural leader. They realize that in order to be successful, a person must have all the facts. By having the what, when, where and why of a project, they have the innate ability to keep things simple.

When they are children, they do not like people to touch them without permission. They can sometimes become withdrawn because too much chatter becomes overwhelming. Because of this “running conversation” in their mind, they come up with great ideas.

Once a Clairaudient person gets an idea they believe in, they don’t stop until it is accomplished. They are great delegators because they do not want to be involved with details. They receive inspiration from their spiritual guidance through thoughts and the “still, small voice with-in.” They have tremendous respect for themselves and others and will go the extra mile with you if they feel you are sincere. If you disappoint them, they will forgive you, but they never forget.

These people become great leaders in society, such as presidents of companies, heads of State and diplomats. If they believe in what they are doing, they will do whatever it takes to get it done. If they put themselves under pressure, however, they will sometimes become overbearing and undermine people around them. When they are in balance, they are very direct and honest and have a reputation for being quietly gentle and fair in their dealings with people.

A person with the special gift of Healing has the unique ability to help everyone feel good about themselves. They are enthusiastic and bubbly people with an intuitive sense of what people need. Because they love to inspire people to fulfill their life purpose, they realize people are more than just a physical body.

When in balance, they can tell where a person is hurting physically and spiritually. They gravitate toward the healing arts, such as medicine and helping others who are in need. They are greatly concerned with details and love to work with their hands.

It is important for this person to be detached, however, because they sometimes get caught up in the emotions of others easily. They can become very depressed if someone else is giving off negative energy around them.

Once they learn to stay in their own energy and not let others affect them, they become a powerhouse of energy and can move mountains with their inspiration. They can rally people together and give them a sense of purpose and desire to accomplish.

Since everyone has all four of these spiritual gifts, each one plays an important role in your communication. By understanding yourself more through these gifts, you can learn to relate to everyone. If you are talking with a person with a gift other than your own, you will be able to communicate effectively.

Howard Wimer is the founder of Inner Expansion Workshops. He has been involved in the personal growth field for 29 years and has given lectures and workshops in thirteen countries, including the United States, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand. This dynamic program helps people understand the “Dynamics of Spiritual Energy” and how it applies to your everyday practical experiences. To order a free video, call Inner Expansion at (866) 241-6708 or visit the web site at www.innerexpansion.com .  

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