Tap Into Angel Power Around You
Celebrated Spiritual Advisor Gary Quinn Shows You How
By Kathy DeSantis



Next time you want something, ask for it, and let your angels know!  Let them figure out how to get it for you!

Is it that simple? Spiritual counselor, Gary Quinn says yes, it can be! He claims that angels, or spirit guides, are nearby and are waiting to fulfill your desires. He describes them as abundant in their ability to carry out tasks and that we should “expect” them to help. “Our angels want us to know that miracles are normal. Expect everything,” Quinn says.

Quinn has written a new book  entitled “May the Angels Be With You” and spends countless hours talking and writing on the subject of angels. A TV show starring Quinn is set to air this winter discussing the subject of dreams, wishes and angels. His readings and national workshops have already helped thousands, not to mention the legion of celebrities in show business and sports as well as media leaders who have all benefited from his readings.

What Quinn wants to do, however, with the book and the TV show, as well as for anyone he counsels personally, is put you in touch with your own power through the invisible aid of angels. He aims to direct people to their own angel guides who haven’t yet been acknowledged or let in — what happens after that is incredible — people’s lives change. Quinn should know. A major event happened to him just as he was at his lowest point searching for meaning in his own life. He had traveled to France and was discouraged — seeking his life path or career. While sitting in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, he experienced five to seven angel visitors bathed in purple light telling him he had done the right thing by coming to Paris and that they needed his help. They also imparted a sense of peace he had never known before. As if by magic, after that encounter, everything down to the last detail fell in place for him as he followed his life path. His life was forever transformed and he became a voice for these angels — spreading the words of healing, joy, enlightenment, fulfillment, exaltation, purpose and love.

He says “All most of us need is a nudge to wake up, open our eyes, see trust and begin to make use of the guidance and love  the angels want us to enjoy. They want me to help provide that nudge. All I have to do is stay open, pass on what I receive to you and pray that you will hang on for the ride. The angels will take care of the rest.”

If you doubt his words, that’s okay. He asks that you act “as if” they existed and accept on faith that they are with you every moment of your life — to encourage you to live your path no matter what you believe or don’t believe about their existence. He says Truth is self-evident and so it is with angels. He encourages us to be as children and “let go and play” so we can be less defensive and guarded. If you allow them into your heart and mind, angels will help transform your life, he insists.

There are thousands of people who believe him. Lots of celebrities are willing to speak up for him. He worked as an actor’s manager until he listened to his own angels and began a career as a spiritual counselor in 1994. He  helps others find their path via the energy from angels. He is getting the word out through his new book, a CD and a meditation cassette called “Heaven on Earth,” as well as the upcoming TV show.

Gary Quinn and Shirley MacLaine discuss on the CD his mystical experiences and the phenomenon of angels and spirit guides around us whose mission is to help us find our path. His message is that he is NOT the power, but each of us holds our own  power. He is just the instigator, the “phone line” to get us tapped into the angels. Therefore, the subject of this article is not so much about Quinn himself, but his message.

 I witnessed his abilities in person at a seminar he held in San Diego recently offered by the Learning Annex. He only uses his super abilities to get people to realize their own power and encourage them to sharpen their own awareness. In order to demonstrate how we can create our own “heaven on earth” he played a beautiful meditation “audio book” he designed as an aid to help people wind down and tune into their inner voice.

During the meditation and visualization exercise I became more aware of my spiritual energy versus my body energy. I was instructed to float my energy toward gates where two angels were waiting to take me to the next seven angels who are guides in other areas of life leading to greater levels of love. These seven angels are the closest to God. He describes the angels, their names and their functions for each have a definite purpose. In the meditation we are actually creating exactly what we want by calling upon our guides or messengers, in other words, a higher level of consciousness to reenergize our body and mind.

As Quinn guided the class into relaxation on the cassette, he explained that we are always creating consciously or unconsciously, so he asked us to focus on a word or desire that we want help with. He says that meditation will allow us to see better results because we go into the subconscious mind and deeper into the thought and message from the guides… that is where the answers lie. We want to achieve a connection between what we want and a quiet state that will help us tap into the power through a meditative state.

Quinn has passion for what he teaches and an abundance of energy to see it through. He strikes me as completely genuine and gifted. He is following his path and getting the word out — angels are everywhere and want to help us regardless of spiritual beliefs — somehow that makes me feel incredibly comforted. Since they are around, I should probably finish this article with a request to my angels. Here it is: Angels, please help me (and the readers ) to use our power to create greatness today. And thank you for your help on this article.

Premiering in March 2003, Gary Quinn’s TV show, The Third Eye. An innovative and entertaining talk show host, he will tackle pressing problems — money, career, relationships, romance, health — and help us realize our highest potential. For further information on Gary’s projects, books, CDs, see www.garyquinn-angels.com   

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